Neopets Newbie Help Guide

You walk into a bright room filled with pink and white. Suddenly, you hear a door slam and something scuddling across the floor.

Out of the pink camoflauge appears a majestic and proud bird. Then, she suddenly trips over her large feet and falls flat on her beak in front of your feet.

You stifle a laugh as the flamingo-like fowl gets clumsily to her feet. She preens her feathers and smoothes out her beak. You ask, “Um..I came her for a little help?”

“Oh, pish, posh! Lemme at least regain some of my dignity before helping you.”

You shift feet and stare at the ground, waiting to be acknowledged.

The bird plops down on a pink Meepit Chair and directs you, with her feathers, to do the same.

You say, “Did I come at a bad time?

“No, of course not, deary. I’m just a little clutzy, is all. Just make yourself comfortable and ask me any questions you like. I can answer just about anything you want to know. My name’s Flior, by the way.”

You take a deep breath and start:

“First off..what is this whole website about, anyway?”

“ can be placed under the category ‘game site,’ but it’s so much more than that. First, you must create an account. You need an email account before you sign up.

When you do sign up, you will need to give Neopets the name of your email account, so they can send you an activation code.

Once you’ve received the activation code through your email, you will need to either click on the link you receive..

or take the code at the end of the URL and place in the the activation box.

You cannot create a shop or make over 500 Neopoints (currency) unless you activate your account.

The Neopets website is all about creating goals for yourself. Some users like to ‘paint’ their pets..others decorate their Neohomes. Sure, I know you’re saying “What are you talking about??” but as you begin to play and roam throughout the site you will come to learn about these things. Plus..I will explain them as we go. Let’s just start with the basics, for right now.”

You talked about ‘Neopoints,’ what are Neopoints anyway??”

“Neopoints is the currency of Neopia. You use Neopoints to buy food and other items around the site. No Neopoints = no items.”

“Well..can you tell me how to get Neopoints?”

“Sure! Getting Neopoints is fairly easy. You’ll need to play some games, first. Games is the easiest way to earn quick Neopoints. Look to the left of your monitor screen and you’ll see a toolbar. On that toolbar is a ‘Games’ link.

Once you go there, you will be presented with four categories of games.

Choose a category and then choose a game. Games are listed in alphabetical order and are given a rating based upon how hard the game is to play.

Stick to the easy ones at first. Some good games for newbies to play are: Extreme Herder, Meerca Chase, Turmac Roll, Whack-A-Kass, Frumball, Carnival or Terror, Destruct-o-Match II, Kiko Match and Toybox Escape.

Out of the four categories of games, you saw ‘Featured Game.’ The featured game changes daily and when you play it, you always win double the Neopoints. You should always play the featured game, even if you’re not good at it.

When you play games, it’s always good to know the Neopoints ratio.

This lets you know how many Neopoints you will earn. In this particular game, the Neopoint ratio is: 120NPs per 100pts scored. So..if you score 200 points in the game, you win 240NPs. (NPs = Neopoints).”

“I’ve played ALL the games! I need more Neopoints!!”

“You’ve played all the games? Wow. Good for you. you’ve accumulated lots of Neopoints, have you? Great. Now you can open a bank account. Click on the Shops link on the left-hand toolbar and then click on the pillar on the scroll at the top of the page.

To open an account, you must supply an address and average income. Just make something up, it doesn’t really matter. Just deposit your Neopoints into your account. You can save as much Neopoints as you want in your account..over 5 million NPs, even.

Your next step is to start restocking. Restocking (better known as ‘RSing’) is the art of buying items for cheap and then selling them for a much higher price for a profit. Very simple concept really, but most users never get the hang of it. You don’t even need that many NPs to restock. To begin restocking, you must have at LEAST 1,000 NPs. You can make that easily from games. You second objective is to decide which shop you’re going to spend your Neopoints at.

Either the Martketplace or Bazaar is the best place to start. Best things to restock that can be found in either: books, chocolate, baked goods, stamps, petpets and furniture. You should choose a shop and figure out the best time to buy from it. It may take a few days to figure it out. My mum mainly restocks she has good knowledge of the bookshop and when it restocks.”

“ I bought some I want to sell them. What do I do?”

“You must first open a shop. Click the ‘shops’ link on the yellow toolbar, then click the second picture that appears on the scroll above the map. It kinda looks like a house.

