Neopets Side Accounts Guide

Side accounts are essential for regular players that want to do more than the bare minimum in pet trading, but they have their other uses too! There are a lot of reasons to want and need to use them, but there are a lot and I mean a lot of rules when it comes to using side accounts. So, read more below to make sure that you know exactly how, when, and why you can use your accounts.


Users are allowed to have five accounts on Neopets. Generally, users play on a main account and then have anywhere from one to four side accounts. The biggest difference between a main account and side account is that Neopoints and items can only be earned on main accounts. A main account is the account in which you play dailies, buy and sell items, and make Neopoints, as well as collect avatars and train BattleDome pets, among other things. That means you cannot do dailies, play BattleDome, or collect certain avatars (such as the Forgotten Shore Avatar, because you would be collecting items and Neopoints from the Shore while trying for the avatar), among others, on side accounts. So what can you do on your side accounts? Anything besides making neopoints and earning items! These accounts can be used for holding pets, using a lab ray, having another gallery, or chatting (especially if you’re silenced on your main account for any reason). A side account is not a primary account, and it won’t be used as frequently as a main account. Still, they can be super useful!

Before you start creating and using side account, it’s very important that you study the rules that apply to sides. This is particularly important because misusing a side account puts your main account at jeopardy of being frozen. TNT doesn’t mess around when it comes to multiple account abuse and neither should you!


This issue tends to be the biggest concern for people in regards to their sides. To get items/neopoints on a side account, you can do the following:

  • Directly send items to your side account(s) from your main
  • Send a piece of junk to your side account from your main, and then use that piece of junk to create a trade on the Trading Post between your main account and side account. Remember, you cannot use the Trading Post on your side account to trade with other players – only yourself!
  • Set up a trade or auction and transfer neopoints from your main to your side(s), and then buy whatever items you like from user shops/adopt and pound pets/etc.


The first rule of using a side account is making sure that you only do something on your side account if you’re certain that it’s okay! Otherwise, check out the lists below that list what is and is not allowed on side accounts:

▻ DO:

  • Start a gallery! Storing and displaying items on side accounts is okay. Make sure the items that you’d like to put in your gallery are safely transferred from your main.
  • Store pets! Let’s be honest – 4 or 5 (if you have Premium) pets is not enough. With new pet colors coming out regularly, you need to collect them all! Okay, well not all, but there’s no shame in wanting to hoard all of the Peophins. You can hold up to 4 pets on each of your side accounts, meaning that between a main account and four side accounts, users can have 20 or 21 (if you have Premium) pets. Feel free to adopt/pound/transfer pets.
  • Pound surf! Looking for a new pet to love? Looking for a new lab rat? Whatever the reason may be, you are free to adopt/pound/transfer pets on side accounts, and this includes surfing the pound and hopefully finding your next permie!
  • Have a lab ray! You are allowed to have up to five lab rays, meaning one on each account. You need to buy a new lab map set for each side account. Remember that you can only use Lab Cookies on a side account if you do not have a lab ray on your main account (see the Editorial response).
  • Collect certain avatars! It is okay to collect avatars known as “clickables,” meaning all you need to do to earn them is to click certain pages. As well, you can collect pet avatars and most lendable avatars. That being said, some avatars come from dailies, playing games, restocking, and battling someone else’s pets, meaning they are not okay to do on your side account. If you’re considering doing some mild avatar collecting on a side, proceed with caution and double-check that the avatar you’re collecting is legal.
  • Redeem and purchase Neocash! You can redeem Neocash cards or buy through the site (we recommend using the cards and only purchasing via paypal if necessary, for your own security) on sides. This is one of the best ways to get gift boxes to transfer your NC items between accounts.
  • Collect NC freebies! Occasionally, the NC Mall will release free gift boxes and goodie bags. You are free to collect these on each of your side accounts!
  • Join a guild! You are free to join a guild on every account you have. In fact, you can even create your own guild(s).
  • Create a Neohome! If one Neohome is not enough for you, feel free to create a second (and third and fourth and fifth) on your side account. Make sure that the items that go in your side account Neohomes are safely transferred from your main.
  • Complete random Faerie quests! You are allowed to keep items and neopoints from Random Events on side accounts, and this means you can also complete Faerie quests that may appear. Make sure the item(s) that you give the Faerie is transferred safely from your main account.
  • Train your pets! It is okay to train your pets at the Swashbuckling Academy, Mystery Island Training School, and Secret Ninja Training School. Remember that any dubloons or codestones that need to be used as payment should be safely transferred from your main account. You can take advantage of free training on a pet’s certain day.
  • Achieve pet awards! If you have a pet on a side account that is itching for a Book Trophy or a Gourmet Food card, you are free to send books/foods/etc. to your side account and help that pet achieve its goal.
  • Enter certain contests! Some contests give no neopoint or item prizes, so you’re free to enter them from your side accounts. Notice that I said enter the contests – not vote!
    • Beauty Contest
    • Customization Spotlight
    • Pet Spotlight
    • Site Spotlight
    • Neohome Spotlight
    • Userlookup Spotlight
  • Use your side as a main if you are frozen! If you are frozen on your main account for any reason, you are free to use a side account as a main account in the meantime. If your main is unfrozen and you no longer want to use it as your main account, you can continue using the side account as your new main. It is okay to transfer main accounts but it is not okay to jump between accounts (i.e. making neopoints on your side one day and your main another day). Use common sense with this one (see the Editorial response).

