Neopets Berry Bash

Have you played Neopets Berry Bash? In Neopets Berry Bash you play as Rufus. You have to seat, serve and clean up after your guests before more guests arrive!

Does this seem easy to you? Maybe it is and you could win one of these awesome trophies if your score is high enough that is!

How you Play
Berry Bash Berries

As Rufus, you need to use your mouse as him. You must select your dinner guest and drag them over to the table , you then will serve them the berry that they ask for. Click the berry that the guest asks for and the guest that asked for it, all you have to do then is clean up after them and wait for the next guest to appear!

When you first start this game it will give you a basic tutorial which is very nice to learn the run down. Pretty much it goes like this:
1. Click on the guest and drag them over to the table.
2. You then need to click on that guest to take their order
3. Have a look what what they want when the bubble appears above their head
4. About 5 seconds later it will appear in the bush
5. Then you need to click on the berry in the bush
6. Then click on the Pet that wanted that type of berry.
(Note:you can only hold one of a certain type of berry at once or it wont grow back.)
7. Once they have finished eating you need to click on them again to clean up.
8. Repeat


Scoring in Berry Bash
Everytime you complete one of the above mentioned actions you will get points. You will see on the bottom left hand side a meter shaped like a berry. Once that meter is filled you will advance to the next level.

Each character you serve awards different points so the following are the points you can earn;

This is the “Tourist” you will get 4 points for seating, 8 for Order taking, 12 for serving food, 20 for cleaning with a total of 44 once completed.

This is the “native” you will get 2 points for seating, 4 for order taking, 6 for serving food, 20 for cleaning with a total of 32 once completed.

And the two “Elders” Kyrii= 6 for seating, 12 for order taking, 18 for serving food, 40 for cleaning with a total score of 76 once completed.
The Kougra is worth 16 points for seating, 16 for order taking, 24 for serving food, 40 for cleaning with a total score of 96 once completed.

Neopets Berry Bash Cheats

You need to have good aiming with your mouse. If you have an old mouse switch for a new one so that the controls are nice and quick.
Keep Rufus moving. Do not wait for one thing to finish. Get them all eating quickly.

Try to pair up with the same characters. This heaps improve rhythm.
If you are wanting a gold trophy you need the game going for as long as you can.
– Don’t clean up after the guest to reduce Berry Meter points.
(Note: Only do this around level three.)

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