Neopets Alien Aisha Vending Machine Guide

The Alien Aisha Vending Machine is a fun gambling game, located either at its home in the Neopian Plaza, or found under the Luck and Chance section of the Games Room. Like many games, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine gives you the opportunity to earn Neopoints, an avatar, trophies, and items for your account! However, unlike most games in the Games Room, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine requires an sort of entrance fee for each activation. In order to test your luck at the Vending Machine, you will need to come prepared with one of the twenty kinds of Nerkmids that can be found across Neopia.


Nerkmids are small, star-shaped tokens made of various materials. There are twenty different types of Nerkmids, of varying rarity. These tokens can be found in a few places within Neopia: they can be found through random events, earned as prizes from Battledome combat, or won from the Wheel of Extravagance.

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In addition to obtaining Nerkmids by your own luck of the draw, they can be purchased and bartered for through user-owned Shops and the Trading Post, and bid on in Auctions. Prices can fluctuate depending on how many Nerkmids are entering the market, but expect to spend anywhere from 55,000 to 65,000 Neopoints per Nerkmid.

There is a wide range of rarities across the twenty different types of Nerkmids. Although the Alien Aisha Vending Machine states that higher rarities of Nerkmid will produce better prizes, there is no data to corroborate this. It seems that any Nerkmid of any rarity will produce similar results. As such, use the cheapest Nerkmids you can find in order to play!

For your convenience, what follows is a chart of the twenty existing Nerkmids, in order of rarity:

Average Nerkmid (r100) Good Nerkmid (r100)
Lesser Nerkmid (r100) Super Nerkmid (r100)
Ultimate Nerkmid (r100) Ultra Nerkmid (r100)
Aluminium Nerkmid (r101) Basic Golden Nerkmid (Rr101)
Copper Nerkmid (r101) Magical Golden Nerkmid (r101)
Normal Golden Nerkmid (r101) Ultra Golden Nerkmid (r101)
Golden Nerkmid X (r103) Golden Nerkmid XX (r104)
Basic Platinum Nerkmid (r105) Normal Platinum Nerkmid (r105)
Ultra Platinum Nerkmid (r105) Platinum Nerkmid X (r105)
Platinum Nerkmid XX (r105) Magical Platinum Nerkmid (r115)


The Alien Aisha Vending Machine takes one Nerkmid per activation. Once you’ve obtained a Nerkmid, simply visit the machine and click the ‘Press me to Continue!’ button. If for some reason you are out of Nerkmids when you click this button, you will receive an error message prompting you to get more. Otherwise, you will see a visual display of the Nerkmids you have on hand, and a series of drop-down menus below that:

Select the Nerkmid you wish to use from the menu, and then try your hand at some lucky guessing! Each of the remaining drop-down menus gives you several ways to influence how the vending machine will operate after you insert your Nerkmid. The choices you make here appear to have no direct bearing on the prize you will get, but the options are as follows:

Which large button do you press? 1, 2, or 3
Which small button do you press? left green, left red, left pink, right red, right blue, or right purple
How many times do you press it? 1, 2, 3, or 4
How many levers do you pull? 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6

Make your selections, then hit go!


Each activation of the Alien Aisha Vending Machine will award you with a token amount of Neopoints (ranging from 1 to 50,000+), and one random item. The item prizes are roughly divided into four groups:


The most common prize you will receive is a random ‘gross’ food item. These are essentially booby-prizes, but every once and a while you will instead receive a ‘gourmet’ food (easily identified by their R89+ rarity) that is worth significantly more.


A remnant of the old Battledome abilities system, these Fading Bottled Faeries can be used at the Cooking Pot to upgrade them into the newer Weak Bottled Faeries for buying abilities at Aethia’s Shop.


Essentially a free spin, sometimes you will get a Nerkmid as a reward!


The real reason we all play Alien Aisha Vending Machine! The machine has the ability to dispense any paintbrush in the game as a rare prize, including starter paintbrushes.


As a game, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine has a high-score table. Points are awarded based on the value of the highest amount of Neopoints you earn in a given activation of the machine for that month. For example, if you play the Vending Machine three times and receive 4,873, 15,278, and 23,459 NP as your rewards, 23,4599 will be your entry on the high-score tables until you get an even bigger payout. Trophies are awarded in Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories depending on your placement in the top-scoring tables. Best of luck!


This avatar is awarded when you use a Nerkmid in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine for the first time.


  • Although the Battledome awards Aluminium Nerkmids and Super Nerkmids as prizes in the Central Arena and Neocola Centre, respectively, they do so at a very low chance. The majority of Battledome Nerkmids are awarded as prizes for victories in the Cosmic Dome, which is available only to Premium-account holders. Happy Hunting!

Author: Sarah

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