Neopets NC Shopping Race Game Guide

NC Shopping Race is a flash game that, despite its misleading name, is not an NC game. It can be found in the Games Room, or here, and played for neopoints. Both rounds consist of a maze — one to find an NC Mall shopping card, and another to spend that money!


To start the game, you chose either a Red Usul or a Black Mynci as your character. Whichever one you chose has no effect on the items you need to find or the difficulty of the game, so just choose whichever you like best!

Once you choose a character, you will play the first round in which you need to find a Neocash card. Each round is timed, and the timer can be found at the top-left corner of the screen in a lighted pie chart. Simply use your arrow keys to guide your character through the maze.

In the maze, you can find two types of NC cards:

  • 1000 NC — Mynci Defender, Usul Princess, Scorchio, Illusen
  • 2500 NC — Dr. Sloth, King Altador, Isca, Queen Fyora

You have two minutes to find an NC Mall shopping card in the first maze. If you run out of time and do not collect a card, it is game over and you have to start again. The faster you find a card, the more bonus points you get!

Note: If you’re going for a high score and trophy, it is necessary to find a 2500 NC card.


In the second round, you need to spend the NC that you collected from round one on a pre-determined list of wearables:

Each “pie slice” in the top-left corner timer represents 10 seconds.

Depending on how much NC you have to spend from the first round, 100o or 2500, you will have to buy a certain amount of items:

  • 1000 NC — buy 7 items
  • 2500 NC — buy 13 items

You have two minutes to find the items on your list. The different areas of the mall have different types of items, so memorizing these can be a surefire way to increase your score if you are looking to get a trophy:

  • White — superpacks
  • Yellow — trinkets
  • Blue — backgrounds
  • Green — accessories
  • Pink — clothing

There is also an indictor as to which section you’re in the top-right corner of the screen at the counter. There will display a banner that says “BACKGROUNDS”, “CLOTHING”, etc. The counter is where you will take items you don’t need. If you accidentally pick up an item that isn’t on your list, an exclamation point will appear above your head; simply go to the counter and the item and the exclamation will both disappear, and you can continue shopping.

Going for the high score table will take both practice and luck — you’ll want to wait until you get a 2500 right away in the first round and items that are centralized and near each other in the second round. Good luck!

Author: Sarah

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