Neopets Turdle Racing

Neopets Turdle Racing is a game located in Meridell, where you will be a turdle and where your main objective will be, of course, to win the race. Neopets Turdle Racing is similar to Poogle Racing. Unlike the other one, Neopets Turdle Racing does not give you an avatar, but it does not mean the game is not fun itself. It is one of the best thing to have reached the world of Neopia!


When visiting the Turdle Racing Kiosk, you will see a Starry Scorchio that will tell you the current time along with how much there is left for the end of the current Neopian day. He will also tell you the amount of bets you will be able to make during that specific day.

You should then be able to click on the “Go to Betting Page” that will get you back to the Turdle Racing Betting place. From there you will be able to place a bet, which cannot exceed 1,500 NP. This bet will have to be placed on the Turdle you will choose, and to make sure that this Turtle (the one you’ve placed your bet on) is ready, you can feed it with a food to give it a little boost.

Sometimes, the Starry Scorchio will give you hints by saying some information. For example, he can say that X Turdle is Fast. He can also say that X Turdle is sick. You should consider what he says, because most of the time it turns out to be true. However, it does not mean that the sick Turdle will not win and that the fast Turdle will take the race. It is simply to give you an idea about which one has more chance of winning and which doesn’t.

Know your Turdles

Below you will see a list of the five Turdles along with a short description of them and their chance of winning. Note that this list should give you an idea of which is more likely to take the race and which is not, but you should always listen to the Scarry Scorchio to see the hints he will provide. Turdle #4 and Turdle #5 will also have less chance of winning, but if you feel that they are champions for the current race, feel free to pick them.

  1. The first Turdle is called Stinky and it is the fastest Turdle in the who race. Sometimes he will be behind the others, but you should not worry as he is known to make victories through the last second. It is actually the best Turdle with a win ratio of 1 win per 3 races.
  2. The second Turdle, Poopy, is known to be a sort of jerk. He will try to use different types of strategies to win the race. His win ratio is 1 win per 4 races.
  3. Smelly is the third Turdle, win/loss ratio based that is popular for his advantage of being dirty. For that reason, other Turdles will avoid him, meaning that he will be racing far away from them. His win ratio is 1 win every 5 races.
  4. With a win ratio of once per 7 races, Squelchy is not really a Turdle we can count on because of the fact that he sticks to the ground from time to time. It is unknown if during that time he is taking a break or a rest, but he is for sure not someone we can count on.
  5. Nutty, the last Turdle is a champion. However, he will run straight to the end of the race, before the finish line. Unfortunately, he will then have spent all of his energy and will fall asleep giving him a win rate of 1 per 9 races.



After successfully picking your Turdle, place a bet on it. The bet will not be able to exceed 1,500 NP. The more NP you spend, the greater your chance of winning or losing. There is a limit of 3 times a day to place a bet. You will be able to feed your Turdle something to eat, like an incentive so that it runs faster. If you are absolutely looking forward the victory, there are some pricier items for you to purchase. You will not be able to keep them after the race though, so choose wisely based on your economy.

Once you place your bet, you will see the racing sector where the racing will take place. There, you will see the Turdles running along with the one you have placed your bet on. You should not pay attention to how they are running, as sometimes they come up with surprises.

Neopets Turdle Racing Cheats

This game is all based about fun and luck, but you should always listen to the hints provided by the Starry Scorchio, simply because when he says something, he does really mean it. Finally, it is recommended that you do not place a bet on Turdle #4 and on Turdle #5 because of their lesser chance of winning. But, if you believe in them, go for it and place a bet on them. After all, who knows?

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