Neopets Jubble Bubble

Neopets Jubble Bubble is a relatively nice game where you will be controlling Kelby who headed to the underwater to hunt for treasures with his friends. His friends are not able to swim, therefore they will be drawning. Your main objective is to save them by making bubbles and taking the treasure at the same time for your own purpose.


In Neopets Jubble Bubble, you will have to control Kelby using your mouse cursor. What you will have to do is to charge by selecting the location, then pressing the left mouse button in order to blow your friends to the top of the water. You will have to make wise decisions to know where you’re going to release the power meter so that you know how high the bubble you’ve made is going to go. Play smartly there, if the jubjub is near you, there will be no need to put a lot of strength, same thing if it is on the top (don’t put insufficient strength). For that reason, you will have to estimate when you will release your mouse button. If you’re finding it difficult at the beginning, it is normal. This comes with experience. Just make sure that you aim correctly at first.

During the game, you will also be able to grab falling treasure from the underwater. You were there for that in the first place, right? The Maraquan JubJub that is falling (your friend) will grant you a total of 10 points. Go after them as soon as you can. Never hunt for treasure if one of them is in danger. The second item you will discover is the seashell that is worth a total of 5 points. It is of the white color and it is frequent. Don’t go for it if a Maraquan Jubjub is going to vanish though. You do not want to sacrifice him. The last item that you will find during the game is the Dubloon. It is worth 25 points and it is nice to collect as it will also make a nice money sound. If you miss the items, however, you do not lose lives. This is the main reason that you should not go after the items if a Jubjub is in danger.

Neopets Jubble Bubble Strategy & Cheats

There is actually no cheat for this game. It is never ending and is mostly based about skills, less about luck. If you like strategy games, then this game is for you. The longer you play, the speedier the game will get. Try not wasting your lives at the beginning of the game. If you do so, simply restart it because you will actually need them later. It is recommended that you use a slow computer for this game. When you will play the game for a good amount of time and it speeds up, you will have almost no time for saving all of the jubjubs unless you’re very, very skilled and you never miss a blow. Try to stay in the middle of the screen when there is almost nothing falling down so that you can move to it way faster than if you were on the right or on the left of the map. Good luck.

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