Neopets Chemistry for Beginners

Chemistry for Beginners is a simple game of hypothetical molecular science, where your goal is to aid the Ixi Scientist into creating ever more complex strings of atoms. In Chemistry for Beginners, one one atom out of place and BOOM! an unstable molecule and your whole lab is up in flames means a quick game over. To beat Chemistry for Beginners, follow this guide for a high score and possible trophy!

Game Play

The objects of this particular game is to build strings of atoms, and whilst there is no time limit, there is a limit on how many atoms you’ll receive per turn, so you need to be careful with placement, not to waste any. Use your mouse to place each atom by clicking the left hand mouse button.

The five atoms you need to make solutions out of are as follows:

Neopium = Neopium; first appears on level 1

Tyrannium = Tyrannium; first appears on level 2

Slothite = Slothite; first appears on level 6

Faerium = Faerium; first appears on level 10

Krawkite = Krawkite; first appears on level 14

Combinations: Stable and Unstable

Throughout the game you can make certain combinations each worth a different amount of points in game, but be aware only certain combinations can be made at certain times of the game, and some combinations you can make in one way become unstable in another way. You should have a good idea of which combination you’re able to make at any given time, as theres a scoreboard on the right hand side of the screen. Hovering over each combination indicates the score.

From Level 1 

Neopium Neopium = 1 point

From Level 2 

Neopium Tyrannium Neopium = 2 points

From Level 3 

Tyrannium Tyrannium Tyrannium = 2 points

From Level 5

Tyrannium Tyrannium Tyrannium Tyrannium Tyrannium = 4 points

From Level 6

Neopium Slothite Slothite Neopium = 4 points

From Level 8

Neopium Tyrannium Neopium Tyrannium Neopium = 6 points

From Level 10

Neopium Faerium Faerium Faerium Neopium = 7 points

From Level 13

Slothite Slothite Slothite Slothite Slothite Slothite Slothite = 10 points

From Level 14

Krawkite Krawkite = 1 point

From Level 16

Slothite Krawkite Slothite Krawkite Slothite Krawkite = 10 points

However, if you make any of the following combinations from the following levels, it will mean an instantly game over, these are whats called unstable combinations. Avoid these at all costs, but as said, you cannot accidentally make them earlier in the game.

From Level 7

Slothite Slothite Slothite Slothite

From Level 18

Faerium Krawkite

The aim of each level is not to clear the board, although you will receive a five point bonus for doing so. The aim of each level is to meet the ‘points needed’ indicated in the top right hand corner of each game.

You want to plan each compound in advance, and set them up accordingly. The board is relatively small, so you can employ two key tactics, either to build compounds round corners – for example in an L-Shape or right angle at a corner. After all they do not have to be in the same straight line! Another method is to create two compounds using the same element crossing over. This minimises wasted space and maximises points you can get per element.

Neopets Chemistry for Beginners Walkthrough

Each game should contain more or less compounds given and expecting, for this reason there is a specific method you can use to maximise points. However, some levels only follow this pattern up to a certain point and from there on in are randomised. Use this guide up until that point – that point is therefore designated as ‘Random’, but then its common sense and some tips to finish the game.

Below you see a screenshot of the board. Picture it like Battleships; along the top we’re going call each square 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Along the side we’re going to call it A, B, C, D, E and F. The Neopium molecules would be designated as  N=C,2 / N=C,4 / N=E,2 / N=E,4

Using this logic, use the following as a guide to the optimal placing of each molecule per level. If in any case something doesn’t quite match up to your game, you’ve either made a mistake or Neopets changed the formula. Without further ado:

Level 1 N=C,3
Level 2 T=D,2 / T=D4 / N=A,1 / T=A,2 / N=A,3
Level 3 N=F,1 / T=B,3 / N=D,1 / N=D,3 / N=F,3 / T=C,6 / N=D,6 / T=D,5 / N=A,1 / T=C,5
Level 4 N=E,6 / T=B,1 / N=F,5 / N=C,6 / N=E,6 / T=A,4 / N=A,5 / T=B,3 / N=A,3 / Random
Level 5 T=B,2 / T=E,4 / N=A,1 / N=A,3 / T=A,2 / Random
Level 6 S=C,6 / N=D,5 / T=B,1 / S=E,6 / T=A,1 / N=C,5 / T=C,4 / Random
Level 7 N=F,6 / S=B,4 / N=F,3 / T=D,6 / S=F,1 / T=D,4 / N=F,1 / S=D,1 / S=E,1 / T=A,5 / N=A,4 / N=A,1 / N=A,2
Level 8 N=F,5 / T=C,4 / S=E,2 / T=D,1 / N=C,3 / T=C,1 / S=F,2 / T=A,6 / Random
Level 9 S=C,4 / N=A,2 / N=B,1 / T=D,2 / S=E,1 / S=F,4 / N=E,5 / T=A,4 / T=C,6 / N=E,3 / S=B,3 / N=B,4 / N=B,1 / T=D,5 / T=D,4 / Random
Level 9 (other)  S=C,4 / N=B,4 / N=E,5 / T=D,5 / S=B,3 / S=E,3 / N=E,3 / T=A,2 / TA,1 / N=A,4 / S=E,1 / N=C,6 / N=A,6 / T=C,3 / Random
Level 10 T=B,3 / N=F,3 / N=D,3 / S=F,5 / F=B,2 / F=C,2 / T=B,4 / N=B,1 / N=D,6 / T=B,2 / S=C,6 / F=E,2 / N=B,3 / F=F,2 / Random
 Level 11  S=C,3 / N=E,3 / N=A,3 / T=D,1 / F=B,2 / F=E,4 / T=E,6 / N=F,3 / N=C,3 / T=A,6 / S=B,4 / F=D,5 / N=F,4 / S=F,3 / S=F,2 / Random
 Level 12  N=F,3 / F=B,1 / F=E,3 / T=F,5 / T=F,3 / N=B,3 / N=D,3 / T=A,6 / F=C,5 / F=D,5 / N=C,4 / T=E,2 / F=D,1 / T=C,2 / T=C,6 / S=A,2 / S=A,3 / N=A,1 / N=A,4
 Level 13  S=B,1 / T=B,5 / N=F,3 / F=F,5 / T=C,5 / N=B,4 / N=C,6 / S=B,3 / T=E,2 / S=A,2 / N=F,1 / T=D,2 / N=C,3 / Random
 Level 14  S=D,6 / N=E,2 / S=F,4 / T=A,2 / K=B,3 / F=D,3 / S=F,6 / N=D,1 / T=C,1 / N=C,4 / K=C,6 / T=A,1 / N=A,4 / Random
 Level 15 S=E,1 / S=D,3 / T=F,5 / S=F,3 / K=A,1 / F=C,2 / N=E,2 / S=F,2 / S=A,4 / S=B,6 / N=B,2 / T=B,5 / T=D,5 / S=C,6 / K=D,3 / K=F,5 / S=A,5 / Random


Hey! This walkthrough makes molecular science easy!

Neopets Chemistry for Beginners Cheats

  • Throughout the first couple of levels, the only options are to make smaller chains of molecules, but as the levels progress and the game gets harder there are more points at stake. For a high score or even a trophy, planning is crucial. Make sure to plan for the 10 point combinations as much and wherever you can.
  • Whilst clearing a board earns you five points, it is not the object of the game and sometimes can make it harder for yourself.
  • Chains of molecules do not have to be in a straight line, they can bend round corners, and you can cross them over in a cross or T-Shape for more points per molecule.
  • Few other games on Neopets this applies to as much as Chemistry for Beginners, but like everything: practise makes perfect!

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