Neopets Battledome

The NeoPets battledome is quite the fun place. You get to battle baddies, other players, and why not your brat little sister while you’re at it? There are different arenas you may battle in too! From water to ice, to stone to island, neopets has it all! (only pets that are not hungry, not sick and have more than 0 hp can fight).

Battledome Stone Battledome Ice Arena Island Arena Space Arena Water Arena Tyrannian Arena

On the 1st day of each month we will be doing scheduled maintenance on the Battledome to help speed things up. This means that you will not be able to challenge anyone between 2.25 am and 2.35am (NST).


Everything you need to know about the battle dome

When you first enter the battledome page, there will be a ton of different links. I’ve quickly explained what each means so you may better understand what to use each link for.

  • Status: A page to show your pets stats and if you’re in a fight. IF you are in a ONE-PLAYER fight, you are now WITHDRAWN. Do not contact us if you are reading this. You were withdrawn the second you got to this page.
  • Equipment: Displays all the equipment you have on your pet. Scroll down to learn more about equipping items.
  • 1 Player: Challenge a virtual player. It’s you against a NeoPets challenger. To find out how to gain more challengers, click here.
  • Target Pets: Find a pet you wish to battle that is more in your range.
  • QuickFight: The Battledome QuickFight lets you get straight into a fight if you don’t mind who you fight and don’t want the bother of challenging people and waiting for them to come online. It works just like the Target Pets page – choose the level and strength of the pet you want to fight, and the Battledome will match you up with a suitable opponent!
  • Challenge a Pet: If you wish to challenge another pet to a match, then use this page.

Now, you will notice different symbols for items and such when you are battling. Here is a table guide to show you what they mean and what they can do.

Only one of this item can be equipped at a time. Equip One
Item can Freeze the opponent Freeze
Item can heal pet with HP HP
Item gives user something Give
Item either defends against a specific item,OR attacks by changing one of the opponents items Transform
Ranged Attack  Ranged
Close Attack  Close


A quick explanation on how to toughen up your pets

I’ve writen a full guide on how to train, if you click the link below you can see how to train your pet into becoming strong, fast, wise, and the best there can be.

Click here to learn how to train your pets.


A quick explanation on how to equip battledome items

There are three basic categories for battledome items: Attack, Defense and Heal. You can have up to 8 items, so we suggest you have 2 heal items, 5 attack, and 1 defense item. See the list down below on the suggest items you use.

  • Find the battledome item you want to use. You can click here for a complete list of battledome items.
  • Go to your inventory.
  • Select “Equip to {petname}” from the drop down list.

Here are some items I usually use for the battledome. But items usually depend on the challenger you’re going up against. If you’d like a larger list of the top rated items, check out the Top Weapons page on the PPT Battlepedia.

Defense & Heal: Limited Use

Rainbow Scorchstone
Heal: Endless Use Item

Sticky Snowball
Attack: Limited Use

Spooky Rubber Axe
Attack: Endless Use Item


A quick explanation on what abilites are

Faerie Abilities play a huge roll within the battledome. How though? You see, if you collectfaerie abilities, you can use them inside the battledome to help you! They’re like having extra items since you’re restricted to just 8, and can be used over and over again (but only once during battle). Click this guide to find out how to get faerie abilities and which each one can do for you.

Bottled Light Faerie

Bottled Dark Faerie

Bottled Earth Faerie

Bottled Air Faerie

Bottled Fire Faerie

Bottled Water Faerie


A quick explanation on how to heal your pets

When battle has made you dreary, you need a good potion to revive you to good health. Below is a complete list of all the healing potions on Neopia and how much they heal, so you know which ones to use. 😉 You can also check out the Healing Springs for a nice way to heal your pets.

Healing Potion I
Heals 1

Healing Potion II
Heals 2

Healing Potion III
Heals 3

Healing Potion IV
Heals 5

Healing Potion V
Heals 8

Healing Potion VI
Heals 10

Healing Potion VII
Heals 12

Healing Potion VIII
Heals 15

Healing Potion IX
Heals 20

Healing Potion X
Heals 25

Healing Potion XI
Heals 35

Healing Potion XII
Heals 45

Healing Potion XIII
Heals 50

Healing Potion XIV
Heals 60

Healing Potion XV
Heals 70

Healing Potion XVI
Heals 80

Healing Potion XVII
Heals 90

Healing Potion XVIII
Heals 100

Healing Potion XIX
Heals 150

Dewberry Reviver
Heals 175

Bubbling Healing Goo
Heals 200

Super Strength Healing Potion
Heals 225

Essence of Everlasting Apple
Heals 250


A quick explanation on how to challenger other neopets

Whenever you go to a pets lookup, the following will appear on their page. Click the challenge button to request a fight. Before you can fight, they must accept. Not everyone will accept and some people even have the invitations blocked.

Click here to challenge
mrmuffinman191 in the BATTLEDOME!


A small warning to newbies about Chia Flour

There is a small item called “Chia Flour”. If your opponent uses this, your pet will turn into a Yellow Chia forever (until you use morphing potions or paint brushes). This stuff is rather expensive, so not many people will own any!

Buy Neopoints