Neopets Morphing Potion

Morphing Potions are items that can change the species and colour of your pet, depending on what kind of morphing potion you use. Most of these morphing potions can be costly and expensive, some in the millions!


Important information reguarding morphing potions

Morphing Potions may be expensive, but you can easily get your hands on one once you have the cash. Because of their high price, its difficult to find one in shops, so you’re forced to use the auctions or trading post. Like many items, morphing potions can also be found on the floor, usually in games like Pyramids or Solitare.


Important information reguarding morphing potions

Using a morphing potion is a very, very easy thing. Once you have boughten the item, go to your inventory and select the potion. The item window should pop-up and in the drop down list it will give you an option to give the potion to one of your pets. Morphing potions last like paint brushes, but change BOTH the species and colour! So be careful when using a pirate jetsam morphing potion on a cute Christmas Bruce!

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