▻ DON’T:

  • Do dailies. Most dailies give (cheap) neopoint items or pure neopoints, and we know that is not allowed on side accounts; this includes but is not limited to spinning wheels, visiting Coltzan, Grave Danger, visiting the Lost Tomb, and playing Kiko Pop. You can do very certain and few dailies that give no prizes such as Deadly Dice. Use common sense!
  • Purchase Premium. It is against the rules to have Premium on multiple accounts.
  • Play games. Playing games earns neopoints by sending scores. If you want a nice trophy for your side account, you’re out of luck. Practice games and submit scores on your main account only. (This includes NeoQuest, Sewage Surfer, and the like.)
  • Use the Trading Post or Auction House. It’s okay to use the TP or Auctions to transfer items/neopoints between your own accounts, but it is not okay to use the TP or Auction to exchange items/neopoints with other players even if the neopoints you are using came from your main account. If you have business to attend to in the Trading Post or Auction House, simply do it on your main account and transfer the item(s) to your side(s) afterwards.
  • Open a shop. While you will not get frozen for having a shop on a side account, you can get yourself into trouble by selling items in it. Keep it empty! It doesn’t matter if the items you’re selling come from your main; sell them there.
  • Open a bank account. It is not against the rules to store neopoints on a side account, but opening a bank account gives you the opportunity to collect interest on those neopoints. Remember: earning neopoints on a side is against the rules! While you theoretically could store neopoints there and avoid collecting interest, it’s better safe than sorry to keep your neopoints on your main account where you can collect interest.
  • Use Fortune Cookies. While Fortune Cookies are super useful NC items, and while most NC items are allowed on side accounts, taking advantage of fortune cookies on side accounts is mostly prohibited. You cannot open Faerie Quest Cookies, can only open Lab Ray Cookies if you have no lab on your main account, cannot open Training Cookies, cannot open Upcycle Cookies (because they can give neopoint items), and cannot open Games or Wild Card Fortune Cookies. You are expected to open NC Fortune Cookies on your main account and send the items inside to your sides if you would like them there. That’s a lot of cookies to avoid!
  • Play Trudy’s Surprise. This should come as no surprise: you cannot play Trudy on a side account because it earns neopoints. Even if you only want the boxes and you donate the neopoints to the Money Tree, you cannot play Trudy’s Surprise on a side account. Don’t look at me, I don’t make the rules. Disable Trudy from appearing on your side accounts under Preferences.
  • Play in the BattleDome. BattleDome wins give neopoints and prizes, so this is off-limits for side accounts.
  • Collect monthly freebies. You cannot get free neopoint items on your side accounts – stick to free NC only.
  • Participate in plots. Plots may be fun, but they give out too many neopoint items to be completed on side accounts. Stick to your main where you can earn the applicable avatars and site themes!
  • Restock. You should only be restocking on your main account. If you get temporarily restock banned, it is against the rules to continue restocking on a side.
  • Enter certain contests. Some contests give neopoints and items as prizes, so they cannot be entered. This includes:
    • Better Than You
    • Lenny Conundrum
    • Caption Contest
    • Mystery Picture Competition
    • Story Telling Contest
    • Poetry Contest
    • Random Contest
    • Gallery Spotlight
    • Adventure Spotlight
    • Art Gallery
  • Vote in contests. You cannot vote in any contests on your side account, including the Beauty Contest and the Customization Spotlight. If you want to vote, do it on your main! Advertising should be done on whichever account is entered in a contest.
  • Use your side as a main when you are suspended. If you are silenced or suspended, all rules about main and side accounts still apply. Wait it out.


Take a deep breath. We’ve all accidentally done something we weren’t supposed to do on a side account. It’s important that you learn from this mistake and be extra careful not to do it again. That being said, there are steps you should take to make sure that TNT knows you are not abusing multiple accounts.

The first thing you should do is donate any items and neopoints you’ve accidentally accumulated to the Money Tree. At least something good will come out of your mistake!

Otherwise, very infrequent slip-ups won’t get you frozen. TNT understands a few human errors, but do understand that multiple errors will arouse suspicion. Take precaution against making these mistakes by changing your site theme or setting PINs different from your main.

Neopets make mistakes too…


  • If you want to know about experienced/loyal/aged user perks on side accounts, check out our Loyal Users Guide.
  • You cannot use the Neopets Referral Programme to create your side accounts. Click the link to learn more from our guide.
  • If you think anything about side accounts is vague or dangerous, let TNT know by sending in a question to the editorial! Get your friends to do it too, for a quicker response.

Author: Sarah

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