Follow the directions and click on ‘Create/Edit a Shop’ to make your shop for only 150 Neopoints.
You’ll come to a page that looks like this:

Fill out all that information, including your shop’s name, what marketplace you want your shop to be in (Neopia Central, Mystery Island or the Haunted Woods), a description (there are some really neat blogs you can use), which shopkeeper you want (there are many to choose from), the shopkeeper’s name and his/her/its greeting.

Keep in mind that your shop description MUST be appropriate. This means no foul launguage, obscene pictures, etc.

When you open your shop at first, you’ll only have 5 slots in which to sell items. You’ll need to pay more Neopoints to make your shop bigger and to sell more items at once.

Your shop increases only 5 slots at a time and each time you upgrade, the amount you pay for next level is the amount of previous level plus 200 NPs.”

“The items in my shop aren’t selling! Why??”

“You probably are not pricing your items correctly. To sell items quickly, you’ll need to use the shop wizard. Head to your shop stock and highlight and copy the name of the item you are trying to price.

Once you’ve done that, click on the wizard hat on the scroll at the top of the page.

You’ll then need to paste the name of the item into the box that asks ‘What item are you looking for?’ Make sure you select ‘identical to my phrase’ in the drop down menu.

Hit the ‘Search Shops’ button and you will be brought to a page that give the names of users who have that item in their shop and how much they’re selling it for.

If you want to sell your items for a quick profit, try to keep them priced the lowest on the wizard. Once you’ve decided on a price for your item, head back to your shop stock and price it accordingly, then hit ‘Submit’ to change the price.”

“How do I feed my pets?”

“Simple. Click on the Shops button on the yellow toolbar on the left side of your computer screen. After that, click on the plushie Buzz morphing potion at the top of the screen along the yellow scroll.

That will take you to your inventory. Once there, click on the food item you wish to feed your pet. It will come with a pop-up window with a drop down menu that lets you select to feed your pet. Once you’ve selected the pet to feed the food item to, click submit. Then click the close and refresh button and you’re done.”

“What if my pet won’t eat what I try to feed it?”

“Well, they simply won’t eat the food item, so you’ll have to find something else to give your pet.”

“Okay, so now that I know how to feed my pet, where can I find the actual food to feed them him/her/them?”

“There are many places, actually. First, try the Soup Faerie in the Marketplace.

To have her feed your pets, you can only have under 3000 Neopoints. And she knows how much you have in the bank and your shop till. Fear her wrath.

If you have more than 3000 Neopoints, try getting some free omelette in Tyrannia.

You can only go to the omelette once a day but it will feed your pet(s) three times!”

“What about that jelly place with the free jelly?”

“Um. Er. I dunno what you’re talking about.”

(Psst! Type /jelly after and you’ll find the jelly place!)

“My neopet is dying of hunger! What do I do?!”

“Neopets can NEVER die. Repeat: NEVER. You may go to your Quick Reference one day…

Do not be alarmed! You pet will not die. No matter what. Seriously.”

I want a Neohome. Can you tell me how to make one?”

“Sure. You’ll need to click on the the ‘Pet Central’ link on the yellow sidebar.

You’ll come to a page with many different icons on it. You’ll have to click on the link that looks like a house with the word ‘Neohome’ on it.

When you come to that page, it will look like this:

Before you can start building your Neohome, you’ll need to purchase some land. You will need to select the area that you wish to live in and apply. As of now, there are ten places in which to purchase land. I’ve listed them here for you, going in order of lowest to highest price in Neopoints.

  • Neopia Central – 1,000
  • Mystery Island – 2,500
  • Tyrannia – 3,500
  • Spooky Woods – 5,000
  • Lost Desert – 7,500
  • Meridell – 8,000
  • Roo Island – 9,000
  • Brightvale – 10,000
  • Terro Mountain – 15,000
  • Faerieland – 25,000

Make this decsion wisely, as you cannot chose another place to live. Once you’ve selected the place where you want to live and paid the Neopoints, you will have to wait any random number of hours before you can build on your Neohome..until your application has been accepted.

After you’ve waited, go ahead and start building the home of your dreams! Head to your Neohome through Pet Central once more, the click on ‘Add/Remove Rooms or Gardens.’ Take a look at the land you’ve purchased.

