Neopets The Buzzer Game

The Buzzer Game is a Neopets game which is not based on speed or puzzle solving; instead, it is based on concentration. It is based on the fairground game of leading a hoop from one end of a wire to the other end without knocking into it. In The Buzzer Game, the Techo who leads the game tries to distract you and to get your hoop to touch the wire. Therefore, you will not only need to master the skill of focus, but you’ll also need to be very patient and willing to try over and over again. If you manage to get a high enough score, you may be able to achieve an avatar or even a trophy.


The Buzzer Game

Neopets The Buzzer Game Instructions

In this game you will need to guide the hoop from one side of the wire to the other side. To do this successfully, you are not allowed to touch the wire. If you do this, a buzzer noise will be sounded, and you will lose a life and be required to start the level again. There are only three levels in the game, and no opportunity to win any more; therefore, once you lose all your lives, it’s game over.

You are free to have as much time as you like to complete the level, and will not be penalised for taking a long time. However, you have the opportunity to earn some bonus points if you complete the level in less than 30 seconds. The amount of points depends on how quickly you complete it in under 30 seconds; you will be awarded 1 point for every second that is left on the bonus clock (e.g. if you complete the level in 14 seconds, you will get 16 bonus points).

You can track your bonus points on the ‘console’, which will show your current score, how far you are from the end of the game, and the ‘bonus’ number. These will help you to know how many risks you can afford to take and to guess where is best to take chances or use your lives.

Neopets The Buzzer Game Controls


The controls for this game are very easy. All you will need to use in The Buzzer Game is your mouse. To start the level, just click on the green circle that is on the left hand side of the wire, and your hoop will begin. This is the only time you need to click during the game play, as after this you can guide your mouse cursor in order to lead the hoop across the screen. Once your hoop passes over the red circle at the right hand side of the wire and successfully avoids touching the wire, the level finishes. There is no need to hold down the mouse button.


Neopets The Buzzer Game Obstacles


techoAs with any game, there are a number of obstacles you will need surpass in order to complete the levels and to get a high score. You will not encounter any of these until you’ve finished level 2. From the start of level 3, you’ll start to encounter obstacles for the rest of the levels. However, unlike other predetermined games on Neopets, there is no way of predicting when your next obstacle come!


One type of distraction is random noises through the course of the level, which try to scare you or to make you lose your focus.

Additionally, objects such as fruits may fall down in the background from the top of the game, at randomly timed moments – be aware that this might happen, as this can easily make you move your mouse accidentally!

The Techo will also try to throw you off from completing each level. He may try and do this through a variety of distracting ways. For example, he may make faces through the game, as well as sticking out his tongue at you. His eyes may also turn red at random points.

These distractions coupled together may make for some difficult levels, but once you know what to look out for, you should be fine in avoiding them for the most part. The distractions also increase in frequency as you go through the game, so ignore them as best as you can.

If you find the distractions are starting to get on your nerves or unsettle you, take a few deep breaths and stop for a moment, and then continue the game; it’s better to do this than to keep losing lives because you’re getting annoyed.

Neopets The Buzzer Game Scoring High Points

You will get points for completing every level of The Buzzer Game. These start from 20 points per level on levels 1, 2 and 3, and steadily increase up to level 15 where you will get 40 points. There are a couple levels, such as level 10 and level 13, where you will get more points and less points respectively than the otherwise increasing score (level 10 in particular you get a whooping 50 points).

The only other way of scoring points in the game is to finish a level in under 30 seconds, therefore receiving bonus points for that level. This is 1 point for every second of game time left remaining on your 30 seconds bonus starting clock.

These are the only two ways of winning points; you don’t get any points for finishing the game with more than 1 life remaining.

If you manage to complete the entire game, you will be guaranteed to receive an avatar by the end of the game. The avatar is awarded when you receive 300 points. Therefore, even if you receive no bonus points throughout the game for completing a level in less than 30 seconds, you can get the avatar by level 11. Of course, you can also get the avatar much sooner than this if you win some bonus points, particularly through the easier early levels!

The above table shows the points you will get for the end of each level, as well as the cumulative running total of game points received. This does not take into account bonus points.



Level Points Received Total Game Points
1 20 20
2 20 40
3 20 60
4 25 85
5 25 110
6 25 135
7 30 165
8 30 195
9 30 225
10 50 275
11 30 305 (Avatar received by this point)
12 30 335
13 20 355
14 30 385
15 40 425

Neopets The Buzzer Game Strategy

As long as you play this game carefully and know a couple of extra tips to make your game play easier, it is not difficult to get a good score in this game and to get the avatar. The following strategy is easy to follow and by becoming a master of it you can ensure success in this game.

Firstly, it is strongly advisable to play each level at slowly as possible. Unless you’re going for a high score and you need as many bonus points as possible, and therefore would need to master both concentration and speed, you don’t need to worry about completing the level quickly. Take your time and proceed through the level slowly and patiently. It is better doing it this way than unnecessarily losing lives by chasing bonuses, particularly when your biggest bonus is found in completing the level to begin with.

Secondly, before starting the game, hit the Ctrl key on your keyboard before playing level 1. Another option is to type the cheat code ‘cheese‘ when you begin play. Doing this will make your mouse cursor appear on the screen, in the centre of the hoop. It will then stay there for the remainder of the game, even as you progress through the levels. As a result, instead of guessing where your mouse cursor is on the screen and trying to guide the hoop based on this estimation alone, you can track where your mouse is placed the entire time. This makes it much easier to guide the hoop along the wire without any jerky mouse movements! Just be sure to keep the point of the mouse cursor (the top of it) at the centre of the wire while you move it, and you should have no problem at all.


