Neopets Faerie Bubbles

This game is pretty much 50% skill and 50% luck. In this game you need to clear the screen of the bubbles that have appeared. Each bubble could be a range of colours. If you match four or more of the same colour then you set off a combo. Sometimes they can be good or sometimes they can be bad, depending on the colours. In this game there are 20 levels and you want to aim for the 20th one to achieve that avatar or the trophy.

Faerie Bubbles


To play this game you need your keyboard. You use your keys to aim the cannon and press the space bar to fire the bubble. You want to get rid of all the bubbles before the timer runs out. The timer is also the screen, the more time you use the smaller the screen will get until eventually it is game over.

Basic Information:

Every level consist of bubbles at the start. These bubbles can be various colours and the colour you shoot out of the cannon will be one that is already on the screen. You want to get rid of all the bubbles by shooting the cannon’s bubble into the same coloured bubble.

The Types of Bubbles and What They Do

Below are all the types of bubbles you will see in this game. They represent different Faeries and also have different abilities once they have been activated in groups of four or more. Sometimes you want those abilities and other times you need to try and minimise what they will do.

Type of Bubble Effect
Fire Bubble
Everything around it will burn except for water bubbles. Highly effective if you wish to get rid of a lot of unnecessary bubbles
Dark Bubble
All bubbles in this colour will turn to random colours. This is a very annoying combo in tight situations try to avoid this.
Water Bubble
Every water bubble on the screen will fall off even if it is not touching the group. This can be great to get rid of extra bubbles if they are solely attached
Air Bubble
Really annoying, all the bubbles in this combo and around will turn to random colours. This is something you do not want.
Light Bubble
All colours that this combo touches will make them turn to one colour *fingers crossed fire or water*
Earth Bubble
Want extra bubbles? Making this combo activate causes more bubbles to appear at the top of the screen.
Special Bubbles Effect
Rainbow Bubble
This bubble will turn into the same colour as the one it touches. So if you fire it at a water one it will turn to water.
Nova Bubble
This is a bomb! It will destroy bubbles it touches and some around them. Highly useful! (Aim for the ceiling)

How Is This Game Scored?

First off getting rid of bubbles from your screen will earn you points. Once you finish a level you get bonus points depending on how many shots it took you to get rid of all the bubbles. So therefore the least amount of shots, the more points you would score. You also get bonus points once you reach level 20, 250 points to be exact! And it doesn’t matter whether you win it or lose it. So it is really worth it to get all the way to level 20.

How to Play:

Firstly each level will have different coloured bubbles and different amount of bubbles shaped differently in each of the 20 levels.

In this second level you can see that there are three different type of bubbles. What I will do is aim my yellow bubble onto the green bubbles first (follow the yellow arrow). Then with the second bubble (which is blue) I will aim and shoot it to the water bubbles (follow the blue arrow).

The blue water bubbles will disappear making the green ones drop because they are not holding onto anything and leaving only the yellow bubbles to go. You will always see your next two bubbles (which is awesome.) I then shoot my cannon (it will be filled only with yellow bubbles- because there are only yellow bubbles left on the screen) and destroy all the yellow bubbles to win the level.

(Note: Every level will be different, every time you reset there is no guarantee that you will have the same colours. If in the first two levels you do not have either water or fire combos then reset until you do)

If I had green and blue left then my cannon would be filled with only green and blue.

The quicker you eliminate the same type of bubbles the easy the game would be. You would finish quicker with only two types then still having that third one.

(Tip: Try not to add any bubbles to the top of the screen. Fire them onto the side so that you can aim for the specific coloured bubble that is holding them stationary.)

If I fire the dark bubble now then I get rid of those two dark bubbles and everything will drop as a result of not touching the roof. This is the best strategy to go by especially if you are running out of room and wanting more points (less shots= more points.)

(Note: The dark blue at the top is your time limit. If the Bubbles touch the bottom of the screen reminder it is game over!)

If in this situation you were to get a Nova bubble do the exact same thing and get rid of any bubbles on the ceiling that are holding other bubbles.