Click anywhere on the piece of land to start building. From there you will need to select what you want the room you’re building to be made out of.

And where the exits should be..

When you’ve finished doing that, you’re order should look somewhat like this. I’ve made a note of how much the cost of extension options would be, if you had them.

‘What are extension options?’ you ask. I will go into further detail on that subject as we go along. For right now, you have no cost for extension options if you’re building the first room of your home.

Once you’re satisfied with the exits and building material you’ve chosen, click ‘Build It!’ Doing this will make an invoice appear with how much you are being charged.

It will also let you know how long it will take to make your room. You can always check on the status of your room by click on the ‘Building Status’ on the main page of your Neohome.

This also gives you the option of canceling your order, but you will not be refunded your Neopoints.”

“ talked about extension options. What are they?”

“Extension options are additions you can put onto your Neohome, for a price. To see all the extension options you can receive, head to Pet Central again, the to your Neohome. Click on the ‘Extension Options’ link at the top of the page.

Once there, you will come to a page that lists the extension options you can get, depending on how many rooms you already have built. You see, you only get certain extension options, depending on the size of your Neohome. Building more than eight rooms onto your land will give you access to all the extension options. I will list them here for you:

  • Security System
  • Carpet
  • Lighting
  • Central Heating
  • Wallpaper
  • Insurance

Paying for these options are in levels, so to speak. You pay a certain amount of Neopoints for an option, but you can upgrade that option to a better level, for a higher price. At some point, I can’t say for sure, you can hit the last level of each option. It’s different for each option. One option may only have three levels, another can have six.

In all honesty, these really do nothing for you Neohome. You cannot see the fancy carpet on the floors, nor the great chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. It’s really for your imagination.

These options start out cheap, but get pretty pricey in the long run. You can always reduce the level of each option, but you will not be refunded your Neopoints. Be careful!”

“Why can’t I see my Neopets in my Neohome?”

“You just..can’t. A Neohome is for you to decorate however you want, but you will not see you Neopets frolicking about in your well-designed playroom. Just use your imagination, is all I can say.”

“ do I go about training my pet?”

“You can go about it one of five ways.

On Krawk Island, there is a training school that takes payment in what are called ‘dubloons.’

They look like this:

There are many different types of dubloons; ranging from a 1 dubloon coin or a 20 dubloon coin and even higher. Payment goes by level. The higher level, the bigger the dubloon you have to pay. You can find dubloons in user shops or you can receive them from random events while you’re on the site. Lessons usually last anywhere from 4-10 hours.

Another way to train your pet is the Training School on Mystery Island.

They take payment in codestones. There are ten codestones in all. Here are a few:

Like I said before, there are ten in all. Their names are:

  • main
  • har
  • tai-kai
  • mau
  • eo
  • vo
  • orn
  • bri
  • lu
  • zei

You should be able to find them in user shops for around 5K or you can receive them from random events while you’re on the site, like dubloons. Training time ranges from 2-24 hours.

A word of caution: once you’ve signed up for a course, you cannot cancel it, you MUST pay for the course.

A third way to train your pet is faerie quests.

Faerie quests are random, but a good way to train your Neopets. The faeries usually ask for cheap items and when you find it for them, they will up you pet’s stats in one area. My mum always does them because she figures it’s better to pay 100-2000 NPs for an item to get leveled up, rather than buying a codestone or dubloon for 5K or higher and wait 2-24 hours to finish training.

A really good, easy and free way to level up your pet is to go to Coltzan’s shrine (in the Lost Desert) every 12 hours.

Usually, he will give you one of four things: a small amound of NPs, a dubloon (to use at The Academy on Krawk Island), some food from the Lost Desert or he may simply raise any one level of your pets stats. Supposedly, you can win 1 million NPs from the shrine at a certain time. Exactly midnight I believe. Mum hasn’t won anything like that so she can’t be too sure.

Another way to train your pet is to invest in a Secret Laboratory Map. You’ll need to purchase (or find) lab map pieces in order to gain access to the Secret Lab. The price of lab map pieces is constantly fluctuating, so it’s a good idea to check the shop wizard or current pricing.

Once you’ve found or bought all NINE pieces of the Lab Map and place them togetherhere you will be able to go to the Secret Lab and use the lab ray on your pet. You will only be able to go ONCE a day and only able to use it on ONE pet.

