Neopets Usuki Frenzy


Difficulty: Medium | Category: Action | Ratio: 1.22 Points = 1 NP

Ever had to run around the house picking up your favorite toys to take with you on vacation? No? We’ll here’s your chance. Usuki Frenzy is an Action game, released on August 21st, 2007 begins with the young protagonist Lucie—an avid Usuki collector—who has forgotten to pack the most essential of items before she and her parents leave for the Usuki Convention. She is given three minutes to gather up her favorite Usuki sets that are scattered around the house. In order to complete Usuki Frenzy, you have to assist Lucie in collecting all of the items on her list that can appear anywhere in ten different rooms. If you can manage a score high enough, you can even with a trophy!

Neopets Usuki Frenzy Instructions

98.gifOn the left side of the screen you are given a list of different Usuki Sets and Dolls that Lucie the Cybunny had left lying around. The object of this game is to gather each item on the list as quickly as possible before the timer runs out. Using the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) on your keyboard, you can direct Lucie through each room of the house to find the toys. In order to pick up an item you must walk over it, and if it is correct, it will appear in full color on the left side of your screen. However, if you pick up an incorrect item, a message will then appear at the top of your screen. This item must be returned to one of four red bookcases in the house in order for you to move on. You cannot gather any more items until you have done this. These bookcases can be found in both bedrooms, living room, and dining room (refer to the map at the end of this guide for specific locations). Once you have collected everything on the list, you may proceed to the next level.


This game has three levels in which you have a total combined time of three minutes to complete. Remember to use your time wisely, as the timer begins at the start of the game and does not reset between levels. The time you finished at in the previous level is the time you have remaining on the next one. The first level requires you to obtain four Usuki Sets to complete. That number increases to seven items at level two, and to ten items in level three. You must successfully complete each level in the specified time in order to win the game.


Neopets Usuki Frenzy Scoring

Each time a correct Usuki Set from the list is picked up, you are awarded 15 points. The various Usuki Dolls also give an additional 16 points per item, but are not required to win the level. Picking up an incorrect item will not directly affect your score. The position of these items are not random. The individual sets and dolls will always be located in the same exact room on each level, every time you play the game. Memorizing this pattern can be useful in achieving the maximum score possible by utilizing your time properly. At the end of each level you are given a time bonus, which amounts to your total time left divided by two. If you finish a level with 72 seconds to spare you will be given a 36 bonus to your overall score. Each second remaining is worth 0.5 points.


All possible items to find are listed below with accompanying images.


Usuki Sets

There are a total of twenty-four unique sets that can be collected.


Snowy Valley Usuki Set

Time For Tennis Usuki Set

Tyrannian Usuki Set

Usuki Bakery Set

Usuki Beach Accessories

Usuki Bedtime Clothing

Usuki Clown Set

Usuki Faerie Play Set

Usuki Marshmellow Set

Usuki Poetry Set

Usuki Queen Set

Usuki Scuba Diving Play Set

Usuki Snowy Sweetheart Set

Usuki Sushi Play Set

Usuki Tea Set

Usuki Travel Set

Winter Love Usuki Set

Winter Woolies Usuki Set


Usuki Space Set

Black Belt Usuki Set

Fancy Usuki Sandcastle Set

Fire Faerie Usuki Set

Pirate Usuki Play Set

Retro Usuki Hair Set


Usuki Dolls

The Magical Hair Usuki doll can be found in the living room on level two, and an additional once shows up in the dining room on level three. A Hula Girl Usuki also appears at level three and can be found in the kitchen. The only hidden object in this game is the Ballerina Usuki, which can only be found when you press the spacebar as your character is standing in front of the blue computer in Lucie’s room. Sometimes, you must press the up arrow key while doing this in order for the doll to appear. This trick can only be used once per game but can be done on any level. If you want to maximize your score, try waiting until an item on your list is located in the pink bedroom before grabbing the doll.


Magical Hair Usuki

Hula Girl Usuki

Ballerina Usuki



Neopets Usuki Frenzy Tips

It has been observed that Lucie travels faster throughout each room by moving in a diagonal direction, achieved by pressing more than one arrow key at a time. She is harder to control using this method, but with practice this is the best way to help achieve a high score by increasing your time bonus. Additionally, as mentioned before, the same sets are always located in the same room every time you play. Memorizing where they are is a good start. The Usuki Pirate Set is the most difficult to locate, and can only be collected by walking down from the pink bedroom to reach the balcony that overlooks the garden.


You should avoid incorrect items whenever possible. Picking them up can hinder your score, as you have to take the time to place them on a red bookcase in order to continue. These items can sometimes be hard to avoid when entering a new room, such as when you travel into the garden from the kitchen. The Usuki Queen Set sits right in front of the doorway to the left. If you enter from the right side, you should be safe to pass through without picking it up.


Some players advise restarting the game until the sets are located relatively close to on another when following the list. This can also help you time bonus.


Below is a list of rooms and each Usuki Set and Doll that can be found there. The rooms have been labeled in accordance with the provided map.


  1. Blue Bedroom — Usuki Space Set, Usuki Pirate Set
  2. Office —Usuki Sushi Play Set
  3. HallwayUsuki Tea Set
  4. Pink BedroomUsuki Snowy Sweetheart Set, Winter Love Usuki Set, Usuki Bedtime Clothing, Ballerina Usuiki (Doll)
  5. Balcony Pirate Usuki Set
  6. Bathroom — Black Belt Usuki Set, Usuki Marshmellow Set, Usuki Scuba Diving Play Set
  7. Living Room — Tyrannian Usuki Set, Usuki Beach Accessories, Usuki Clown Set, Winter Woolies Usuki Set, Magical Hair Usuki (Doll)
  8. Garden — Fie Faerie Usuki Set, Usuki Queen Set, Usuki Faerie Play Set
  9. Dining Room — Retro Usuki Hair Set, Time for Tennis Usuki Set, Usuki Travel Set, Snowy Valley Usuki Set, Magical Hair Usuki (Doll)
  10. Kitchen — Fancy Usuki Sandcastle Set, Usuki Bakery Set, Hula Girl Usuki (Doll)



When aiming for a high score, remember to keep in mind that this game is relatively based on luck. With the right list, practice, and the knowledge gained from this guide you will be well on your way to earning that shiny trophy. But don’t forget, Lucie’s parents are waiting for her to finish so they can go to the convention, so don’t take too long getting things done!

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