Neopets Giant Omelette

The Omelette is a free daily that provides you with one random slice of omelette per day. Unlike the Soup Kitchen, you can visit the omelette no matter how many neopoints you have. Occasionally, the omelette disappears and a new egg will come, in a few hours.

Giant Omelette Cheats

When the Giant Omelette disappears, it’s a signal that means the Limited Edition Tonu is available to be made in the Create-A-Pet. As for the omelettes slices, they can be used to feed a pet multiple times. Each omelette taken will provide you with three food portions, so three times to feed it to your pet. The omelette slice shrinks with each feed so each food is a different item. The first omelette is whole, the second is , and the last is . The exception is the Rotten Omelette, which will disappear in one bite, but will also give your pet the disease Ugga Ugga if eaten. Here is the full list of all omelette flavors obtainable from the Giant Omelette:  

Veggie Delight Ugga Melon Sausage Meat Feast Juppie
Twirly Fruit Tomato Mushroom Marshmallow Honey Blossom
Tomato and Pepper Strawberry Sausage and Pepperoni Little Fishy Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette
Tangy Tigersquash Rotten Plain Green Pepper Cheese and Onion
Spinach Feta Ham and Cheese Fresh Fruit Surprise Chokato Clay
Spicy Red Pepper Chocolate Cheese Carrot and Pea Black Currant
BBQ Sauce Bacon and Broccoli Bacon

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