Neopets Shop Wizard

First of all, what is the Shop Wizard? He is a Wizard Jubjub that searches up any item you desire for you to purchase from another player’s shop. Remember that any items priced over 100k (100 000) are unbuyable.


What to put in where

What are you looking for?: put the items name in here. Lets say you’re looking for a codestone, then put in codestone. If you’re looking for a Lu Codestone, put in Lu Codestone.
Area – Shop or Gallery: are you looking to buy this item from someone’s shop, or their gallery? Because most people do not sell the items in their galleries, you would have a higher chance selecting shop.
Search Items:

  • Containing my phrase – most commonly used. If you were trying to find a codestone, they you would use this. If you’re looking for a paint brush, use this. Most people use this when searching for an item. What it means is it will search for what your looking for in all aspects (so if you search Kau, it will search any item containing Kau. If you search Kau Milk, it will search any item containing that name).
  • Identical to my phrase – if you already know what you’re looking for and know the EXACT name of the item, then use this search (if you’re looking up a Lu Codestone, you’d have to put in “Lu Codestone”, not just “Codestone”).

Min Price and Max Price: If you only want to pay a certain amount, or looking for items sold under your desired amount, use this. For example, if you wanted to find a Lu Codestone for 200-1000NP, then put 200 as your min, and 1000 as your max. No, you do not have to use BOTH min and max together. You can just use either or.


Where the shopwizard is

The Shop Wizard is located under shops in the navigation bar at the top. You will notice a little Wizard’s hat. If you click it, it will take you directly to the shop wizard.


Dealing with quests

Sometimes faeries will randomly give you quests, making you unable to use the Shop Wizard until you complete their quest or reject them. You can reject their quest by going to the “Quest” link they send you and clicking “I do not want this quest”.

Earth Faerie says ‘No! That’s cheating! You are on a Faerie Quest and are not allowed to use the Shop Wizard! :)’


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