Neopets The Castle of Eliv Thade

The Castle of Eliv Thade is a Neopets puzzle game which involves solving puzzles in the form of anagrams in order to proceed. It is a point and click where you have to try and reach the end of the game without losing all of your lives. In The Castle of Eliv Thade, you are awarded points depending on how quickly you move and what letter words of the anagrams you chose to solve.

castle of eliv thade

The Castle of Eliv Thade: Introduction

A long time ago there was a Kacheek named Eliv Thade, whose fixation on riddles and enigmas was surpassed only by his aptitude in solving them. He died with the knowledge of there being one riddle he could never tackle, and so to this day this continues to frequent the castle in which he once lived.

While lost in the Haunted Woods one dark and stormy night, an Usul called Gilly takes cover in the disintegrating old stronghold. However, in order to leave this place, she has a crazy, riddle-loving apparition to battle with…

The Castle of Eliv Thade: Game Play

Eliv ThadeIn the game The Castle of Eliv Thade, your task is to guide Gilly as she investigates the estate. If you click on a story tile positioned within the three tiles surrounding Gilly, this will make Thade show up with a re-arranged word to be solved in order to reach the end of the game.

This anagram that you receive is different depending on the level of difficulty that is selected at the beginning of the game, as well as the amount of tiles you’re attempting to move. For example, if you’re on the easy setting (Scaredy Cat), then if you want to move one tile you’ll need to solve a 4-letter word; moving two tiles will mean you need to rearrange a 5-letter word; and moving three files means you’ll need to rearrange a 6-letter word. In comparison, on the hard level (called Super Brave), you’ll get given 5 letter words to move one tile, 6 letter words for two tiles, and 7 letter words for three tiles, which utilises a more difficult set of vocabulary.

The end goal in The Castle of Eliv Thade is to explore all four of the castle’s rooms. In each of these is an item which you need to collect.

When you start the game you’ll see that the rooms look slightly greyed out. They will turn to full colour once you’ve explored them and finished the level. Finally, after you’ve collected the four objects from their respective rooms, you can go to the crypt located in the lower right side of the screen in order to receive one last anagram. This will be 7 letters on Easy and 8 letters on Difficult. This is the end of the game.

(If you’re looking to play the game quickly, there is a secret route from the library that is in the top right of the screen straight into the crypt – see the Neopets The Castle of Eliv Thade Cheats section below for more information.)

You are given three lives from the start of the game. On the occasion that you give a wrong response for a re-arranged word during the course of any of the levels, you lose a life.

You can likewise lose one of your lives if you land on one of the broken tiles; the chance of them breaking is 50%. Therefore, you should avoid stepping on these whenever possible. To pass these broken tiles, move to the tile that is directly beside it, then once you’ve answered that anagram select the tile on the opposite side of the split ones.

DID YOU KNOW…. The Castle of Eliv Thade is also an anagram! Rearranged, it spells ‘The Castle of Evil Death’.

The Castle of Eliv Thade: Scoring

To win points, you must answer the anagrams correctly. You must also collect all of the items in the rooms. The amount of points awarded per move depends firstly on the difficulty level you’re playing – whether it’s easy (Scaredy Cat) or hard (Super Brave) – and the amount of tiles you’re trying to move in one turn.

If you are trying to achieve a high score or an avatar, you should aim to play on the hard setting. For every answer you give, you’ll be awarded nearly double the amount you would have been awarded in easy. Additionally, the anagrams you are given will only be slightly more difficult to solve.

For every 1 tile you move in a turn and anagram solved, you will get 1 point added to your score in Easy; you will get 2 points in Hard.

For every 2 tiles you move in a turn and anagram solved, you will get 3 points added to your score in Easy; you will get 5 points in Hard.

For every 3 tiles you move in a turn and anagram solved, you will get 6 points added to your score in Easy; you will get 10 points in Hard.

For every item you collect, you’ll get 50 points. You will need to collect all four items in order to send your final score to Neopets; therefore, the score of 200 points total is easy to score.

Additionally, if you beat the game you’ll get a whooping 350 points for beating the game, which is 150 points for answering the last anagram, 50 to enter the crypt area, and 150 extra when you send the score. (You’ll get these points added automatically when you send your score, so don’t worry if you don’t see them at first).

There are several strategic methods for getting the highest score possible through this game format so that you can get the avatar with 1200 points or so you can get even higher for a trophy. You can also use the Hint button to help you get the highest score possible, although this has a limited use; see below for more details.

