Neopets Magma Pool

The Magma Pool is an area of Moltara that appeared on the 16th Day of Celebrating in Year 11 that now (rarely) grants access to very special lake of Magma. Find out when you can enter and you can “paint” your pet Magma at no cost whatsoever!

If he’ll let you, in that is.


The Magma Pool is like many other spots in Neopia in which you need to arrive at a certain time in order to gain access to its spoils. The thing is… I can’t tell you what time to go. Unlike anything else in Neopia, the Magma Pool is open at a specific and very random time for each user. No specifics are known as to why or how these times are decided, but here is what we do know:

  • The Magma Pool will be available (you can sneak past the Magma Tonu guard) within the same ten minute interval everyday. This time is not necessarily every ten minutes, so it could be 3:41-3:51am or 10:22-10:32pm. To figure out your unique time, you literally have to constantly refresh at the Magma Pool until the guard falls asleep. Yep. That’s all you can do. Once you find out what the time is, you know it! REMEMBER IT. It will never change!
  • There will be special times in which you will not have to sneak past the guard and he will randomly awake. Specifics to these very random times are unknown. Some believe that completing Moltaran-related tasks such as seeking Igneot’s wisdom, can enhance the chances the guard will be awake, but this has not been proven or thoroughly supported.

What he says 23 hours and 49 minutes a day…


If you have discovered your “magma time” or happened upon the guard while he’s awake and willing to let you pass, you’ll have the ability to “dip” your pet into the magma pool for an exclusive color: Magma!
NOTE: You will only be offered pets that are currently activated with the color Magma.

Shhh… look! The guard is sleeping! Maybe you can sneak by him if you’re very, very careful…
Please select your Neopet to take a swim in the Magma Pool and be painted Magma.

You only have until the guard wakes up again to dip your pet! That means if you linger too much, you’ll lose the chance to dip your pet and you’ll have to wait until the next day.

Simply select the pet you’d like to dip and proceed.

Aren’t I beautiful?!

Once you have a dipped a pet, you will be banned from the Magma Pool for one week. This means you’ll need to wait until eight days later to visit and dip another pet.

Pounding and Transferring Magma Pets

Like Lutaris, there are some issues when it comes to pounding Magma pets.

  • Transferring: Transferring is a safe method for moving Magma pets.
  • Pounding: Pounding a Magma pet turns it Red. This means that the moment it is put into the pound, it will revert to the color Red and this is irreversible. You cannot find any Magma pets in the pound.


  • You do not need to complete the Atlas of the Ancients Plot in order to gain access to the pool.
  • There is no Magma Paint Brush and Magma is not a color that can be received via a Fountain Faerie Quest. If you want a Magma pet, you have three options: 1) Find out your magma time and dip your eligible pet; 2) Find a user who knows his or her magma time and is willing to dip your pet for you; or 3) Get a verrrrrry lucky zap with the lab ray.
  • You can visit the Magma Pool on your side account in order to dip a pet that may be located off of your main. (Editorial)

Author: Sarah

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