Neopets Rubbish Dump

The Rubbish Dump is exactly what you’d expect it to be; a place for rubbish. But if you really want, you can click an item to take it with you. There is no guarantee when or if items will show up there so to find anything you will have to keep checking back. The Rubbish dump counts as one of the three locations that collectively allow 10 items to be obtained daily. Any combination of items taken from the Rubbish Dump, Money Tree, or Second-hand Shoppe will count towards your daily 10 item limit.

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In general, you will find junk at the Rubbish Dump. From time to time, certain rare items like codestones and paintbrushes do appear. While you can find all sorts of items hiding away in the rubbish, here is a list of 13 exclusive items that can only be found there. Old Paper and Apple Core are very rare and valuable.

  • Old Croutons
  • Meridell Gravy
  • Squashed Tomato
  • Strange Green Seeds
  • Packet of Gravel
  • Soggy old Box
  • Zeenana Peel
  • Dung Slushie
  • Baby Haystack
  • Broken Spoon
  • UFFH
  • Muddy Bone
  • Compost Dung Right
  • How its Dung
  • Apple Core
  • Old Paper

Last thing to note, if you happen to be checking the dump and see something donated by your username, don’t worry. The dump does not function like the Money Tree. While the tree requires a user to physically give an item for it to be considered a donation, the Rubbish Dump just donates an item of it’s own, under your name. You have not lost any items. Here is a list of other possible donors:

  • Somebody Mysterious
  • A Passing Faerie
  • Farmer Joe
  • A Stablehand
  • Rowdy Peasants
  • Somebody Smelly
  • The Dung Faerie
  • Farmer Boggins
  • Farmer Sid
  • King Skarl
  • Meridell Castle Cleaners
  • A Passing Meerca
  • Farmer Ted

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