Neopets Attack of the Marblemen

Neopets Attack of the Marblemen is a game where you have to help tiny marblemen maneuver their way into toy boxes. If you’re skilled enough to get a high score, Attack of the Marblemen will reward you with this shiny trophy.


Playing Guide




Attack of the Marblemen is comprised of ninety-nine levels, which when completed will repeat infinitely until you lose the game. In each level, you’re given a set number of marblemen running around the screen. You need to use everything that the game gives you to make the marblemen go into the toy boxes.


From the moment a level begins, you have ten seconds to complete it. If you’re not done after those ten seconds have passed, you will lose a life. You start the game with three lives, and there aren’t any ways to earn more.


Game Pieces


There are seven things that you will see in this game, either helping you win or stopping you from winning.


The most obvious one is the marbleman. Marblemen can be found in several different colours, and they’re basically the villains of the game.


This is a toybox, and it’s what the marblemen need to go into to complete each level. Note that only red marblemen can go into red boxes. Blue marblemen can only go into blue boxes, green can only go into green boxes, and so on.


The things that will help you much more than anything else are bumpers. Bumpers make up almost all of the board; they’re the outlines of triangles that you see everywhere. If you click a bumper, it will become solid, and become an obstacle for the marblemen. There are four different types of bumpers, each facing a different direction. Marblemen who hit the diagonal side of the bumper will change the direction they’re walking, based on where the bumper is facing. If the marbleman hits a flat side of the bumper, they’ll go back the way they came from.


There are only two ways to get points in this game: time bonuses at the end of each level, and these coins. To collect a coin, you need to make a marbleman walk through it. For every coin you collect, you’ll earn ten points. They’re not necessary for level completion, but they are extremely helpful in earning a high score.


This one is a block. They appear in fixed places in certain levels, and they serve as obstacles for marblemen. If a marbleman hits a block, it will go back the way it came from, just like the flat side of a bumper.


The least common object in this game is the arrow. If a marbleman hits an arrow, he’ll change direction to match the way the arrow is facing.


Another rare object is the shield. If a marbleman collects a shield, he’ll be protected from the next object:


The bomb. If a marbleman collides with it, you will lose a life, unless that marbleman had collected a shield beforehand.


Neopets Attack of the Marblemen Cheats


-Every time you beat level that is a multiple of five (five, ten, fifteen, twenty, etc.), you’ll get a code. If you write down that code, you can use it at any time later on to start your game from that level. This is good if you’re trying to get the hang of certain levels.


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