Neopets Neodeck

Ah, the ever famous Neodecks. Fun little items to collect and place into your neodeck. But, what are neodecks? Where can I get one? What are Neocards? The following guide will help everything you need to know about Neocards and the famous Neodeck.


Everything you need to know about neodecks and their cards

First of all, what are Neocards? Well, there are this little cards you put in your neodeck. Seems pretty simple, no? Well it really isn’t that complicated. You just select the card and place away into your neodeck. There is different rarities and species to collect!Do they cost anything?
Nope! They used awhile ago, but NeoPets recently changed that.

How do I put them into my neodeck?
Ah, very easily.

  • Go to your inventory.
  • Click on the neocard and wait til the pop-up comes up.
  • Go down to the Drop Down menu and select “Put in Neodeck”.
  • And now you’re done! Pretty easy.

Is there a limited amount I can put in my deck?
Nope. You can put as many as you like.


Everything you need to know about neodecks and their cards

When you visit yours or others lookup, you will notice they have a section called “NeoDeck: {neodeck name here}”. You can have as many as you like.

  • My Album: This is the album view of your NeoDeck. It shows you which Collectable Cards you have, and which ones you don’t have yet. This will make it easier for you to know which cards you are missing from a full deck.
  • My Cards: This is the list of all the Collectable Cards currently in your NeoDeck. You can see how many of each card you are holding, as well as remove cards from your deck here. When you remove a card, it will be placed back in Your Items.
  • My Deck: This is where you get to name your deck and place a brief description of your deck. The name you choose will show up on your lookup and can be changed at any time.
  • All Cards: Here is a list of ALL the Neopets Collectable Cards. Print it out and tick the ones that you have collected! Remember that some are harder to get than others. When you have a card make sure you put it in your Neodeck.
  • Rarity List: To make it easier to spot rare cards they are now colour coded. The more rare the card is the harder it is to find and the more expensive it is. Rare cards are normally more powerful than the common ones and it is worth trying to add some to your deck.

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