Neopets Fyora League

Neopets Fyora League is a league that was recently created by the creator of L97, and it is, as its name says, a league that will take place into the Battledome. Neopets Fyora league will also be based mostly on the Hidden Tower weapons.

Basic Information

Neopets Fyora League is for the hard-hitters, meaning that it will be based mostly on mid-level Hidden Tower that are mid-leveled. These weapons will have some value in the league. The length of the battle is decided after a calculation of the number of turns it will take to to defeat your opponent by using an anagram-level that averages a total of 18 icons. For new Battledomers, it is recommended that you stick, for a while, with the L97, simply because your budget will be more limited and that this Fyora League will require some of the best Hidden Tower weapons that are available in the game. After that, once you become successfully comfortable with the game and the Battledome, you can start saving NP to purchase some of the higher end weapons to be a participant into the Fyora League.

Stats of your Neopet

In Neopets Fyora League, you will want to build up to 300 hit points, 20 STR and 35 DEF points. These stats are like the L97 ones, but note that the only factor that changes is the HP, which are increased by a total of 203 points. You will have to get these stats if you’re looking to participate, simply because the league gives a lot more importance to the weapons used during the game, and the strategy owned by the player, than the actual stats of the pets which can be unfair. During this league, battles will take much more time than L97 battles, but it does actually really depend of your training speed. Because everyone will need a unique build that was described above, it will take sometime to train there. The other stats build will be a 3500 HP, 750 STR and 750 DEF, which is the only other one available, currently, for the Fyora League.

Battle Length

Battles Lengths will bring back the stances. Actually, there is no information regarding the length that a battle will take simply because everyone will come up with a unique strategy, and everyone will be using their personal weapons, which makes it actually impossible. When the Battledome will actually change the stances, the amount of time for each Battle will then, become determinable.

Battles will vary a lot. Sometimes both of the players will go offensive, which can last up to 12 turns, and some other times it will take longer, for example, if they decide to go defensive. Defensive battles can usually take two times longer, meaning approximately 25 turns based on the players, and these turns means a 1 hour match. Though, note that matches will usually not last more than 15 minutes, as what was described above is an extreme situation. Again, the stances will have to be reintroduced into the Battledome in order to choose the perfect timings, but until then, the battles lengths will remain undetermined, simply because each player has his own style of play.


This part is the most important one simply because the League relies on these rules. Note that freezers, during the Fyora League, will be allowed unless both of the two players have decided not to use them. If only one of them agrees, though, and the other player doesn’t, then he is free to use a freezer.

The next rules is that a variety of multi-healers are banned. The banned weapons are Wand of the Dark Faerie, Rod of Dark Nova, Illusens Staff, and the Everlasting Crystal Apple. These weapons are banned simply because you can get too much luck, and get multiple heals when you’re at 30 hp, etc. Since the Wand of the Dark Faerie and the Illusens Staff do not have counter weapons, they will remain banned until then. Alos, the Wand of the Dark Faerie would have to heal a maximum of 60 hit points when the HP of your pet are currently at 60 or less. Because of that, the WoDF is overpowered and will be banned at this time.

Another rule will ban two more weapons from the league simply because they will also have no counter weapons, and they are the Grapes of Wrath and the Super Attack Pea. They will remain banned until counter weapons get released. Currently, these weapons are rated as overpowered, and this is the main reason why they are banned for the league. There has to be some sort of way to be able to encounter a weapon. Any weapon. If there’s a weapon that can not be encountered, then it is just too overpowered and unfair to battle against. All the weapons that will be available during the league will be able to be encountered. For that specific reason, the GoW and SuAP will remain banned unless a new weapon that can “stand” against them is released.

The last rule is that to prevent the battles to take too much time, the anagram clones will get banned out of the league. That means, the Sword of Reif, Sword of Air, Sword of Thigl, Sword of Thare, and the Sword of Tawre are all banned. What is not banned, however, is the Sword of Skardsen. Because the restriction of these weapons, battlers will be able to predict more the weapon that will be used against them, and this rule also makes all of the Hidden Tower with their own “good and bad” advantages.

Hidden Tower Constants

Many Hidden Tower level constants will be common in the Fyora League, like the Sword of Skardsen, the Pirate Captains Cutlass, the Skarl Hasty Mace, and the Kelpbeards Trident. The last mentioned weapon is a solid constant. However, it will get easily blocked, for example, with the Faerie Tabard, by the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield or even by the Fan of Swords. The Sword of Skardsen have the advantage that all its icons are past the Hubrids Nox Memorial Shield. However, that swords disadvantages is that it is weak against, for example, the Ring of the Lost, the Hanso Charisma Charm and against the Ghostkershield.

The Glittery Faerie Dust is a special weapon, since it doesn’t give the opponent the ability to predict it, thus being able to block it. However, you will be wasting a little of your offense and for that reason, this weapon can still be in the league.

Healing Items

Healers such as the Crisp Blue Tunic and the Leaded Elemental Vial have a great importance during battles. The Fyora League total, and starting HP will be 300, which means that both of these healers previously mentioned will be equal. For that reason, both of them will be allowed and are highly recommended.

Finally, the Fyora League is a Battledome league where players, that will have to match certain stats to be able to participate, can enjoy battling against opponents of the same pet level, meaning that the battle itself will be mostly based on weapons and strategies.

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