Neopets Jungle Raiders

Neopets Jungle Raiders is a game where you will be in the wild. If you’re carnivore or if you have uncontrollable anger, then this game is for you. More precisely, you will be located on Mystery Island, in the city of Geraptiku where you will be a Mynci. You, the Mynci has found a long lost treasure that was a chest contained a lot of gold. The gold was then determined to disappear because the nature was taking the relic. You will have to run for your life if you want to stand a chance in this cruel wild!


You will start off with a Blue Mynci that is considered to be there hero of the game. You will then have to swing from vines, to get on the ground, and to repeat. You will have to avoid the native wildlife at any cost. The points are based on how well you do in the game, too. First, you will have, of course, to know how to control the character. It’s pretty simple! Just press the arrow keys that are located on your keyboard and you will be able to take any direction you want. If you are looking to climb a vine, just press the up button. Same thing if you’re going down the vine, just press the down button. However, the up button will not let you jump. The spacebar is your best tool for that. You will only be able to have one vine at a time, because the equipment on you does not let you to have more (they are heavy). If your Mynci is too high on the vine you will not be able to jump down. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Same thing applies if you’re going very low. You will fall to the ground to your disadvantage. Falling below the middle of the screen will not only take a life from you, but you will also be sent to the last “checkpoint”. Actually, there is no checkpoint in this game but you can consider that the nearest platform is where you will respawn. Know that on that platform, you will be safe from danger. You may also notice that there is a health meter. Make sure that it never finishes, because if it does then the game will be over. It happens when you start losing all of your lives. Just stay alive and follow the Strategy that will be at the end section so that you will know how to play as safe as possible.

Note that when you will jump from vine to vine you will have to wait a short amount of time so that the next one is swinging on your side. Never jump if it is in the contrary of what has been said. You will probably lose a life. If you’re not sure about if you’re able to take it or not, just wait it. There is no timer in this game, so you can take all the time you want. When you see that it is coming in your favor, jump on it. Otherwise, wait. During the game, you will also be able to use few tips to swing more easily (for the treetops). For that you will have to collect tropical fruits. These fruits will give you a unique bonus and you will be granted with a boost for your advantage, for a total of 5 seconds. If, however, you take two fruits “at the same time” you will not be able to get 10 seconds. It is one at once. If you take one of these fruits, your Mynci will start to switch to the fruit color. If that color is fading, it means that the effect of the fruit is coming to its end. So now you will have to know your fruits. The first one is the Twirly Fruit, which will increase your speed. It will also make your life easier when it comes for you to jump on large gaps. The second fruit is the Stramberry. This juicy orange looking fruit will make you invulnerable for a specific amount of time, meaning that no harm can be done to you for your advantage. The third fruit is the purple looking Pluburbs that will let you jump for a bigger amount of time. This one is good for you if you know that you have a hard time swinging from vines, etc. The last fruit that will be encountered in the game is the Flaming Bomberries, which will make sure that your health meter is refilled to the maximum. This is actually the best fruit in the game, as it gives you the chance to stay longer in the game, thus getting a better score. The is also a fifth item, but it is not a fruit. It is a head of a Mynci wearing a grey hat. This item will let your Mynci friend to come and plummet to the ground of the jungle.

Score & Points

During the game, you will also be able to find coins and if you successfully grab them, you will be able to get a better score. Know that for this game there is a maximum score. Occasionally, you will be able to find silver coins. However, they are only available on the third level and they will grant you total of 15 points when you successfully pick it up. Don’t fooled, even if sometimes the coins will be clearly visible, some other times they will be hidden, on few occasions. Make sure you explore the top of the map so that you find them. Rest assured, you will not continue swinging without knowing if you’ve missed a coin or not. If there was a hidden coin and you miss it, it will be visible shortly after and this will prevent you of climbing to the top of the vine every time, or to be doubtful. You will not only be able to collect coins in order to get points. There is another way. It is all about knocking off your enemies so that they can fall off the tree they’re on. Some of them are invincible though, so don’t bother with the persistent enemies. The ones that will be able to be knocked off will grant you with a total of 10 points, per knock. If you try to knock off an invincible enemy you will lose some of your health bar, which is why you will have to know your enemies.

Your first enemy is the Schmoony(ies) which is, most of the time, located on the top of a specific platform. When you see one of these, all you will have to do is to jump on them so that they can be defeated. Occasionally, they will throw items at you. If they do so, note that they are not able to be knocked out. Doing so will result in you, losing some of your precious health bar.

The second enemy you will encounter is the Quetzal(s) which is a red looking snake with blue “hairs”. This one will be found on the vines, sliding to block your path. You can, of course, knock them off for extra points and to be able to move. In order to do so, simply press the down arrow key that is located on your keyboard. Even if you will take damage, it is worth the points. There is actually no way you don’t take damage off it. If you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy, it is recommended that you knock off all of the knockable enemies whenever it is possible.

The last enemy you will be encountering is the brown Mynci which will be peeking from tree to tree. He will be throwing many fruits at you like bananas and mostly coconut. He will also throw dung at you and you should know that you will not be able to knock Myncis off. Jump on the item they’re throwing if you don’t want to lose health, but don’t try to knock them off as they are not knockable in any circumstance.

Neopets Jungle Raiders Strategy & Tips

This game is somewhat limited, so there is not a ton of strategies. Know that you should always knock off the knockable enemies, even at the cost of a small percentage of health bar. If you’re going after a trophy or after the maximum score, this will be incredibly helpful. Know that there is no timer, so you can take all the time in the world to finish it (not actually, because the game will fail to send score if you take over 24 hours but you understand that you can use a reasonable amount of time). A maximum score of 1534 total points can be achieved. This is the absolute maximum and you can not go higher. To do so, you will have to master the game, meaning to knock all of the knockable monsters, and to collect everything on your path. Of course, you will be able to lose some of your health meter, otherwise it would be too hard. Have fun in the wild!

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