Top Neopets BD Weapons

Thyoras Tear (r99) – Rating 9.5

Thyoras Tear

Thoyras Tear is a very rare weapon that is quite expensive, priced in the 30 million NP range. It is a once per battle weapon, but it is worth the price. Why you may ask? Its ability to block one hundred percent all of the attack types for a turn certainly makes it a unique weapon, and you could perfectly need it just for that little turn, you know, when you’re almost dead at ~10/xxx HP and it leads you to victory. For 1 player, this weapon is perfect against the weaker challengers, even if it can be crucial for the stronger ones. Thyoras tear will remove any fear in you for a complete turn, where you will have the possibility to annihilate your opponent and take the win.

Illusen’s Staff (r101) – Rating 9.5

Illusens Staff

Illusen’s Staff is a prize that comes from Illusen, which is given at level 50 after completing all of her quests. This weapon has the ultimate ability to block all dark icons. Its icons are 13 earth, between 0,6 to 6 physical, -75% light, which means that 75% of these icons are reflected as dark, and finally a 20% maximum HP heal when your HP is lower than 20%. If you’re looking for a weapon that can be, at the same time, offensive and defensive, then this is the perfect one for you. Unfortunately, because it is only awarded after completion of the last level of Illusen’s quests, it is priced in the 200 million range. Illusen’s Staff multi-healer alone is just perfect, since if you’re battling weak opponent’s, it will be almost impossible for you to lose a battle, unless you leave of course.

Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield (r200) – Rating 9.5

Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield

Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield is a blocker that will block 5 earth icons, 5 air, 5 water, and 5 physical. This shield will also reflect 100% of light icons, which makes it the most powerful shield of all the Hidden Tower. The HNMS will give pressure to your opponent to make him use a fire or a dark weapon, to minimize the effect of this shield. Unfortunately, this shield is banned from L97 fights. If you don’t know what L97 is, please refer to Neopets L97 Battles. If you’re going after 1 players fights, though, this shield will be one of your perfect choices.

Parasol of Unfortunate Demise (r98) rating – 9.5

Parasol of Unfortunate Demise

The Parasol of Unfortunate Demise is the perfect shield for pets with a lower defense, and it will correspond to a very reasonable budjet. Having this full blocker in your set, you will be able to have a great advantage, because you will then be able to block a massive amount of water and earth icons. This shield is even better for lab rat pets. The only inconvenient for this shield is that its effect is diminished in league play, which means that Dr. Sloths Perosonal Body Armour is the upgrade to this weapon, which will require some more NP savings.

U-Bend of Great Justice – Rating 9.3

U-Bend of Great Justice

U-Bend of Great Justice will reflect between 80 to 100% of water icons and its price is in the millions range, which is a reasonable price for the effect it provides. Because of its ability to reflect that many icons, the U-Bend of Great Justice can be hard to find, but if it is in your BD set, you will cause eventually last-minute havoc, making your opponent in fear of battling you again. If your opponent has water-heavy weapons, then you can consider the battle to be already game over. Some of the strongest weapons such as Kepbeards Trident and Sword of Tawre are all weapons that can do nothing against the U-Bend of Great Justice, which is what makes this weapon truly unique.

Ultra Dual Shovel (r99) – Rating 9.3

Ultra Dual Shovel

The Ultra Dual Shovel will reflect a good amount of your opponent’s icons back to them, which consists of 75% earth damage. This reflector can be used against the more powerful weapons that can be present in the BD when you’re playing in single player mode, or even if it is a 2-player battle. It will resist the Attack Pea, Seasonal Attack Pea, Super Attack Pea, Grapes of Wrath, Illusen’s Staff, Sword of Thare and Ghostkerbomb, simply because of its ability to reflect 3/4 earth icons. Even if, for example, the SuAP has 2 massive elements, it will reduce the amount of damage that can be done to you by a lot, because the SuAP will only have 1/4 of its earth icons to get to you. For 17m NP, this weapon is relatively expensive. For a lower budget, you may try the Shovel Plus, which costs roughly 35k NP.

