Neopets The Last Blast

Neopets ‘The Last Blast’ takes place at Kreludor’s mines for they are being over run by robots and its up to you to stop them!
You are playing a Sergeant Zarex, a famous Grundo cammando from the Kreludan Civil War who needs to battle these vicious fiends to make the mines a safer place!

Have you got what it takes to earn one of these?

Basic Controls

Hope you like first person shooting games because this is one good one!
Are you are right hander or left hander? Follow the options to which ever one you prefer.

Right Handers

To move around you will be using to move left and to move right. is forward while S is backwards. You will be shooting with the Space bar and aiming with your  Mouse. It can feel weird the first time you play but if you get use to the controls you will have this concept down packed.  To switch weapons use the Middle of your Mouse and to change weapons use the numbers 1-4. Use Tab to toggle HUD on/off. Your Night vision is Left Shift and to pause the game just use ESC.

Left Handers

To move around you will be using <- (left arrow) to move left and -> (right arrow) to move right. Up arrow is forward while Down arrow  is backwards. You will be shooting with the Right Control (ctrl) and aiming with your  Mouse. It can also feel weird for you the first time you play too. To switch weapons use the Middle of your Mouse and to change weapons use the numbers 1-4 (easiest on your num pad). Use Enter to toggle HUD on/off. Your Night vision is Right Shift and to pause the game just use ESC.

(Note: It is your choice which way you want to control Sergeant Zarex)

Your Screen

The image below will show you what your screen will look like. The score will be up the top. Cursor is in the middle currently. On the Left hand side there are all the weapons and how much ammo you have in them. Down the bottom shows how much health you have (+) and how much Oxygen you have left. If either of those go to zero then you will have to say goodbye to the game because it will be game over!


You will need to practice this game a few times to get to know the areas. The levels are always going to be the same, so knowing where the paths lead is vital

If you do get attacked you will see an arrow pointing to the direction that your attacker came from so keep that in mind!

Starting off

The start of the levels you will be in your safe little area. But do not stray too far or you will regret it. As mentioned before the maps are the same each time you play so getting to know them can be an advantage for you. Go to the computer in the safe chamber to have a look at the map, where you are and where you want to end up at.  Even when you are standing there looking at this map your oxygen level will be depleting so do not stay there too long.

For the first two levels you need to reach the check point to access those you need to get to the switches to activate the check points.  So even if you were to draw a copy of the map down  next to you that maybe helpful . Or better yet, keep this page right next to your screen.


Level 1

Take your Grundo towards the check point but first you must activate the nearby switch which is to the west of the point on this map.

Level 2

Go to the first switch and then for extra challenges go to the second switch before you go to the check point.

Level 3

You will have to activate all three switches before going to the main switch.
Starting off you will have the faithful Bzzt Blaster but there are four other weapons you will use throughout this game. To get a new weapon there is a switch in each level that lets you obtain a new one.
The Bzzt Blaster, the only good thing about this weapon is the no need for ammunition but that is it. It cannot kill the tougher baddies quickly and sometimes you need that. Use the other weapons that will be listed instead.
(Note: Do not use all the ammunition for the following weapons but revert back to the Bzzt Blaster if you are running low)
The Virtublaster 3000. You need to be able to aim to use this weapon at times (especially with small targets) but it can deal an incredible punch. Hold down your shot for a few seconds and see what this bad boy can do. If you can get a group of bad guys lined up in front of you then do this trick then you wont see them for much longer.
 This is the Goo Blaster. Just imagine if you are hit by a pile of goo, you too would be stunned! This is the best weapon in the game. Destroying enemies with one shot or weaken them considerably. The down side to this gun is that it will eat away at your ammo. Sometimes combining this one with the Bzzt Blaster will help you limit the amount of unnecessary shots from this gun.
 Last but not least the Sleep Ray. In a way this gun will save your neck last on in the harder parts of the game but it is worse with its ammo than the Goo Blaster so do not use it all the time. When you do hit the enemies with this gun you can change to another one to destroy them as sleeping bad guys are easier to destroy.
Bad Guys/Enemies
There are overall five different types of Bad guys in this game. They can just be annoying or if you let them start piling up they can get to your health very quickly. These are Dr. Sloths servants so they are evil! ( Who wouldn’t be when their master is gone?)
The first of the enemies you will face are the Robot Spyders. These guys can be quick but are very weak at the beginning. Use your Bzzt Blaster on them as quick as you can so they don’t start over running the show.
Make sure you watch your back because these guys can come out from behind you – look out for that arrow as mentioned before.
The bigger Spyders take an extra shot to kill but they do come with a bigger health risk- meaning they will decrease your life more than the little ones. So if you can get these quickly that would be helpful for you.
The next ones that you will face are once again harder to destroy. Five shots in total from the Bzzt Blaster or you can mix it up with your other guns to see what is the best attacking strategy for you. Everyone is different with what procedure they will come up with.

The nest guys you need to watch out for. They are dangerous to your safety and to your health. If you have the sleep ray out ready that would be handy. Hit them with that first then you can get them with the  Virtublaster.
The last one you do not want him to hit you at all. This is the statues of Dr. Sloth.  Get him from a distance so no short range type of stuff. Mix it up between the guns so that you are not losing out on ammo… or time… or health from other enemies around you. Just kill him quickly.  Keep firing, run, fire and run.
To open the check points
If those baddies have’t scared you off then good! To get further into the game you need to activate switches like mentioned before to open up the check points.  On each level there are three switches each activating something different. Either a weapon, doors or the check point. Have a look again on each of the maps for where the switches are so that if you ever have to do the level over you can run straight to them and activate them.  To activate the switch shoot it in the middle of the eye looking things with your Bzzt Blaster or your Virtublaster. Either one is fine
(Note: Do not stay too long in the one spot. You do not want to be trying to line up the cross-hairs while a baddie is attack your behind!)
As you can see in this image the button will be activated once fired onto… a few times until it is glowing green.
The switches on the third level can be hidden so go to where they are located on your map have have a look around.  They are there but could be a good distance away from you and somewhere you are unable to get to. So long distance shot practice!
Pick-Up These!
As every game needs things for you to collect this game has them too. (Constantly need more ammo so every time you see them GRAB THEM!)
When You’re Nearly Finished the level…
You also need to destroy that silly computer of Dr. Sloths. Once again do not stand around or more robots will come for you. It would be a massive pity if you came all the way to this point and a swarm of angry servants of Dr. Sloth destroyed you!
Up above the main control center is your target surrounded by three spheres that are acting as a force fielding. Destroy those one by one – they will be tough taking a fair few shots to kill the barrier. Make sure you have Virtublaster ammunition to the max if possible. This will make it much easier and quicker to complete.
Once the force field has been destroyed then shoot the computer core until it too is finished with and then all the Robots will shut down
Neopets The Last Blast Cheats
Kill as many robots as you can in 10 minutes. After that they are worth as little as one point. This will occur at the start of every level. So especially the first level which isn’t as hard- get through as many as you can ( plus it is great practice.)
If you are aiming for the Gold Trophy you need to do this in every level especially the third one!
Put your speakers on because the music will change when you have baddies heading towards you. There is also a specific sound that is heard when an enemy is teleports into your room.
Always check behind you- spin your camera all around at points to see if no enemy has been sneaking up on you!


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