Below are some images of the lab ray in action.

You must remember that while the lab ray, in the long run, is a good buy for the training of your pets, it can also change species, gender and color. For an extensive look at how the lab ray works, go to this nifty petpage.”

“Okay, so now that I know how to train my pet, how do I battle him/her/them?”

“Well let’s see. Fighting between pets and other pets as well as Neopet villains are done in the Battledome. You can challenge another pet to a friendly match. Just go to the user’s lookup, then the pet’s lookup and look for this:

Click ‘here’ and then just follow the directions.

You will find random Battledome challengers all around the site.

To simply go to the Battledome, click on the Shops button on the yellow sidebar, then the purple Cybunny.”

“Okay, now what if my pet is sick?”

“Don’t waste your NPs to buy medicines. As I said before, you neopet can NEVER, EVER die. A free and easy way to heal your pet is to go to the Healing Springs in Faerieland every thirty minutes.

Make sure the pet you want healed is your active pet. She may not heal on the first visit, but if you keep going back..she will eventually. Might take some time, but it’s free and a much better way to heal your pets than buying medicines.”

“What are the ‘dailies’ that everyone always talks about? Are they free? How can I get them?”

“There are several daily freebies which I have mentioned already. Here are some quick links:

You should go to these places, EVERYDAY if you can. I IS free.”

“My pet is sad. How do I make him/her/them happy?”

“You can make your pet happy in many ways. You can always read your Neopet a book or play with them.

If you don’t have much NPs on hand, you can do one of two things:

You can take your pet on the Tiki Tour on Mystery Island. It’s only 50 Neopoints.

Next stop, the Merry-Go-Round on Roo Island. It’s also only 50 Neopoints.
If you let your pet stay sad for too long, her/she/they may become depressed enough to turn the color blue. It’s a random event, so watch out!”

“My pet won’t play with the toy I got him/her!! What do I do?”

“Sometimes, pets will do that.

That’s okay. You’ll just have to find another toy to use.”

“What are paint brushes? Can you give me one?”

“Paint brushes are rare items that you can use to paint your Neopet.
You can go to the Rainbow Pool in the Market Place

to find out what colors that your Neopet can be painted.
There are over 40 paint brushes in existence. Here are a few:

Paint brushes are very popular and a neat way to change the look of your pet.
I cannot give you a paint brush and niether can my Mum. You have to earn your own Neopints to buy one.”

“So..I have to BUY one with my Neopoints? Well, how much do these things cost, anywho?”

“First, you need to know what paint brush you want. Like I said before, go to the Rainbow Pool and find out what colors your pet can be painted. Once you’ve chosen, go here and figure out which paint brush you have to buy. The price of paint brushes is always fluctuating, so it’s always a good idea to check the Trading Post to make sure. Head to the Shops then click on the Jhuidah on the scroll at the top of the page.

Then you must search for the paint brush.

Type in which paint brush you are looking for. In this example, we will search for a Baby paint brush.

Once you’ve clicked ‘enter’ you will come to another page that lists the people selling the brush and how much they are asking.

It’s up to you to make the best decision on which paint brush to buy. Sometimes you can get really good deals if you learn how to bargain. That strategy is not something that can be shown or taught, you must learn on your own, through experience.”

“Are there any other quests that I can do, besides the random faerie quests??”

“Sure! There are seven other places where you can do quests.

Edna, a witch in the Haunted Woods, will ask you for any item(s) to make one of her spells.

The chef on Mystery Island will ask for some items to help him make some food forMumbo Pango.

There are two places in the Haunted Woods that are connected. The Braintree and Esophagor are quest places, but you need to use one to get the other. Better explanation: When you decide to do a Braintree quest, you will be asked when a where a certain person died. To find the answer, you must do two Esophagor quests. Simple right?

Illusen, the infamous Earth faerie, is also looking for someone to do her quests. You can find her relaxing in her glade in Meridell. Doing her quests is like a game. You get her the items she wants and she keeps score and you gain levels. She asks for easy items at first, but later she will begin asking for more expensive items. If you complete up to level 20 on her quests, you will receive an avatar..I will teach you about those later.

Jhudora is a powerful Dark faerie who sits on her green cloud in Faerieland. She is like Illusen, in that, when you do quests for her, she keeps score and you gain levels. You will also get an avatar from her once you’ve completed level 20, as well.