Moehog Skull (r101) – Rating 9.3

Moehog Skull

The Moehog Skull is the best freezer in all Neopia, and it is even one of the strongest weapons that exists in the game. Its ability to be a 100% freezer, to have attack icons AND to defend makes it surely a one-kind-weapon. You will be given a full power round when you are the next one to attack. The Moehog Skull can be won through all Haunted Woods scratchcards, accoring to TNT in the Neopian Times editorial, but know that it is very rare. The only reason this weapon doesn’t have a 10 is because of its price, which is between 300 and 400 million NP, and that is if you find one for sale. With 25 icons, the Moehog Skull is not comparable to other freezers, as it is just perfect. For a more common and less expensive 100% freezer, you can find the Sleep Ray which also has 4 defense icons. Alternatively, the Heavy Blue Tunic is also a good freezer which has 9 icons of defense.

Super Attack Pea (r101) – Rating 9.3

Super Attack Pea

The Super Attack Pea is actually the strongest weapon in Neopets, which can do a total of 32 constant icons ranking it above all other weapons. Its price, though, is unbelievably high because it was once a cove item, and it will never restock there anymore. Only about 300 are in circulation and if you’re looking to purchase one, you will need a pretty high budget to get rid off. This weapon is also the greatest when it comes to comparing it to other peas from the Attack Pea family. Having this in your set will surely increase you win rate and will fear your opponents. Not only that, but it will even give you a unique Avatar once attached to your Pea Chia, which is one of the more sought after Avatars in Neopets.

Leaded Elemental Vial (r99) Rating 9.3

Leaded Elemental Vial

The Leaded Elemental Vial is one of the cheapest full healing items that can be found on Neopets, costing in the 20 million NP range. This is actually the little brother of the Jade Scorchstone, but the only inconvenient is that you can get fooled when trying to equip this to your pet, as you can also let him drink it leading to a total loss of ~20 million NP. Otherwise, though, since the Leader Elemental Vial is a full heal potion, it is easily a must-to-have weapon in the BD.

Crisp Blue Tunic (r99) – Rating 9.3

Crisp Blue Tunic

The Defence of the Crisp Blue Tunic depends of the intelligence of your pet. Whenever your pet reaches the 750 intelligence and has the Crisp Blue Tunic successfully equipred with him, he will be able to drain as much as 100 HP from your opponent to heal himself. However, you will not be able to win this way, as both players must have 101 HP less than their maximum. Alternatively, there is the bag of healing dust that can get you 50% of your full HP, if your budget doesn’t let you purchase the Leaded Elemental Vial or the Jade Scorchstone, but also because the bag’s price is not much higher than the Crisp Blue Tunic, and will require no intelligence at all. The only advantage from the Crisp Blue Tunic is that you will be able to take off 100 HP from your opponent directly, without forgetting the fact that it will block 2 earth and 2 water icons.

Jade Elixir (r99) – Rating 9.3

Jade Elixir

This single use Jade Elixir is cheap enough when you really need it. Because it is very cheap, you will be able to purchase few of this items and keep them only for important battles. It does the same effect as the Jade Scorchstone, but it is one use only, which means that it will vanish when you use it. Of course, this item is not made for you to play against hundreds of challengers and use it, but more importantly for the few serious battles that you will have to do, for example, in a plot, to battle a friend, your worst enemy, etc, otherwise you would run out of NP. You can use the Jade Elixir the time while you save your NP for a Jade Scorchstone, which is crucial in a combat and essential.

Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy (r200) – Rating 9.3

Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy

Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy is a Hidden Tower weapon that is a good weapon to have in a set of equipment, simply because of its 14 icons. It is relatively cheap, which means in the 2 million range, unless you purchase it through the 10% HT discount day. Because of its icons, it is somewhat difficult to block and will result in a great 1 on 1 advantage, as you would have purchased the Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy for as low as 2m NP, and saved the rest to buy better equipment. If this weapon is in your BD set, it will surely increase your chance of winning.

Wand of the Dark Faerie (r130) – Rating 9.2

Wand of the Dark Faerie

The Wand of the Dark Faerie is a price that can be obtained from Jhudora’s Bluff after completing the last level, which is level 50. Since the quests you will be given by Jhudora will be very hard for the fact that you will have to bring various r99 items, thus making many people actually fail before reaching level 40, the Wand of the Dark Faerie price is roughly at 140 million NP. It is also more expensive than the Illusen’s Staff because Jhudoras quests are actually harder, and because this wand is much more stronger. The Wand of the Dark Faerie has an average of 25 icons, a 75% light reflect and a 25% healing of your max HP whenever you have less than 25% max HP. Think: you have a multi use unlimited healing with 25 icons. How can one possibly lose with this item? It is just impossible, unless you die in front of your computer during the bloody battle.

