Neopets Tug ‘O’ War

Neopets Tug ‘O’ War is a nice and funny game where you will have to play against opponents that are in the opposite side of you. In Neopets Tug ‘O’ War, your objective is to pull all your opponents in the river and take the victory. Will you be able to beat each of your opponents?


During the game, you will be facing two modes. The first one is the single player mode whereas the second, is the 2 player mode where you can challenge a friend, for example. If you are going after a high score, or after a trophy, you will have to face the Desert Champions during the single player mode. At the beginning, you will be given the choice of selecting your own champion that will be you during all the game phase.

During the one player mode, you will have to use the keys that are located on your keyboard to move. Not the arrows this time, but the W, A, S and D keys respectively, that will be useful to pull your enemy towards the lake and earn the victory (this is your objective). Pressing the A key faster is better to earn an instant victory and getting more points. You make think that pressing the A key is easy. Of course it is, but wait until you play the game. The more you advance during the game, the faster your enemy will get. That means the first level will be the easiest one, and if you manage to get to the last one, then you will notice that your opponent became greatly stronger. During the game, you will find the presence of two tools. They are the Rage Meter, which will increase whenever you pull your enemy toward the lake. Doing this will cause the rage of your enemy to raise drastically, thus becoming in fury. When the meter is full, press the W key to successfully unleash the rage. After that, the Desert Champion you are playing with will make a big stomp on the ground and it will result in your enemy, becoming dazed. Get the most of this useful moment to bring your opponent the closest possible to the lake. The other tool is the Super Pull Meter. It is located on the top of the screen. It will give you the opportunity to see four keys on every side of the screen and on the center. Press the keys, respectively using the sequence that is shown to you. Your objective is to be faster than your enemy. A four letter total will be shown. If you manage to type the letters faster than your opponent, you will be able to drag them closer to the lake. In the contrary, if you are not fast enough, your opponent will drag you close to the lake. For this reason, you will need some speed skills. If you are going after a high score, it is recommended that you see the Super Pull meter the less amount of times possible, because when it shows it means that you were too slow to complete the current level.

If you decide to play on the 2 player mode, know that no Neopoints will be awarded for doing so. You can use this mode to play with your friends, for example, and contrary to the single player mode, there will be only one round. Same controls applies for the first player, as for the second one, he will be able to use the arrow keys of the keyboard. It is more like a fun mode and not a high score or Neopoints like.

Before starting the game, you will be given a variety of choice to select your Desert Champion. The first one is the Brucey B the Bruce. The second one is Horak, the Desert Aisha. The third Desert Champion is known as Thiebos the Blumaroo Anubis. Khadir, the Desert Elephante, is the fourth Champion and finally, Ramset the Desert Kacheek. A bonus character is also available for you to face, but not to choose from at the beginning. It is Truggdon, the Grundo. Another bonus character is the Spectre Jetsam, aka ???.

Neopets Tug ‘O’ War Strategy & Cheats

Since there are not many mechanics for the game play, the strategy will be mainly to press the A button as fast as possible. Make sure that you are comfortable before starting the game, and that you are not tired. To get the maximum score, you will have to pull your opponent in the lake as fast as possible, without seeing the Super Pull meter. However, if it shows up, simply put four of your fingers on the four keys and start pressing them, randomly, as fast as you can. This way you will be able to be victorious. The same strategy applies for the Grundo and the Spectral Jetsam, even if they are incredibly fast. If you’re after a high score or after a trophy, simply learn the art of the A key. Good luck!

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