Neopets Neopian Lottery

The Neopian Lottery

Like its real life counterpart, the Neopian Lottery is a lottery game based on luck. Neopoints are rewarded for guessing the correct combination of numbers!

How to Play

In order to buy a ticket for the lottery, you need to purchase a ticket at the cost of 100 NP. Once purchased, you will be given an option to enter 6 unique numbers ranging from 1-30. However, you can not enter the same number twice on one ticket. The order of the numbers on your ticket do not matter, because when the winning numbers are chosen, your numbers and the ones on the winner will be placed in numerical order from lowest to highest. You are only permitted to buy 20 lottery tickets per day.

Winning the Lottery

The winning numbers are drawn daily at 4:16 p.m. NST.

To win the lottery, four, five, or six of the numbers on one of your tickets must match the winning combination of numbers. However, if you do not have all numbers matched, and someone else has more matches than you, you will not win anything. If you have the highest amount of matching numbers, you will win.

In the event that you win the lottery, you will receive an e-mail from Neopets letting you know the winning numbers and the amount of NP that you won.

The amount of Neopoints in the jackpot depends on the amount of people that purchased tickets that day, plus a bonus. For example, if 5,000 people were to buy one lottery ticket per person, the jackpot would be 505,000 NP. The extra 5,000 NP are added from the bonus, an extra addition made to the pool by the game itself. However, if you are not the only one who wins the lottery, you will not receive the full sum from the prize pool. If 5 people win the 505,000 NP prize pool, the Neopoints will be divided among them, allotting 101,000 NP to each person.

If you buy one ticket, your odds of matching numbers is as follows:

Matching 6 numbers – 593,775:1 or 0.0002%

Matching 5 numbers – 4,123:1 or 0.024%

Matching 4 numbers – 143:1 or 0.7%

If you buy 20 tickets with different numbers, your odds of matching numbers is as follows:

Matching 6 numbers – 29,689:1 or 0.003%

Matching 5 numbers – 206:1 or 0.49%

Matching 4 numbers – 7:1 or 13.9%

Evidently, purchasing more tickets drastically increases your chances of winning. If you buy 40 tickets by using a method discussed later, your odds will be just about doubled.

If you don’t win right away, don’t lose hope! The lottery is a game of odds, so just keep playing.

Tricks and Tips

  1. Although you generally cannot purchase multiple tickets with the same numbers on them in one day, there is a cheat that will allow you to do this. Since the lottery automatically arranges your chosen numbers from lowest to highest, you can simply enter the same numbers in different slots for each ticket. This way, you can get more than one of the same ticket. If you were to win with two of the same ticket, you would receive double the amount of NP.
  2. If you want to increase your odds of winning, you can follow a certain method which will let you purchase double the amount of daily allowed tickets. Purchase one set of 20 tickets any time after the lottery is drawn in the afternoon (after 4:16 p.m. NST). Then, buy another set after midnight. The lottery is drawn at 4:16, but the time when you can purchase more tickets is reset daily. Therefore, the tickets you purchase after the lottery is drawn can only count for the next day, along with the ones you bought normally for that day.
  3. Even though these are not guaranteed, there is a list of common patterns which generally show up in the winning numbers. Please note that this is only a collection of previous winning sets, and will not necessarily reflect upon future drawings.

The first number will usually be 1, 4, or 7

The second number will usually be 4, 6, or 12

The third number will usually be 9, 15, 21, or 24

The fourth number will usually be 15, 18, or 25

The fifth number will usually be 24, 25, or 26

The sixth number will usually be 29 or 30


Although the Neopian Lottery does not have a traditional scoring system, trophies are awarded for the amount of NP that you win.

A golden trophy will be awarded for winning 1,000,000 NP or more, a silver trophy for at least 500,000 NP, and a bronze for less than 500,000 NP.

Even though the jackpot will commonly exceed 1,000,000 NP, multiple people generally win the lottery every day, meaning that you probably will not receive that amount of NP as your winnings.


If you win the lottery, you will be awarded with an avatar. All you need to do to receive it once you win is to visit the page with past winners. However, simply winning the lottery does not guarantee that you will get the avatar. You must be first on the list of winners.

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