Castle of Eliv Thade


Neopets the Castle of Eliv Thade will give you the opportunity to control a character, named Gilly, which is a Kacheek and you will have to step in an old castle. In order to do that, you will have to click on any square on the ground. The maximum tiles you can move by is three, and you will be awarded with more points than if you decide to move by two or by one tile. The reason for that is because the anagrams will be longer then, thus raising the chance of you making a mistake. You will also have the choice of choosing the difficulty of your choice. The easy difficulty will give you, upon moving by one tile, a four lettered anagram. Moving by two tiles will result in a 5 letter anagram and finally, three tiles will result in a 6 letter long anagram. The second difficulty is the hard one. If you pick that difficulty and decide to move with the Kacheek by one til, you will be given a five lettered anagram. Two tiles will result in a six lettered anagram and the maximum move, meaning three tiles will result in a seven lettered anagram. You will see a lot of Neopet’s related names, along with dictionary names. If you think that you will not be able to play this game, there are good news for you in the Neopets the Castle of Eliv Thade Strategy & Cheats section at the end. Note that it is recommended that you play in hard mode if you are going after a high score or after a trophy, because of the 7 lettered words. Making a wrong answer will result in a life loss. You have a total of three lives during the game. Also, if you step on a cracked tile ( on the ground ) you can also lose a life. It has fifty percent chance of cracking though, so you can be lucky and not fall in it. Try to avoid playing with luck and move by three tiles when you see a floor that is fragile.

The castle contain four rooms, where your main objective will be to visit all of them and pick up the items you will find inside. When you will have collected all of these items, you will be able to take the crypt at the right of the screen to finish the game. This one will give you the hardest anagram to complete, meaning a eighth letter one on hard (7 letters if you’re playing on easy mode). After completing that last anagram, the game will end. If you are going after points, keep moving forward and backward to avoid finishing the game quickly and thus getting more points. There is a secret path though, that is located on the top right of the screen to access the crypt. You will always be able to use a cheat that will get you all the anagrams solved in no time, with no efforts, and it can be found below in the cheats section. If you do not want to cheat, though, and want to complete the anagrams by yourself there will be also few strategies offered to you. Don’t waste your hints for nothing though, only use them when you really need them. Below will also be a cheat code for you to use, for an extra hint! The items that will be offered for you to take from the rooms are respectively the Grimoire of Thade, the Sword of Skardsen, the Amulet of Thilg and finally, the Shield of Pion Troect.

Score & Points

First of all, you will have to know that points are based on the difficulty you are currently on. If you do not want to waste a high amount of time on this game when going after the avatar, a high score or for a trophy, you are better using the hardest difficulty unless the waste of time is not a problem for you. The hardest difficulty, meaning Super Brave, will give you almost the double of the points you would have gotten for the easy difficulty, but the anagrams will be, obviously, more complicated. It is not a problem though, we can provide cheats that will get you the score of your choice! Now, get to know your points.

If you decide to move by one tile during the easy difficulty, you will be awarded with a total of one point, and by two points on the Super Brave difficulty (hard). Two tiles on easy will grant you three points on easy and five points on Hard difficulty. Finally, if you decide to move by the maximum amount of tiles, meaning by three, you will be awarded by a total of six points on the easy difficulty and by ten points for the hardest one. The points scoring system is the reason that we recommend you using the hardest difficulty if you’re going after a high score because you will also have less chance of losing lives (because each one gives you more points).

Basically, as you already know, you will have to get all of the items mentioned before, before you are able to enter the crypt and send your score. Each of these items will give you a total of 50 points, meaning 200 total. If you successfully master and beat the game, you will be given 350 points. These points are divided by categories, meaning 50 for entering the crypt, 150 for solving the crypt anagram, and finally you will receive a 150 point bonus when you send your score. You will not see these points (150) on your total score, you will only be able to receive them when you successfully send in your score. That means you will be given a hell lot of points, so be grateful that this game is easier that you might think!

Moving forward and backward is the key for those who are going after a super high score, the avatar, or after a trophy. Using this method will give you the amount of points you are looking for. You can get unlimited points, too but your score is likely to never get accepted. TNT will only review and accept scores that are near 5,000 points. A total of 850 points minimum will be needed before you enter the crypt if you’re going after the avatar. That means a total of 650 points must come from anagrams, because the items alone will give you 200 points freely.

Neopets the Castle of Eliv Thade Strategy

All strategies are good. A good one is to solve the anagrams by looking, firstly at the ending of the words and at their prefixes plus suffixes. Go after common words and you should be fine. It is not guaranteed that you will also come up with the correct word, but most of them will be guessed correctly. Note that this game is in English only, so you will not be able to use a different one to get other words. Look at words that end by ing, er, ed and similar endings because many of the will have an ending with those letters. Typing “rehaxtint” will give you another hint for you to use

Finally, as mentioned above, there is a trick that will let you solve almost any of the anagrams, and it is by using a program, named the anagram solver. All you will have to do is to select the hard (or easy) difficulty, and everytime you get an anagram, you simply copy and paste the words in the anagram solver, then it will magically give you the correct word. To get the anagram solver, simply go on Google and type in:
“the Castle of Eliv Thade Anagram Solver” and voila, many will be offered for you to use at absolutely no cost. It is free and will get you any score. Remember to stay near the 5,000 mark because otherwise, TNT will not accept your score.

