Neopets Invasion: Blastoids

Neopets Invasion: Blastoids, where you need to save the planet by matching each colour of Blastoids to destroy the comet. In Neopets Invasion: Blastoids, you are the Space Faeire, protector of Neopia and it is your job to make sure the comets do not reach earth!

How to Play Neopets Invasion: Blastoids 

 In this game you are using your mouse to aim. You are moving the ship left and right with your mouse too. As you move further left or right the ship will start firing in an angle so make sure you are watching where the cursor is pointing. You need to be shooting your colour Blastoids to match 3 in a row of the same colour. The more you can put in a row the more points you will end up with.  To launch a Blastiod you need to click your left mouse. When your Meter  down the bottom (in yellow) is full you can press the space bar and a stronger Blastoid will come out. If you are lucky enough to activate the Bonus stage in Invasion: Blastoids then you can use your left mouse to launch an unlimited supply of stronger Blastiods. These types of Blastoids will allow you to blast two comets either side of the one you hit. They can be super effective in tight situations in the later levels. Just know though they do not give you additional points.

(Note: Your meter will reset at the beginning of each level so make sure you use it!)

Bonus Levels

Your bonus levels for Invasion: Blastoids will allow you to destroy up to ten  Blastiods from each comet. So start firing at will and have fun with these levels. You wont get any points for additional combos rather comets will be coming out like mad an having shorter routes to Neopia so you need to attack them quickly. If one of them reaches Neopia in the bonus round you just go to the next stage and you wont lose a life ( you wont be able to restart the level either.)

In this picture you can see that there is a pink Blastoid  so this needs to either match it up with another pink  or get rid of it by firing it into space and not hitting any of the Blastiods.
(Note: The other pink Blastoid in this picture cannot be hit as it has an obstacle in its way. Best option is to get rid of it and get a colour that you can match up.)

Objective in Neopets Invasion: Blastoids 

In Neopets Invasion:Blastoids, coloured comets are heading towards Neopia. You need to connect three or more of the same colour spheres together so that they can explode/disappear. This in turn will decrease the comets size and when there are no more colours attached to the comet it too will disappear. If you are lucky enough, getting a combination of five or more of the same colour in a row will allow you to access the bonus stages. This is extremely important if you are aiming for one of these awesome looking trophies.

However, if you allow on single comet to reach Neopia then you will lose a life and start that level over again.


(Note: You can shoot straight through Neopia as its quite some distance away.)

What you want to avoid

These  follow images are obstacles in your path. So if you are aiming for a certain colour and one of these are in your way they will destroy your Blastoid.


This pink looking tiny comet is something you need to avoid as well. It can pack a powerful punch to your yellow meter and also disable your firing system for a few seconds. This does not take away lives !

What you want To hit

The only way to avoid that is if you shoot at a Green Capsule as it will make your ship resistant to the pink comet for up to 7 seconds.

Green Capsule

If you shoot this red planet ten times in your game you will gain an extra life as long as you do not already have three lives.
Red Planet

What they look like on a map

So with this you can see that the little pink comet is near your energywaves (pink and orange down the bottom of your screen) so once it hits that you are temporarily disabled.  That red planet to the left hand side can be fired uponm ( 10 throughout the game to get a new life.)  The two comets as well will be following a certain pattern to find its way to Neopia.

Understanding the Levels

Your line of fire will be visible in the first three levels only. After the third you will be relying on yourself to judge where the Blastoid will go. So make sure you practice and understand when that line goes from being straight to starting to curve at the angle.  Also to top it off with no visible line of fire, this is when those pink comets will start entering your screen. They will be fired from the moving big comet and make its way straight down onto you. Remember you will not be able to fire your weapon for a few seconds and your yellow meter will  become lower.

As you reach the later levels you will see more regular  pink comets heading your way as well as the big comets having fewer Blastoids attached. There are only ten levels in this game and if you manage to get to the last level you will see that the comet has around twenty coloured Blastoids on it.  This is when all your hard work and practice for aiming will be needed.

Sometimes there will be a little brown line on the comets, these will form two comets after  it is shot at. The second comet usually is smaller than the first so make sure you are practising aiming because you do not want it to end up much bigger than the first making it more harder for yourself. Just a reminder you need to get five of the same colour in a row to get to that bonus level for more points. You will also go from stage nine to stage ten even if you were able to achieve five in a row.


You will get +100 points in the normal levels and +150 points in the bonus levels when you hit a Blastiod Blastoid
Every Blastiod in a combo over three will away you with +150 points Combo
The red planet will award you with +250 points
The green capsule will give you +50 points

Neopets Invasion: Blastoids Cheats
When a new Comet has been formed you should start to add on one specific colour to that chain so that you can increase your score easier. For example: add only blue to it but put one other colour in between groups of two so that they don’t explode off.
Bonus combo setup

Add blue to the outside of green and keep forming that pattern then shoot away all the blue to have a massive line of just greens to gain additional points.

If you are able to destroy each comet in the bonus stages you can end up with 60,000 points just from the bonus stages!!
Power ups stay on the screen until you shoot it or until you go to the next level.

(Note: You can shot Blastoids at the tail as they are not hard and will not be blocked.

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