Neopets Coconut Shy

Neopets Coconut Shy is a game located at the Desert Fairground, somewhere in the scary Haunted Woods. In Neopets Coconut Shy, you will have to show off your knocking skills, by hitting coconuts for a chance to win NP, rewards, and possibly even the jackpot!


When you’re at Neopets Coconut Shy, simply Click the Start Button on the middle of the screen to start playing. For that, you will have to spend 100 NP. There, you will find a total of six coconuts. Your main objective will be to knock any of them down. When you think that your cursor is well positioned, simply use the left mouse button to click and watch the ball. If you failed, then you will be able to try again and you will win nothing. However, if you successfully hit the coconut, few things can happen.

  • The first one that is the most frequent is that you receive a total of 50 NP, which is half the NP you have spent to play.
  • The second thing that can happen is that you receive a total of 300 NP. This one happens fairly, but it is less frequent than the one before.
  • The third thing that can happen, when you knock a coconut, is that it falls off and you receive 10,000 NP plus an Evil Coconut. The possible coconuts you will be able to win will be named below. You will also receive the Evil Coconut avatar. Note that this is very rare, and the main reason people play this game is for that specific event.
  • The fourth thing that can happen to you, after successfully knocking a coconut, is to make it explode (that’s right, boom!) and receive 500,000 NP. This is the jackpot of the game and it almost never happens. Only extremely lucky people will get it. Getting this event, though, will not give you the Avatar.

This game is all based on luck. You will not be able to do anything to raise it and you will only be able to play the game 20 times a day. Reports show that you are able to knock a coconut more than a single time in one day, but it is very rare.

When you hit a coconut and it falls down, you will be able to receive one of the following items:

Angry Evil Coconut
Burning Evil Coconut
Damaged Evil Coconut
Golden Evil Coconut
Hairy Evil Coconut
Horned Evil Coconut
Infernal Evil Coconut
Light Brown Evil Coconut
Mini Evil Coconut
Moaning Evil Coconut
Monstrous Evil Coconut
One Eyed Evil Coconut
Painted Evil Coconut
Scorched Evil Coconut
Screaming Evil Coconut
Silent Evil Coconut
Sinister Evil Coconut
Sliced Evil Coconut
Stitched Evil Coconut
Tusked Evil Coconut
Ugly Evil Coconut
Vicious Evil Coconut
Wailing Evil Coconut

Neopets Coconut Shy Cheats

During the game of Coconut Shy, you will not be able to see your mouse cursor to know whether or not you’re pointing a coconut. What you can do is to left click with your mouse outside of the game and then to move it back on the game screen. Then, you will be able to see your mouse cursor and aim correctly. Note that even if you’re pointing precisely at a coconut, it will not always be hit. The game is random. Some prefer to just hit the coconut in the middle of the map over and over. To do that, simply put your mouse cursor on the A letter (on Again) when a message pops up saying Play Again.

You will be able to encounter Ollie, the orange shirt guy, when you throw a ball during the game play. For that, simply click the left eye of the Spooky Quiggle, Leeroy, and you will be able to see Ollie.

Finally, refreshing at the Coconut Shy place will get you Mr.Chuckles as a challenger in the Battledome. The Evil Coconut Avatar is obtained when you hit a coconut and it falls down during the Coconut Shy game.

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