Neopets The Castle of Eliv Thade Cheats

Getting more points for a higher score

  • If you are looking to get a score that’s good enough to get you an avatar or even a trophy, then you need to play the game in a slightly more strategic way. You’ll need to first collect all four of the items, and then come back to the first hallway, positioned on the lower half of the screen. This hallway leads straight to the crypt, but don’t worry about this for now. Instead, focus on walking around this hallway back and forth. In this safe area, you can get extra points added to your score without concern for cracked tiles. The avatar is 1200 points; therefore, all you need to do is get 850 points by the time you enter the crypt (because you’ll get 350 points at the end on finishing the game)


  • There is a hint button if you are having extra difficulty rearranging any particular word. This will help you to see the first letter of this word. If you are having extra difficulty with any given word, by pressing the hint button repeatedly you can spell out the world one letter at a time. You will only have three hints at the beginning of the game. However, as you progress through the rooms, you will get one more hint for every room that you enter. Therefore, you can get up to seven hints in total by the end.
  • This last point in regards to having 7 hints can be extremely helpful if you spend a lot of the time getting extra bonus points up to the score of 850 for the avatar, but then you’re completely flummoxed by the final anagram in the crypt! If you did happen to keep all 7 of the hints for whatever reason, this would give you a fullproof way of solving the final anagram. However, this depends on your game play and how you proceed through the levels to whether you have any hints left by the end.
  • An extra hint can be received through a secret cheat code! Use the code ‘rehaxtint’ whilst you’re playing the game to get this hint. If you want to use this code to get an extra hint while you’re in the middle of rearranging a word, click on the outside of the text field used to answer the anagram before typing your code.

Solving the anagrams

  • One great way of solving anagrams is to look for common prefixes and suffixes. In The Castle of Eliv Thade – as well as in other games! – common prefixes you’ll find include un- and re-. Common suffixes you will come across in the course of the game include -ing, -ed, -e and -ly; additionally, if you see a letter ‘y’ in an anagram, it’s best to start from the basis that this will be at the end of the word! This is very common.
  • Another great tip is to look for common arrangements that you’ll find in words. One surprising example of this if you haven’t solved anagrams before is that it’s very common for there to be double letters in words. This is where you’ll have two of the same letter next to each other (for example, as seen in common, letter, and rearrange). Therefore, it might help in your game play if you take this as your starting point and look at putting identical consonants next to each other first of all, if you have two or more of the same letter appear in an anagram, in order to decipher the anagrams in front of you.
  • If you see the letter h, there are quite a few common consonant arrangements that go with this, such as gh, th, sh and ch. So try these consonant combinations in order to maximise your chances of solving the anagrams.
  • Often when you are playing, particularly if you’re on the hard setting, you will come across words that aren’t ‘real words’. These will be words that are only see on Neopets and that refer to something on Neopia. There are several resources you can use in order to decipher these, such as Neopets dictionaries floating around the Internet. JellyNeo have helpfully made an Eliv Thade anagram solver for Neopets words. This can help you get through the harder words where you’re stumped on answering them. You can access the Eliv Thade anagram solver at the following link:
  • Additionally to this anagram finder, you can use the following one to solve the other non-Neopian ones: If you’re playing through the game using only anagram finders, it may be best to start with the Neopets one (particularly if you’re playing the harder setting) then move onto the general one if you have no luck with this one.

Miscellaneous Cheats and Tips

  • Wherever possible, try to avoid the broken tiles when you can. 50% chance isn’t that great of a chance when you’re trying to make it to the end of the game!
  • If you’d like to avoid cracked tiles wherever possible, there is a hallway at the bottom of the game which you can walk along in order to avoid them.
  • You can find two secret passages in the game. These can be found by clicking on the hidden tiles between the room you’re in and the room you want to go to. For where these hidden passages can be found and how to get through to the other side, see the guide here to help you out: – remember, you’ll have to answer an anagram on each of these spaces in order to get through. Also, you cannot enter the Crypt until you’ve collected the items from the other four rooms.

The Castle of Eliv Thade: Avatars and Trophies

You will need to achieve at least 1200 points in order to get the Eliv Thade avatar.

If you’re starting late in a month, you should aim at least 4x this amount in order to get a trophy (although it’s always best to aim for trophies at the beginning of the calendar month).

As a single circuit around the whole Castle of Eliv Thade will only get you around 500-600 points, you’ll therefore need to backtrack a lot and play over old ground for a long time in order to get a high score. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using anagram finders and if you don’t lose all your lives; it just takes time! Remember, play on hard if you’re aiming for a trophy or avatar, as those extra points count!

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