Neopets Caption Contest Guide

Neopets Caption Contest is a weekly competition of wit and creativity!  Each week a new image is presented featuring a random Neopets-related scenario and your task is to come up with a funny caption.  The winner of the Caption Contest is voted upon by Neopets users. Do you have what it takes to take home a shiny Caption Contest trophy?

Caption Contest Rules

A new image is released every Wednesday.  Users are allowed to submit as many unique entries as they can think of until the submission deadline.  Next, the Neopets Team selects forty finalists to make it to the round of voting, which usually begins on Friday evening.  Neopets users then have until the following Wednesday to vote for their favourite caption and crown the winners.

As mentioned above, you may enter as many times as you would like–but only in one language.  TNT has specified that entering the same contest in different languages or advertising your entry on the NeoBoards in a different language is against the rules.


Trophies and prizes are awarded based on the number of votes your entry receives.  How do you get votes? Advertise!  TNT has cracked down on the type of advertising that is allowed recently.  You may only advertise your OWN entry.  This means you cannot help out a friend.  You should only advertise your entry on the appropriate Neoboard – the Games chat.  Putting the voting link in your Neosignature and posting on other boards is also against the rules.

Users can vote for their favourite caption every four hours, so constant advertising is the best way to get yourself a trophy.  And don’t forget–you can vote for your own entry! 😉


The top 25 entries are awarded a neopoint prize ranging from 5 000 – 10 000 NP, trophies and a rare item.

Place NP Reward Trophy
1 – 5 10 000 NP Gold
6 – 12 7 500 NP Silver
13 – 25 5 000 NP Bronze

Prizes are usually r90+.  In the past, some exclusive r101 items have been awarded.

The Caption Contest avatar is awarded to all 25 finalists of every hundredth competition (ie. 100th, 200th, 300th, etc.)

Caption Contest Cheats and Tips

  • You are not notified if your entry has been selected as a top 40 finalist – so be sure to check on Friday evening to see if you have been selected
  • Enter as many funny captions as you can think of.  TNT has to sort through THOUSANDS of entries and therefore, the more entries you have, the better your odds
  • The caption contest image is often viewable before entry submission is live.  Check around for the image on the Monday/Tuesday for a head-start on the brainstorming process
  • TNT has indicated that they will not select cliches or overused jokes as finalists.  Below are some examples of cliche jokes to avoid:
    • Houston, we have a problem
    • I see dead ______
    • Who lets the dogs/Lupes/Gelerts/Warfs out?
    • Dude, where’s my spaceship/llama/Uni
  • Try to keep entries G-rated and target a broad audience
  • The Caption Contest is more of a popularity contest than a contest based on merit or wit. Advertise, advertise, advertise!
  • If your entry contains a dialogue, try to think of how the character would be referred to by TNT.  If the character has a name, use it (ie. Illusen, Hubrid Nox, Chadley).  If it is a generic pet/petpet/faerie, refer to it by its species and colour (ie. Red Lupe, Rainbow Slorg, Earth Faerie).
  • Proof read your entries!  Yur not ging 2 win if ur entruy lookz liek thiss.

Are the creative juices flowing yet? Well then, what are you waiting for? Go get captioning!

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