Neopets Test Your Strength

Neopets Test Your Strength is one of the rigged game that is located at the Haunted Woods. The game is totally random and completely based on luck. Some people always point out how unlucky they are and some even don’t approach luck games because of that. Know that no one is luckier than another and you have the exact same luck as winning as any other person. Your objective is to get there, and play. Well, it is not really a “game” it is based on one click. Obviously, since it is based on pure luck, you will never know for real how strong you’re really are. Whenever you want to try your luck, go see Arnold, the owner of the Neopets Test Your Strength game and pay him with 100 Neopoints. To do so, click on the Click To Start! button and click on the red button. Where you click doesn’t matter. When you aim and click, you will see your final result. If you’re terribly in the need of “playing” this game, the good news are that it is playable every 6 hours, meaning a total of 4 times a day (of 24 hours).


The prizes you will be awarded with are mostly spooky-themed items. Some are cheap and popular while others are exclusive to the game. You can get some pretty rare items like the Mummified Negg and the Halloween Paint Brush. Most of the time, you will get a small amount of Neopoints or cheap spooky items (costing 1-100 nps). The jackpot was once glitched and wasn’t possible but it was then fixed, meaning you can get as much as 1,000,000 Neopoints. Again, chances for this to happen are very slim but you will have to play it, daily, because who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and become an instant-millionnaire. Sometimes dreams do come true.

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