Neopets Giant Jelly

The Giant Jelly is located in the center of the very unreal Jelly World, this giant blob of jelly has many different flavors that you can randomly receive. You can only take one piece of jelly per day or you will be warned by the very frightening Jelly Keeper!

There are over twenty different kinds of jellies. Some are rarer than others and it will be a very lucky occurance if you stumble over one on your visits to the Jelly. Below are a list of all the jellies and everything else you can get from the Giant Jelly. Hover over the images to see the names of them.

Strawberry Jelly Lime Jelly Lemon Jelly Glowing Jelly Poisonous Jelly Dung Jelly
Cornupepper Jelly Pear Jelly Pirate Jelly Purplum Jelly Thornberry Jelly Frozen Jelly
Pinanna Jelly Kiwi Jelly Blueberry Jelly Cranberry Jelly Chokato Jelly Cheese Jelly
Blunella Jelly Raspberry Jelly Snot Jelly Queela Jelly Tigersquash Jelly Lemon Trifle
Strawberry Trifle Lime Trifle

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