Neopets Wheeler’s Wild Ride

In Neopets Wheeler’s Wild Ride; you are ‘Wheeler,’ a volunteer to collect berries for the underwater chef. Neopets Wheeler’s Wild Ride gives you the opportunity to get on a bike and ride your way across terrains in hope of collecting multiple berries while avoiding obstacles that will be in your way.

How to Play

To play this game is simple enough; you will be using your keyboard for this game. The Up arrow increases the speed, the down arrow will stop it, use the  left and right arrows to control the balance of the bike and you can use the space bar to change the bikes direction.

To score high points you are needing to collect as many items as possible while performing bike tricks ( using the left and right arrows) throughout the levels. Each item will give you either multipliers, shields, points or life. Coconuts will be your health, so if you are running low on them then you are needing to get as many coconuts as possible. You will see coconuts falling out of your basket if you get injured.  If you come across a glowing coconut then collect it and it will start to shield you from danger. If you are lucky enough to obtain a multiplier than any tricks you perform will be multiplied but you have a certain amount of time to do these tricks.

Tricks to Perform

The main way to obtain points is by completing tricks. Some can be easier than others. With practice you should be able to do them with ease.  There are three tricks in which you can perform:

  1. Wheelies:  if you are able to balance the bike on either the front wheel or the back wheel you will be able to score some points.
  2. 180’s+:  When you are in mid air press the space bar and you will turn the other way that is a 180. The more times you press the space bar in mid air the more points you will rack up.  But you need to be able to land it properly for them to count.
  3. Flips:  Holding either the right arrow  or the left arrow for a few seconds will allow you to start spinning or flipping. You need to make sure that you have enough speed and that where you will land is safe enough. That is why knowing the track is going to help to do this trick.  You have to land the bike in order to obtain these points.

If you are able to combine these tricks you will get a higher score. So you will need to practice in order to execute these perfectly.

Neopets Wheeler’s Wild Ride Cheats

To gain easy points: stop your bike and perform a wheelie, making sure you keep and eye on your health and your timer.
When in the air tap the space bar as much as possible before touching the ground.
You can press the space bar to go back to the direction of where you came if you haven’t got enough speed for a jump.

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