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Korbats Lab
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Difficulty: Medium
Category: Action
Related Avatars: Be in the Top 50 hi-score list.

NP Ratio: 30NP : 100PT

Tips: Type “spiderbite” to gain an extra life.


A basic overview to the guide

Dr. Sloth has stored all the ingredients to make his Transmogrification Potions in a mysterious old evil laboratory full of nasty Korbats and Spyders. Your mission is to go in there armed with your trusty bat and smash as many boxes as possible to foil Sloth’s evil plans! When the potion bottles drop, pick them up, you never know what will happen!” –


Here are the controls of the game
  • Left and Right arrow keys to move bat.
  • Spacebar to release the ball.


Information on how to play the game

The object of the game is to clear the screen of all the blocks. You must hit the blocks the number of times indicated on the box (such as once for 1, twice for 2, etc.). Do not let your ball drop to the bottom of the screen! Use your bat to hit your ball back up. You have four balls/lives to play with. If you lose all four balls/lives, the game is over. You gain another ball/live by typing in “spiderbite” (if you look closely, you will notice a faint outline for a 4th roman numeral). Your number of lives is displayed on the rusty grandfather clock (four lives would represent a roman numeral of three, because the zero is included). Collect the falling money and potions with your bat. Each potion has a different effect. [see “The Potions and Effects” below].


Information the different blocks in the game

Each time you destroy a block, you will receive 10 points (even for the special ones without numbers). Hitting different boxes can trigger potions to fall as well.

This block destorys all the blocks underneath it.
This block destorys everything in a 3 block radius.
Steel block


Information on the power-ups in the game
  • Black potion in green bottle – Launches a missle that breaks blocks (not obstacles like steel blocks)
  • Black potion in red bottle – Restarts the current level (keeping your current score)
  • Blue potion in clear bottle – Slower bat
  • Blue potion in light blue glass – causes the bat to move quickly
  • Fuschia Potion in clear glass – shrinks the bat so that it becomes very small.
  • Fuschia Potion in light blue glass – restores the size and speed of your bat.
  • Fuschia Potion in light pink glass – increases the size of your bat, making it easier to cover more ground
  • Light Blue potion in blue glass (flashing) – gets rid of Korbats and Spyders.
  • Pink Potion in clear glass (flashing) – warps to the beginning of the next level, giving you the points you would’ve scored for that level.
  • Pink Potion in clear class – destroys everything and takes you to the next level
  • Red Potion in brown glass – turns the ball red and makes it indestructible until it hits the bat again
  • Red Potion in yellow glass – destroys all the boxes with flame and bomb icons
  • White Potion in pink glass – weakens the blocks that require more than one hit by one
  • White potion in light blue glass – weakens everything down by one
  • Yellow potion in dark red glass – reverses your controls so hitting the left arrow makes you go right, and the right arrow makes you go left.


Information on the power-ups in the game
  • Small Money Bag – Adds 50 points to your score Large Money Bag – Adds 500 points to your score. Skull – Ends game instantly (no matter how many lives you had left)


Information on the power-ups in the game

There are korbats and spyders that appear on certain levels to create problems for you. If the ball comes into contact with them, it with be sent ricocheting in any given direction. Level 3is the only level which contains both creatures, one of each.

Creatures Levels
Single Korbat 3, 20, 24
Two Korbats 2, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, 28
Single Spyder 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13
Two Spyders 11, 15
Three Spyders 23


Things to help you play the game a lot easier
  • Random times, moneybags will fall. They will give 50 extra points.
  • Random blocks in some level can let you skip to the next level.
  • Your first priority is to keep the ball from falling down the screen. The second is to collect the money and potions.
  • Memorize the effects of the potions. You do not what a potion that gives you a negative effect.
  • Try hitting the ball on an angle, so it will surpass the metal boxes.

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