Taelia, the Snow faerie that hangs out in her igloo on Terror Mountain, needs the ingredients to complete her spell. It’s too cold outside for her, so she’s asking you. Complete one of her quests and get an avatar.

Ahh. The Rainbow Fountain Faerie. The most treasured faerie of them all. This faerie, once you’ve given her the item she has requested, will paint your active pet ANY color you choose. Sometimes the item is super expensive, over 100K. Sometimes it can be as low as 100NPs.

There are rumors abound that she will not paint pets some colors. Mum has no clue, since she has never received a Fountain Faerie quest.

The main point is that these quests are RARE and very RANDOM. She gives you the quest, you do not apply for one.

All of these quests, excluding the Fountain Faerie quests, are timed. You must get the information/items within the time limit that is given to you. Otherwise, you lose the quest.

Fountain Faerie quests are NOT timed. If she asks you for an expensive item, you have all the time you need to save up for that item.

Don’t do these quests unless you have money to waste. Sometimes, you are asked to get expensive items but get cheap items or very little NPs in return for doing the quest.”

“You talked about getting avatars. Please tell me what those are!”

Avatars are a huge craze in Neopia. They are small pixelized pictures that you can have next to you name when you are on the chat boards..

or when someone looks you up on the Neopets search engine.

There are two kinds of avatars: default and secret. Default avatars are avatars that you already have. Here are some:

Secret avatars are avatars that need to be ‘unlocked’ in a sense. You must do something in order to get them. Here are a few:

There are over 150 secret avatars for you to unlock. More are being made each day. You can go to Swidler’s petpage to figure out out to get the most recently released secret avatars.”

“How do I use my avatar?”

“Just go to Chat Preferences and you will see a drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Select which avatar you would like to use and then hit submit. Quite easy.”

“Well..when I went there, I saw this thingy called neoHTML. What is that??”

“NeoHTML is what font and color you use on the chat boards.

You can change your font to whatever you wish.”

“Are there any websites that tell how to unlock these secret avatars? Or is there a website that will help me find a font to match the avatar I have?”

“There are TONS of neo-related help sites on the internet. I won’t list them all, because there are so many. What I will do is tell you to simply search for “secret Neopet avatars” or “Neopet premade fonts” in any search engine on the web and you are sure to come up with something to help you.

There are also other petpages that can help out in that department as well. At the bottom of this page you will find links that will lead you to other petpages that relate to secret avatars or premade fonts.”

“What are limited edition pets? Can I have one? How do I get one?”

“There are nine limited edition/restricted pets.

Restricted pets are the Krawk, Draik and Grundo.

This means that they cannot be created through the “Create A Pet” link on the yellow sidebar. You must buy items in order to create a Krawk or Draik. These items are quite expensive, but they are attainable.

To create a Krawk, you can do one of two things.

You can purchase a Krawk petpet from the petpet shop in Tyrannia.

Or, you can purchase one from another user at the Trading Post.

Once you’ve obtained a Krawk petpet, you must go to the fungus cave and have your Krawk petpet eat the fungus.

BUT WAIT! Before you go to the fungus cave you need to make sure of two things: that you only have THREE pets and your Krawk petpet MUST have a name that is NOT being used by anyone else in Neopia. If you fail to do these things, unexpected happenings may occur.

The other way to get a Krawk is by buying a Krawk Transmogrification Potion.

Transmogrification potions turn Neopets into mutants.

You can receive these for free sometimes around the site as a random event, if you’re extremely lucky.

Most users buy them from the Trading Post or in the auctions.

Make sure you have already created another pet (ANY species) with the name you want for your Krawk. Then, simply let that specific pet drink the potion. You pet will then be a mutant Krawk. You don’t want a mutant Krawk, you say? All you have to do is buy a paint brush and paint your Krawk the color you choose.

Draiks can also be made one of two ways.

One way is to buy any color Draik egg from the food shop in Meridell.

Then, head to the Draik nest to hatch the egg.
Whatever color the egg is..that’s the color your new Draik will turn into.

BUT WAIT! Before you go to the Draik nest you need to make sure that you only have THREE pets. If you fail to do this, unexpected happenings may occur.

You can also purchase a Draik egg from the TP, but the price will be considerably higher.

