Neopets Grand Theft Ummagine

Neopets Grand Theft Ummagine is a clever little game where you play as Stan, the Kyrii sneaking your way around the city of Sakhmet hoping to steal some food to eat. In Grand theft Ummagine your goal is to steal all of the food on the level, stay out of the blue Elephante guards view and escape further into the city to continue stealing food. In the 20 levels of Grand Theft Ummagine you will be tested, can you feed yourself and evade getting caught?

Grand Theft Ummagine

Grand Theft Ummagine Instructions

When you first load up the game, you are giving the options to click “Instructions”, “Play Game”, “Use Level Code”, “Setup” and “Load Soundtrack”. If you click Setup you can change the bound keys. I like to use WASD because it’s a lot easier to play when you have to use the mouse to click Power Ups.  It took me awhile to get used to the keys, but they are really straight forward. Grand Theft Ummagine uses an isometric perspective, the directions don’t perfectly match the arrow keys. ‘Down’ or ‘S’ is toward the lower-left, ‘up’ or ‘W’ is toward the upper-right, ‘left’ or ‘A’ is toward the upper-left, and ‘right’ or ‘D’ is toward the lower-right.

Now that we have our keys set up you can either start the game or use a level code. All Level codes are different for each user. You will constantly get the same codes but your codes will NOT work for anyone else. So, let us get started with understanding the key items in the level. Upon loading the level the scene objective is obvious, get the Ummagine near the fountain and avoid the blue Elephante guard.

You must make sure to collect all of the fruit in a level or you will not be able to leave. There will be those moments when you are being chased by a guard and are trying to get to the end of the level, it really sucks to not have all the fruits and end up caught and having to start all over. The different kinds of fruit from The Lost Desert: Puntec Fruits, Bagguss, Tchea Fruits, Sphinx Links, and Ummagines.

Aside from collecting fruits to finish the level sometimes you will need a power up to get past the guards. There are Elephante Potions that transform you into a guard for a few seconds and Invisibility Rings  that turn you invisible and let you walk close to a guard unnoticed. Downside to each is that the Potion may turn you into a guard, but the guards follow you so be careful when your potion runs out. The Ring does not allow you to to be seen but if you run into a guard he will capture you.

Potion and Ring
You will be seen by guards for the first 10 levels from 6 spaces away. After level 10 though you will be spotted within 9 spaces, be sure to make sure you don’t get too close or your robbing days are over. the only other thing to worry about in the game (like there aren’t enough things already) are cracked floors. These are probably the number one ways people die, at least you can outsmart the guards, always stay vigilant.

Possible Map Directions

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