Neopets Attack of the Revenge

Neopets Attack of the Revenge is a game where enemy pirates are boarding your ship, and you need to keep them at bay for as long as possible. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, Attack of the Revenge will reward you with this shiny trophy.


Playing Guide



You control a blonde pirate, moving across your ship knocking down the pirates that are trying to board. You move with your left and right keys, and the space bar is used to attack pirates and pick up objects.


There are four stations on the side of deck, at which pirates will appear randomly. Whenever a pirate appears, you need to maneuver to the station at which he appeared, and deal with him. You need to approach the deck, and then hit the space bar to get rid of him.


You start the game with five lives, and there aren’t any opportunities to get more. The main way of losing a life is letting a pirate jump onto the ship, which happens when they stay at the deck for too long without you doing anything to stop them.




This pirate is named Fred, and Fred will give you 2 points every time you get rid of him.


This pirate’s name is Nathan, and like Fred, you will get 2 points every time you remove Nathan.


This pirate is called Swabby, and he can get you 3 points whenever you attack him.


This pirate is named Benny the Blade, and he will give you 3 points every time too.


Captain Scarblade is the captain of the enemies’ ship, and he’ll give you a whopping 5 points when you defend your ship against him.


The rarest pirate of them all (I’ve only seen him once), this is Ollie. Ollie will give you 10 points when you defeat him, but don’t expect to see him very often.


Level Guide


Level One: This is the easiest level, of course; just move around and knock out pirates as they appear. If this level proves to be a challenge for you, then you’ll need a lot of practice to get a high score. To pass this level, you’ll need to reach a score of 25.


Level Two: In this level, not much changes, except items are added to the two back corners. In the left corner is a pile of cannonballs; in the right, a bucket of water. These items never run out, so you can use them again and again. In this level, the only purpose they serve is this: if you grab an item (using the space bar) and then knock out a pirate, you’ll receive twice as many points as you usually would. So if you took out Captain Scarblade with a bucket of water, you would get 10 points instead of 5. To pass this level, your score will have to hit 75.


Level Three: This is the level with the most radical change: three cannons are added to the screen. These cannons make your game harder, but they also reward you with lots of points: at random times during each level from Level Three onwards, one of your pirate friends will drop down from above. He’ll stop at a random cannon and light it.

Now, you can put a cannonball into a cannon by pressing the space bar in front of it. Then, when your pirate friend lights that cannon, you’ll get 12 points and the cannon will empty itself. Because of this, you need to constantly be reloading your cannons whenever there isn’t a pirate in sight that you need to take care of.

If your friend lights a cannon that doesn’t have a cannonball, things change. The cannon is set on fire, and you need to grab a bucket of water and put out the fire, quickly, or else the cannon will break for the rest of the level – AND you will lose a life.




Each time a level begins, quickly fill the cannons (if a pirate appears before you finish loading them, though, you should get rid of him before finishing). After that, grab cannonballs whenever possible and take care of the pirates as they appear. When you see your pirate friend show up, know that you’ll need to fill that cannon as soon as you get a chance.

When you get to the very fast levels, you should treat pirates as more important than cannons – it’s all right to sacrifice a cannon to get rid of a couple pirates. In fact, when you’re getting close to a high score, and there’s a break between levels, you should just leave the cannons alone for that level. They’ll all break down, but as long as you haven’t lost many lives before that, you’ll be fine. With the cannons gone, you can maneuver more easily from station to station on the deck, slashing at pirates quickly.


Neopets Attack of the Revenge Cheats


At any time during or after Level Three, you can type ‘blackpawkeet’ to get an extra life. You can only do this once per game, but it can be very helpful. The best time to type this in would be after you finish a level and before you start the next one.


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