You can buy a Draik TP (just like with a Krawk) and morph one of you pets into a mutant Draik. You can also receive Draik TPs randomly around the site.

Make sure you have already created another pet (ANY species) with the name you want for your Draik. Then, simply let that specific pet drink the potion. You pet will then be a mutant Draik. You don’t want a mutant Draik, you say? All you have to do is buy a paint brush and paint your Draik the color you choose.

Grundos are a little bit easier to come by.

If you want a Grundo, head to the Virtupets Space Station, just northeast of Neopia Central on the map.

Go ahead and click ‘Enter Agency’ and proceed to make your Grundo. Easy, huh?

Restricted pets will never be available through the ‘Create-a-Neopet’ option.

Limited edition pets are another story.
There are six in all: Koi, Chomby, Cybunny, Kiko, Tonu and Poogle.

Neopets will release certain amounts of each of these species on their special day.

  • Feb 21st – Tonu Day
  • Mar 22nd – Chomby Carnival (Chomby Day)
  • April 27th – Cybunny Carnival (Cybunny Day)
  • May 25th – Koi Day
  • July 17th – Kiko Day
  • Sept 19th – Poogle Parade (Poogle Day)

For some reason, its seems that only Tonus are released at random times and not just on their special day.

You have to remember that when Neopets decides to release LE pets, they only do so in certain amounts. It’s first come, first served. Make sure you’re up early on those days, because you never know how many (or little, for that matter) will be released.”

“Enough of my Neopets, they’re fine now. What about me? Where can I hang out and chat with my friends? How can I personalize my lookup or shop? What’s a guild? How do I join one? Can I create my own?”

“Whoa! Slow down. Let me answer this one at a time.

So, you’re looking for a place to converse with fellow Neopians? Great! There’s a place for you. Head the the boards, if you dare.

Once there, you will be presented with 20+ categorized boards to choose from. Make your pick about the one that best suits you and head on in. Be wary of the chat rulesbefore posting on any of the boards.

Now, onto personalizing your lookup and shop. To really make either one snazzy and the envy of others, you’ll need to be proficient in HTML or CSS coding. Most people are not and therefore, use what are called ‘premade’ lookups/shop layouts. Like I’ve stated before, there are a host of websites that give information, graphics, etc. that pertain to Neopets. You will have to do some online searching to find those for yourself. There are also petpages on Neopets that give out all kinds of graphics for you to use plus the coding needed to support them.

Mum suggests going first to the Neopets HTML help guide to get yourself started. Then, once you’ve practiced a bit with it, go to CSSHelp the Kougra’s petpage for coding that should really help you out.

Want to join a guild, eh? Sounds great. Head to the Shops link on the yellow sidebar, then click on the link on the scroll that looks kind of like a meeting house.

Once there, you will be presented with 12 guild ‘neighborhoods’ where you can either choose to make your own guild, or join one. It’s probably best to just join an existing guild, unless you have a group of friends that you want to create one with. If you decide to create your own, it most likely will not get very popular or have many people join it, unless you put lots of time and effort into the guild. This includes, graphics, layouts, games, etc.”

You throw your hand in the air and say, “Mmkay. I sorta get the idea..but can you tell me more? I have so many more questions. Like, how to earn Neopoints fast or which shop to restock at or how to win trophies. I need more information!!”

Flior uses her large, clumsy talons to get out of her chair then proceeds to preen her feathers. You’re becoming impatient. “Well?!”

“My guide is simply to get you started, not play the game for you. I am here to help you out with basic questions, not answer every small detail that may come around. In order for you to master the game called Neopets, you MUST play it. You must spend time on the site and you should converse with your fellow Neopians, as I do NOT hold all the answers to the questions you may have. You came here for help. I gave it. Now, you must venture off into the unknown and experience for yourself what I have told you about. Knowledge is not necessarily gained just by absorbing must rely on your experiences to teach you as well. I hope I have helped you in some small way. Thank you for coming.”

You are stunned by what this small bird has just told you, but it quickly sinks in. You stand up, take once last glance around the ghastly pink room and then turn to depart.

You feel a light feather on your shoulder and you come to face Flior once more.

“Good luck, my friend,” she gives you a wink and shoves you out the door.

You’re left standing in a bare field on Mystery Island, where Flior’s home stands. The sun is deathly bright. You shade your eyes and then begin the walk which starts your journey.

Buy Neopoints