Sometimes you will get some pretty terrible combo opportunities. So in that case you would try to make a fire or light combo to destroy the bad combo or to change the colour in hope of a better one.

You Believe You Can Get The Avatar?

Well I really hope so! But just a few more things before you try!

  1. Practice (you knew I was going to say that! But I really mean practice your shots. It is really easy to over aim for something and miss it altogether. So make sure you do not rush with that.
  2. Press that X button when you are stuck and need time to figure out what to do, it is there to pause the game. It is great when you can’t think what your next move should be.
  3. Finish the level with as few of shots as possible. Sometimes I shoot once then pause and see my next option.
  4. Know that each individual level will have the exact same pattern. Just the colours may change. Once again if you start with bad combos restart the game to have some good ones to make it easier for you.
    5) Most important that you do not rush! The Ceiling goes down on the number of shots you make!

The Special Things I Kept for Last

Here are some Faerie Bubbles Cheats that you can use;

Type the word Effect
slumberberry Once per game. The timer will restart/Ceiling will go back to the top
Stardust** Once per game. Your next bubble will be turned into a Nova bubble
Bubbles* Once per game. Every bubble on the screen will change to one colour
Faerieland* Once per game. The next bubble will be a rainbow bubble
*use ‘Bubbles’ and then ‘faerieland’ on level 15 for a lot of points
**use on level 14 for an easier experience

Levels in Order

I will provide some detail as to what I would do. Please remember to hit pause if you need some time to think.

To begin with practice aiming and make sure you have good bubbles on your ceiling. Fire on fire, earth on earth and get that light bubble combo.

Combo! Then put the fire on the dark. Get rid of the darks and your home free!

Air on both then light then you should only have earth left.

If you are in this situation you want to get rid of the outside green bubbles first then if possible make a fire combo. It does all depend upon your bubbles.

This level is easy because I have good combos. Just get rid of your outside if you can first then inside but whatever colours the cannon gives you go in that order.

Go in order of the bubbles that the cannon gives you. If you are given a colour you no longer have do not attach it to the ceiling but to one of the other bubbles that you can get rid of.

Same thing again as level 6. In order of what the cannon gives you.

This one can be quite tricky. Try to get rid of the light ones first build up that fire combo if you can because that air combo is going to make it really hard for you if you activate it. If you do get rid of as many bubbles as you can.

You need to get through that air faerie layer so potentially you need to get a fire combo (four fires in a row to activate it. Then once through get rid of those colours that are left.

Fire first if possible then what is left over.

See how there are fires near the earth and air? Try to push the fire ones across so that you get rid of those two combos or else you will have something that looks like this:

And no body want this!

Try to get a fire combo so you do not activate a dark one. If you do you will need to work a bit harder. Just try to get 3 in a row to get rid of them all but do not rush!

This one keep firing until you get a dark then with air then light and you should get one single colour then. Once again and this goes for all of them – if you get stuck just keep aiming for three of a type.

This one you just need to be quick and get three of each/ just get rid of the bubbles.

Sam thing again, just try to get rid of all the bubbles in lots of 3.

Here you’re aiming to knock the bottom of the “W.” So attack the light on the sides and see if you can get a fire combo in the middle. Main point here it to stop the connection with the middle mark.

This one is a bit more technical you need to make sure that you get rid of any 3’s that you potentially can get rid of. Looking at this one I want to get the light ones away first then go from there.

This can potentially be a hard level or one of the easiest ones around this time. You get one shot with the nova bubble to destroy everything. Fail and you may pay the ultimate price. Do not miss! If you do however, do not block off the right hand side so that eventually/ hopefully you can get a water/matching ceiling bubble!

Same thing again unfortunately you just need to get 3 in a row and hope that you do not get any extras that you do not need. One step closer to the last level! Try to get rid of the connection in the middle too

And finally the last level. If you have made it this far congratulations. You should already have the avatar score though so aiming for the Trophy? You will get an additional 250 points even if you do not win this level. Just aim for three of a kind and best of luck!!!

These are the trophies that you could win, once again you need to get to level 20 to get a really good score to get the gold trophy.

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