Neopets Neggs & Neggery

Have a lot of Neggs? Then why not trade them in at the Neggery. There, you can turn in certain types of Neggs for point equivalents, which you can then turn in for different Neggs that can only be obtained from there! (Or, of course, another user.)

For a list of all of the Neggs that you can buy from the Neggery click here. But if you want to know all of the different Neggs that you can turn in for points, then go ahead and look at the listing below.

Picture Negg Point Worth
Battle Duck Negg 8 points
Blue Negg 5 points
Candy Cane Negg 6 points
Checkered Easter Negg 8 points
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg 22 points
Christmas Pattern Negg 8 points
Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg 10 points
Combomelon Easter Negg 10 points
Cookie Negg 2 points
Cornupepper Easter Negg 10 points
Dancing Daisy Easter Negg 10 points
Decorative Negg 6 points
Fish Negg 50 points
Fishy Easter Negg 8 points
Frozen Negg 14 points
Fruity Faerie Easter Negg 10 points
Glass Negg 5 points
Green Negg 3 points
Icy Negg 2 points
Lemon and Lime Easter Negg 32 points
Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg 10 points
Lemon Swirly Negg 4 points
Lime Swirly Negg 3 points
Lovely Lime Easter Negg 10 points
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg 28 points
Maple Syrup Negg 6 points
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg 26 points
Mutated Negg 10 points
Negg 1 points
Negg Cream Cookie 11 points
Orange Negg 4 points
Ornate Purple Negg 5 points
Pastel Swirl Easter Negg 8 points
Peachpa Easter Negg 10 points
Phear Easter Negg 10 points
Pink Negg 5 points
Pink Swirly Easter Negg 8 points
Pretty Pink Easter Negg 18 points
Punegg 9 points
Purple Negg 2 points
Rainbow Negg 6 points
Rainbow Vanilla Negg 9 points
Ranegg 9 points
Rock Negg 7 points
Sardplant Easter Negg 10 points
Scented Easter Negg 8 points
Scrambled Rainbow Negg 11 points
Spotted Easter Negg 24 points
Spring Flowers Easter Negg 8 points
Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg 16 points
Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg 10 points
Super Icy Negg 4 points
Sweet and Sour Negg 6 points
Ultimate Icy Negg 8 points
Ultra Icy Negg 6 points
Yellow Negg 6 points
Yenegg 9 points

Master Negg List
Purple Negg
Green Negg
Orange Negg
Rainbow Negg
Pink Negg
Blue Negg
Yellow Negg
Icy Negg
Super Icy Negg
Ultra Icy Negg
Ultimate Icy Negg
Crystal Negg
Christmas Tree Negg
Faerie Queen Negg
Christmas Negg
Vortex Negg
Evil Negg
Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg
Sardplant Easter Negg
Cornupepper Easter Negg
00 Negg
Purple Swirls Easter Negg
Bubble Negg
Cookie Negg
Mosaic Negg
Speckled Negg
Rainbow Vanilla Negg
Negg Cream Cookie
Scrambled Rainbow Negg
Blue Furry Negg
Bang Bang Negg
Spinning Negg
Radioactive Negg
Plaid Negg
Silver Knight Negg
Power Negg
Sweet Heart Negg
Genius Negg
Glamour Negg
Happy Negg
Deviled Negg
Negg Stew
Negg Salad
Negg Sundae
Sliced Neggs
Basic Power Negg
Icestorm Negg
Fireball Negg
Rainwater Negg
Cackling Negg
Phear Easter Negg
Spiked Negg
Super Negg
Cool Negg
Smiley Negg
Stripy Easter Negg
Sweet and Sour Negg
Maple Syrup Negg
Decorative Negg
Candy Cane Negg
Christmas Pattern Negg
Rock Negg
Glass Negg
Ferocious Negg
Battle Duck Negg
Lime Swirly Negg
Ornate Purple Negg
Lemon Swirly Negg
Staring Negg
Witchy Negg
Ghost Negg
Mutated Negg
Pumpkin Negg
Roast Chestnut Neggnog
Cheese Negg
Platinum Negg
Mutant Negg
Sloth Negg
Jewelled Negg
Purple Swirly Easter Negg
Blue Cybunny Negg
Purple Cybunny Negg
Rainbow Cybunny Negg
Slimy Negg
Fish Negg Stew
Happy Anniversary Negg
Congratulations Negg
Happy Birthday Negg
Jelly Negg
Pirate Negg
Steel Negg
Treasure Map Negg
Stormy Negg
Scaled Negg
Chokato Neggnog
Funnydew Neggnog
Plain Negg Neggnog
Rainbow Neggnog
Taelia Negg
Heart Shaped Negg
Cupid Negg
Valentines Negg
Starflower Patterned Easter Negg
Brightly Coloured Easter Negg
Sunflower Pattern Easter Negg
Scarblade Negg
Garin Negg
Grilled Negg
Neggy Custard Pie
Swirly Negg #498
Partitioned Negg
Wicked Negg
Negg of Purity +1
Jhudora Rotten Negg
Dung Negg
Snowy Negg
Steak Negg
Scarab Negg
Sand Negg
Coltzan Negg
Neggdrop Soup
Negg Noodle Soup
Pastel Polka dot Easter Negg
Blooming Ivy Easter Negg
Meerca Negg
Boiled Striped Xweetok Negg
Red Meerca Negg
A Dozen Neggs
Invisible Negg
Paper Negg
Pretty Purple Princess Negg
Sunny Altador Negg
Mystical Mystery Island Negg
Delicious Negg Slices
Negg Hunt Box Lunch
Easter Negg Crispy Rice Treat
Festival Negg
Green Festival Negg
Armoured Negg
Stylish Negg
Princess Amira Halloween Negg
Capn Threelegs Halloween Negg
Cog Halloween Negg
Island Mystic Halloween Negg
Lever of Doom Halloween Negg
Decorated Negg
Yellow Patterned Easter Negg
Rose Swirl Easter Negg
Blue Flower Easter Negg
Peach Flower Easter Negg
Lenny Conundrum Negg
Negg Juice
Snowager Negg
Gumball Negg Machine
Vanilla Negg Cream
Negg Doughnut
Sugar Negg Cereal
Winged Negg
Metallic Negg
Negg Faerie Negg
Negg Rolls
Bottle of Negg Juice
Negg Lasagna
Negg Brownie Pops
Altalaphus Negg
Conkerberry Negg
Zombie Negg
Deep Fried Negg
Negg Neocola
Roasted Negg Soup
Fried Negg Sandwich
Illusen Negg

Neopets Neggs

The two main places where you’ll get those Neggs would be in the Snowager’s Lair and in Random Events. You can also purchase some of the less rare Neggs in the Food Shop in Neopia Central.

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