Neopets King Coltzan Society

Neopets King Coltzan Society is a group of people that is involved in the Higher League Battle. If one is apart of the King Coltzan Society, it does also mean that he has a higher league pet. Neopets King Coltzan Society defines a higher league pet as one who has 1000 Hit Points, 750 STR, and 750 DEF. Since STR at 750 points will inflict the most possible damage, and DEF at 750 points will defend the most possible icons, players can also choose to have more points for these two factors, which will not change the battle system.


Note that the King Coltzan Society is not a guild in any form, or even a clan. 1 Player and 2 Player events take part few times during a year. At this time, 2 player events are the only “modes” that will be hosted, because the Battledome is currently in Beta and has some changes to do. Once that happens, though, 1-player tournaments will be hosted within the time. Many rules will have to followed by those who wish to participate in the KCS events, and these detailed rules will be described later below. If any of these rules is not respected, a player will not be able to participate in the KCS events, so make sure you read them carefully.

The important factor that King Coltzan Society brings is that this association has brought a lot of help to make sure that veteran battlers are known, and that they will be visible to the future battledomers. If you’re looking to join the KCS, note that you will need some NP, since you will have to actually purchase a good BD set, that is powerful, and, at the same time, strategical. You will also have to use a trained pet with the stats described before, meaning 1000 HP/750 STR/750 DEF. Since the KCS pet stats requirements are high enough, it will be hard to join it and not many people will be able to. However, note that they are high so that battledomers can setup many strategies of theirs and make sure that the Battledome is ruled by the powerful, just like before.

You may be wondering if you should join the King Coltzan Society, or not. Of course, it is a reasonable question, but you will have to ask yourself whether the battling group is the good one for you. The King Coltzan Society is made certainly, mostly, for the people are looking for a strong battle, that can mix a combination of weapons to come with the best strategies that they’ve been thinking about, possibly for hours if not days. This association will also help you to increase your talent, so that you can even face the most powerful battledomers, and chose to fear or to be feared.

If you think that you qualify for the KCS, simply join. If you change your mind later, you will always have the opportunity to retract. It is up to you to decide whether you want to give it a try or not, but you should note that the KCS is absolutely not for beginners. You will need some experience there, or you will get crushed.


The rules below are directly attached to the King Coltzan Society, and you will have to follow them if you’re looking to be apart of it. It is not hard though, just read this one time or two, and you will get familiar with them.

Rule #1: You will have to be Kind and Courteous. The reason behind that is because, when we think about it, the Battledome brings up the competitive side of the players who are willing to battle, and if players started to be disrespectful, then the fun will be gone. Make sure that you are always Kind and Courteous, and it is not too much asked.

Rule #2: You will have to be Honest. You will not be able to borrow pets from your friends or from other people, because they will not be your own efforts. You will have to train a pet by yourself to be proud in participating in the King Coltzan Society, and you will also not be able to borrow weapons from your friends. For the weapons, though, it is harder to spot those who will borrow weapons, and this is why you are asked to be honest. You will have to win by your own efforts, and by the NP you’ve had a hard time getting, not by the work of someone else.

Rule #3: You will have to follow the event rules, which means that a list of guidelines will be given when the King Coltzan Society is about to start, and you will have to respect them to assure a smooth functionality of the battles.

Rule #4: You will not be able to use certain weapons. Basically, all weapons are allowed, but not those that are described below. The reason behind this is that some were judged unfair, which can be because of their capacity to multi-heal and to take a great advantage in battles, or because no weapons were released to counter x weapon, which can be unfair. Would you like having to battle against someone with a knife, while your enemy has a Carabine X51? Surely not. Below is the list of the weapons that you will not be able to use during the KCS battling events.

  • Items that will alter your opponent are not permitted. That means all the noxious weapons that can give your opponent’s pet a disease, the Eraser of the Dark Faerie which can delete the petpet of your opponent, etc.
  • Wand of the Dark Faerie, and Illusen’s Staff are only allowed until they will start healing you. You will not be able to use the multi-healing ability that they will provide. When your HP is low enough to earn healing, you will not be able to use these during a battle, because it is unfair for your opponent. If you have to multi-heal by a mistake, then the battle will have to be re-made.
  • You are only limited to have one freezer during a battle. You will not be allowed to use multiple freezers.
  • You will only be able to use one of these particular items during a battle, not both: Thyoras Tear and Thick Smoke Bomb. These weapons will be able to do exactly the same thing. The Thyoras Tear can defend you against all icons, at 100%, during one turn and will disappear from your set until the end of the battle. However, since its price is in the millions of NP range, the Thick Smoke Bomb was added later to give a chance to the low-on-NP players for them to use, but it will disappear forever after the use and players will have to purchase multiple of them if they wish to use them.

Rule #5: You will be able to use all of the Faerie Abilities that you wish to use, but some of them are banned: Lens Flare, Throw Pillows, Tempest, Warlocks Rage and Rejuvenate. Also note that Level 500 abilities are also banned from the King Coltzan Society events.

Rule #6: Make sure that there is not ties to be made, and that if a battle results in a tie, the battle will have to be re-matched so that a victorious can be determined.


On the new Battledome, that is currently in Beta, freezers do not work very well, but note that King Coltzan Society allows you to use a freezer in a battle if, and only if both players agree to the use of them. If both players have agreed to the use of freezers, they will be able to use them during battles. However, you will have to keep in mind that if a player has been frozen, his opponent will not be able to use weapons or abilities for that round. If one of the two players has not agreed to the use of freezers, then the other player will not be able to use them, which also means the restriction of the Sword of Lameness.

Freezers have known few changes since the Battledome has changed, and it is necessary to point them out for you to understand. In the old Battledome, players were able to freeze their opponent, and that opponent would not be able to use a weapon of their for the next round. For the new Battledome, whenever a player uses a freezing item, you will have to make the first move during the next round so that you can actually freeze your opponent. For example, Bob decides to use his freezer in round 1. Bob has to pick on of his weapons or abilities, then proceed to click the FIGHT button before his opponent. If that has been a success, then the opponent of Bob will be frozen during that specific round. If his opponent has had an opportunity to click the FIGHT button before Bob, then the freeze will not take place and it will be a failure from Bob’s part. Currently, you will not be able to use your freezer for another attempt if you fail at the first time. Whether you succeed or fail at freezing your opponent during a specific round, the freezer will vanish from your set until the end of the battle.

Scores and Points

The King Coltzan Society have decided of the repartitions of the points, so that the fighters can earn them based on their competence. The Base Ten has been decided by the King Coltzan Society, so that all fighters will get a change to battle against people outside of their current bracket, thus leading to a fairer game.

For bracket 7, the player must defeat bracket number 3. The winner will get a total of 6 points.

For bracket 6, the player must defeat bracket number 4. The winner will get a total of 8 points.

For bracket 5, the player must defeat bracket number 5. The winner will get a total of 10 points.

For bracket 4, the player must defeat bracket 6. The winner will get a total of 12 points.

For bracket 3, the player must defeat bracket 7. The winner will get a total of 14 points.

The battler that will be designed as the winner for x battle will get a total of 10 points. There is also a minimum number of points that is awarded, which is about if, for example, bracket #3 defeats bracket #7, then bracket #3 will get 3 points per battle, but bracket #7 will not be eligible for these points. That was concluded to be necessary to help balance the points between brackets.

Finally, if you are looking to join the King Coltzan Society, simply mail the leader and don’t forget to include the name of your pet, your pets KCS bracket and your guild. Keep in mind that your pet will also need 1000 HP or more, 750 STR and 750 DEF.

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