Neopets Hungry Skeith

Hungry Skeith (previously called ‘Jelly Processing Plant’) is a Neopets game where you take on the position of a Buzz who works to get rid of the bad food from a conveyor belt which is being used to feed a large Skeith. The game concept is simple and the game play is easy. Through playing Hungry Skeith, you’ll be able to earn a good sum of Neopoints quite easily, as well as an avatar.

Neopets Hungry Skeith: How To Play

The aim of the game is to move the Buzz figure across the conveyor belt in order to pick up the three differing types of food which the Skeith prefers not to eat, and then to put them into the waste bin barrel in the background of the screen. The waste bin barrel that you dispose the food into must match the colour of the food (for example, blue foods must go into the blue bin, and so on). There are three colours of bin and three colours of food: red, blue, and green.

Hungry Skeith


Neopets Hungry Skeith: Game Controls

There are five keys that you use in the the game Hungry Skeith, which are all keyboard controls. You use the space bar as well as the four arrow keys (down key, up key, left key and right key).

The left arrow key and the right arrow key are used to move the Buzz from one side of the conveyor belt to the other. You can use the space bar here to select a food item or to put it back onto the belt. The up arrow key and the down arrow key is used to move the Buzz backwards and forwards, from the belt to the waste bin barrels in the background and back again.

This can be a little confusing when you start playing the game, as you can get confused unless you’re used to the button combination and if you’re not comfortable with the game. Therefore, practice this to begin with, so that once you can advance to the further levels, you are very comfortable with the button combination and can move your fingers easily to move the Buzz back and forth without thinking too much about it.


At the start of the game, you will begin in the middle of the conveyor belt, where you can move left and right as necessary. Pressing the up arrow key will move you straight into the background so you will be shown right above the barrels, meaning no confusion about where you are on the screen.

Once you’re in this position, you just need to tap the left and right arrow keys in order to move back and forth between each barrel in one movement. You then use the space bar key to put whatever food you’re carrying into the basket.

If you’re over the red barrel (on the leftmost side of the barrels) and you press the left arrow key, your Buzz will be placed above the beginning of the food conveyor belt.

While you are in this position, you can’t pick up any food that is coming down the belt. However, you can put any food you’re carrying onto this belt in order to allow it to move back to the main queue of foods to be fed to the Skeith.

If you’re in this position, or indeed above any of the barrels, and you tap the down arrow key once, you will be returned to over the top of the front conveyor belt, but you’ll be at the end of the belt right next to the Skeith.

This may take some time to get used to but once you invest some time and patience, you’ll find it won’t be too hard at all to master these controls successfully.

Hungry Skeith

Neopets Hungry Skeith: Scoring Points

In Hungry Skeith, you are not awarded for the foods the Skeith eats, but conversely for the foods you take away from him. You’ll recognise these because they are the same ‘nuclear’ colour as the front of the barrel. There will be the red pepper, the blue jelly, and the green pie. Again, you are not awarded any points for letting the Skeith anything else (all of which are easy to identify, because they are more neutral colours, like brown, white etc.); you are only awarded points for taking away the red, blue and green foods and depositing them correctly in the waste bins.

For depositing the red food, you will get 3 points. For depositing the blue food, you’ll get 5 points. Finally, for the green food, you’ll get 8 points.

You will lose a life in the following situations:

  • You fail to pick up the red/blue/green food, and it reaches the end of the belt and goes into the mouth of the Skeith.
  • You put the food into the wrong coloured barrel. For example, you put a green food item into the blue barrel.
  • You put a food item into the waste bin that you should have left for the Skeith to eat.

If the red lobster reaches the Skeith, it will give him heartburn and he will start to breathe fire. If the blue jelly reaches the Skeith, he will get indisgestion. If the green pie reaches the Skeith, green bubbles will begin coming out of the Skeith!

skeith breathing fire

Neopets Hungry Skeith: Game Play

In Level 1, you have to take five ‘bad’ foods (blue / green / red) off of the belt and put them into the appropriate waste basket.

In each level following from this, the number of foods you have to deposit into the waste barrels grows by 5 (e.g. 10 foods in level 2, 15 foods in level 3 etc.) and the conveyor belt goes faster.


Neopets Hungry Skeith Cheats

  • The belt will be going slowly in the first levels, so the best approach here is to concentrate on getting the blue jellies and the green pies into the waste barrels, as these give you the most points. Here’s where dropping food onto the top conveyor belt comes in handy! If a red pepper appears on the bottom belt, get the Buzz to pick it up and put it onto the top food belt instead. Through following this method you’ll be able to maximise the score you can get for the initial 2 or 3 levels, before it gets too fast to do this. Although it seems fiddly and not worthy of your attention to begin with, it could distinguish you from getting the avatar score.
  • Try to stay positioned near the front of the conveyor belt if possible. Therefore if you are slow in getting an item to the waste bin, you have a chance to grab it again or to follow it up later on the conveyor belt.
  • If your sole purpose of playing is to get the avatar, then the first point at which you could get the 1001 points needed to get the avatar will be between level 7 if you only get green pies, and level 15 if you only get red peppers. Therefore, it should be an average between these two levels, often around 10-12 depending on how lucky you are.
  • Being in the middle of the front conveyor belt is the position you want to start the next level at. Usefully, you will start every level in the same position at which you ended the prior level. Therefore, it’s great to get accustomed to positioning yourself over the top of the front conveyor belt as soon as you’ve dropped anything into the barrel. This isn’t important in the first few levels, but once you get into the latter levels, where the speed is much faster, you’ll realise how useful this is to return to this position.

Neopets Hungry Skeith Avatars

In order to get the Hungry Skeith avatar, you need to get over 1000 points.


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