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Shenanigifts is the latest game to come from the NC Mall in which users can exclusive NC wearables! After buying in-game “invitations,” which can be found in the Mall, users can attend parties and use “Power-Ups” to win Neocash prizes. Read more below to see how to play and what you can win!

The homepage of Shenanigifts in the NC Mall.


In order to play, users must have an “invitation” which are necessary to enter a particular party. Invitations can be purchased from the NC Mall individually or in packs:

As you can see, buying packs will save you NC in the long run. While a 1-pack values an invitation at 150 NC, buying a 5-pack values them at 100 NC each. If you plan on playing Shenanigifts multiple times, consider buying a pack! When you’re ready to play, simply go to your inventory, click on the invitation, and click “Activate” in the scroll-down menu. The item will activate in-game and will never expire.

There are also optional Power-Ups that can be used in the game, also purchasable through the NC Mall:

Power-Ups will not show up in your inventory, but instead, you will find them in your in-game inventory.
These three Power-Ups have different functions:

  • Extra Chance Shenanigifts Power-Up — You can use this Power-Up to choose a fourth Elephante during the game.
  • 2 Gift Party Shenanigifts Power-Up — You can use this Power-Up to win a second prize! This is both the most expensive and most popular Power-Up.
  • Second Look Shenanigifts Power-Up — You can use this Power-Up after you’ve taken your third turn

While Power-Ups are not necessary, you may want to consider them if you are aiming for a specific prize.


In Shenanigifts, the different parties give out different prizes, and each has a specific theme. There are currently three active parties: Garden PartyLunar Festival Party, and Caroling Party. If you want a specific prize, check out the items you can win in the “Prizes” section of this article and choose the corresponding party! Each party has the same amount of items to possibly win.


Shenanigifts is a very simple game. First, choose a party to attend on the main page and then click “Join the Party”. Once you’re inside of the party, you will start giving gifts by selecting a party attendant, confirm that you would like to in fact choose that guest, and then the (surprisingly nameless) purple Elephante host will present you with their gift. Now, you decide if you want to take this gift and exit the game or continue receiving gifts. If you want a different gift, click “Pick Another” and then select another party guest. Warning: Without the right Power-Ups, the Elephante whose gift you rejected will fade away and cannot be re-selected. Every round you play (1 invitation), you can choose up to a third Elephante. If you reject the first two gifts you receive, you will be with the third gift you receive. Rarely, you can win a bonus item, which is completely random. Your gift(s) can be found in your item inventory at the end of the game.

You can use your Power-Ups during and at the end of the game, so this is where the only game strategy will take place. You can see how many of each Power-Up you have on the homepage, and you can always buy more at the NC Mall.


The following are the current prizes you can win from the three active prizes. To see the prizes of the previous parties, you can go here: 2013, 2014.

Garden Party


Bow Bun Wig

Delicate Pearl Headband Wig

Flower Printed Top

Garden Dresser Trinket

Garden Gate Background

Jewelled Sunglasses

Layered Pendant Necklaces

Miniature Garden

Mosaic Violin

Pink and White Layered Skirt

Rustic Arbor with Flowers Frame

Teal Flowering Dress

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Bonus Prize

Traditional Gardens Background

Lunar Festival Party


Cherry Blossom Bouquet

Dark Shenkuu Jacket

Embroidered Layer Sweater

Green and Black Festival Dress

Knitted Cyodrake Hat and Wig

Lamp Market Background

Pandaphant Hoodie

Paper Box String Lights

Paper Flower Garland

Red Candle and Flower Foreground

Short Black Bangs Wig

Takeout Box Purse

Tangerine Side Tree

Bonus Prize

Bamboo Grove Background

Caroling Party


Caroller Capelet

Caroller Doorstep Background

Carolling Coat and Scarf

Carolling Songbook Foreground

Carolling Tousers and Boots

Christmas Carriage

Cosy Hand Muff and Gloves

Green Velvet Holiday Cap and Wig

Handheld Carollers Lamp

Holiday Sheet Music Garland

Petpet Carolling Chorus

Plaid Walking Cap

Ruby Carolling Dress

Bonus Prize

Christmas Music Parlour Background

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