Neopets The Buzzer Game Cheats


The Buzzer Game is one Neopets game that has a lot of very useful cheats and exploits you can use to complete the game easily. Follow these, and you’ll be sure to get the points for the avatar!


  • Although many of the distractions require patience and nerve to get through them, there’s one you can eliminate straight away! This is random noises – all you have to do is mute your computer. There’s no time in The Buzzer Game where you need noises in a way that will help you, and muting it will help eliminate one sensory distraction and allow you to focus on moving the hoop accurately. Another annoying noise is the bonus noise counting down, which will of course happen on every level and will worry you, so eliminate this in order to have a more relaxing game play experience.
  • This may go without saying, but make sure you use a good pointing device during this game. Tracking pads on laptops are likely to be less easy to control than a mouse. Experiment and find what works best for you.
  • A way to make sure you’re in the middle of the wire, if you’re not using any other tips from this page, is to try as best as possible to make a semi circle between both sides of the circle (i.e. the wire splits the circle in half). As it’s a 2D game, it’s very hard to tell if you’re placed in the middle of the wire or not, so this will help.
  • It is advisable to use the highest game resolution, zoomed as much as possible without losing the full screen, so that you can see the wire as closely as possible and so you can focus your mouse pointer on it if you’ve used the cheat code below. Other than making the resolution as large as possible (both computer and on the game), you can zoom it in whilst in game as well. Click in the white area around the game in order to active the web page browser, rather than the game. Then hold down your Ctrl key and press + (hold down the Apple key on your keyboard on Apple computers) to zoom into the page. Zoom in as far as you can in order to see both the edges of the screen whilst you play, and the wire will be much larger.
  • Use the code ‘cheese’ typed during the game or press the Ctrl key on your keyboard at the start of the game to show the cursor. A sound will be made when this is activated. This will allow you to guide the hoop across the screen so you can see exactly where your mouse is positioned, rather than guessing where it is. For more detail see the strategy above.
  • There is another brilliant way to trace your way to the end of the level – but it only works if you’re playing the game on a Windows computer. Start the first level of The Buzzer Game. Click with your mouse on the green dot, but don’t move your mouse any further. Press the Windows start menu key, which is the key on your keyboard with the wavy Windows logo which is on most normal keyboards and laptop keyboards providing the computer was set up with Windows. Press it a second time (to remove the Windows start menu). Now, hold down your mouse left button and you will find you can trace your path over the wire’s shadow. As you’ll be able to see, this is pretty much a straight line, and is therefore much easier to trace. Follow this to the right hand side of the screen, and then let go of your mouse, and you’ll have finished the level. This is a very easy way of completing the levels quickly and easily, and you’ll even be able to achieve the bonus time points using this.
  • If you start a level and get stuck with the mouse, right click the screen to start the level again without losing any lives.
  • Here’s a little trick to make it less easy for the buzzer to go off. Click on the green dot to start the level as usual. Now, click on it with the right mouse button. Finally, click again and hold the left mouse button. You’ll find the game is easier to play as the buzzer won’t go off unless you go very off course, meaning you can be more flexible about finishing the level.
  • In order to skip a level for whatever reason, type the cheat code ‘salamander’ at any point. You can use this as many times as you like!
  • When you get to level 13, there’s a way of avoiding the large loop. When you come to the intersection on this level, just keep guiding the hoop over the wire to the right.
  • If you have Windows XP, you can go to Start > Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Mouse > Check the ‘Enable ”Mousekeys” box’. By doing this, if you have Number Lock on on your keyboard, you can move the mouse with the number keypad – a much easier way to do it. This depends on whether you have number keypad on your keyboard or not, as well as your version of Windows. The number keypad with have arrows on the numbers so you can see how you’re meant to move them (with the number ‘5’ being the right click mouse button). There may be ways of doing this on other versions of Windows, so look up how you can enable Mousekeys on something similar on your computer.
  • If you want to try playing it ‘the real way’, try using a graphics tablet to control the pointer; however, this is normally much harder than the normal way.
  • A very simple tip – be aware of how much space you have on your desk! Make sure when you start the level you have enough room to move your mouse across the desk during the entire level, as it is very hard to change your mouse position once you’ve started the level.
  • A nice little quirk / glitch is that, if you wait for the bonus time to tick down and hit ‘0’ and then you lose a life, your bonus points will reset to 30 – but stays there! Remember, you only have three lives in The Buzzer Game, so you can only do this twice during an entire game.
  • There’s a little Easter Egg hidden in the game which you might see during play. If you leave your cursor alone for a short time, the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy can be seen in the background of the screen!
  • Another little quirk is that if you click on the Salamander’s left eye at the start menu of the game, it will make a noise.


Neopets The Buzzer Game Avatars and Trophies

avatarIn order to get The Buzzer Game avatar, you need to get 800 points total. As mentioned, this can be received if you get past level 11 on the game, and earlier if you manage to receive some bonus points during the course of the game before this level.


This is not the most relaxing of games you can choose to play, so give yourself plenty of patience when you’re playing this game – it’s not one to play when you’re stressed or annoyed! If you play it the traditional way, with no cheats or game play (even the Neopets approved and built in cheats) then be prepared to take an extra long time on this game. However, if you want the avatar as fast as possible and if you even want to aim for a trophy, then master these cheats, tips and strategies so you can complete this game as quickly and efficiently as possible. Good luck and don’t forget to turn off the sound!



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