Ghostkerbomb (r200) – Rating 10


Actually, I give the Ghostkerbomb a 10 because of its uniqueness. Its ability to knock off your enemy by doing 10 earth icons, 10 fire icons and from 1 to 10 physical icons surely makes this weapon unbeatable and even stronger than the pricey Maractite Bomb. Unfortunately, it is a once per battle use, but it will surely do a lot of damage when you will throw it at your opponent. It is a HT weapon and will cost you 7 million NP, but it is certainly worth the price. Its average icons are 25 make this weapon at the head of the BD. The only weapon(s) that can do more damage are the Super Attack Pea and the Seasonal Attack Pea, which grant the Ghostkerbomb the third most powerful BD weapon available to players.

Sword of Reif (r200) – Rating 9.2

Sword of Reif

Sword of Reif is a good weapon for those who are looking for a massive fire battle, and it is one of the most difficult weapons to block when it is being used against. The reason behind that is because the cheaper items that can reduce its damage are currently only the Clawed Shield along with the A Shovel. Because of its capacity to be very hard to block, it is ranked as one of the best swords in the game.

Rod of Dark Nova (r180) – Rating 9.2

Rod of Dark Nova

Rod of Dark Nova can be considered like a full shield against two of the stronger icons, which are dark and fire. Not only it will block all of them, but it will also add two dark icons and 2 fire icons damage to your opponent. Also, it will heal your pet by 6 – 60 HP, which can be used to your advantage. This is also very good against the Sword of Reif, which is a pure fire and physical weapon. Unfortunately, this weapon has a rating of 9 for the only reason that it is retired, meaning that it will be priced in the 200 million NP range. Even if you had that much NP, you would rather spend it on other weapons instead of a two elements blocking rod.

Lucky Robots Foot (r120) – Rating 9.0

Lucky Robots Foot

Being a 100% healer, the Lucky Robots Foot is certainly a great weapon to have. The worst that can happen to prevent you from actually using this weapon is it being stolen from you, for example, by the Heavy Robe of Thievery. Also, just like the Jade Elixir, this weapon is a single use only, which means that you should only be using it for important battles. Battling one of your friends, worst enemy or battling in a plot are all examples where this item can be used. Of course, you will not be able to buy thousands of this item to battle against thousands of opponents, because you would then run out of NP. If your budget lets you, the Jade Scorchstone or its brother the Leaded Elemental Vial would be what you need. It is recommended that before you purchase the Lucky Robots Foot, you check the Jade Elixir’s price to know which of both is the cheapest, so that you can save NP since they have the same effect on you, meaning a full heal.

Kacheek Life Potion (r92) – Rating 9.0

Kacheek Life Potion

The Kacheek Life Potion will heal 33% of your maximum HP when your maximum HP is at 33% or less, and will fully heal your pet when it is above 33% of its max HP. Better than the Bag of Healing Dust which only heals 50% of your max HP, the Kacheek Life Potion will match perfectly your budget if you can’t afford the Leaded Elemental Vial or the Jade Scorchstone, which both are full healers. However, this weapon can not be considered as a full healer, because you will need more than 33% of your HP to actually get there, which means that this weapon is a 66% healer. It is recommended to use the Kacheek Life Potion when your HP is below the 40% mark, as you can not know your next opponent’s move. Because of its price, this weapon will suit perfectly your needs, and can be also used the time you get yourself a full healer. Then, you will be able to resell it without a problem and earn extra NP.

Entangling Lenny Lasso (r97) – Rating 9.0

Entangling Lenny Lasso

A perfect 100% freezer than can be used once per battle, the Entangling Lenny Lasso which does the same effect as the Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing. The advantage of this weapon, is that it has a way more reasonable price, giving it a pretty good reputation also because of its ability to be obtainable by the new BD starters.

Thick Smoke Bomb (r101) – Rating 9.0

Thick Smoke Bomb

Have you ever dreamed of having the Thyoras Tear but had insufficient NP to purchase it? No problem, the Thick Smoke Bomb offers you a chance to respond to your needs by having totally the same effect. The only thing that you will have to note is that it will be a one use only item. It costs approximately 10k NP, though, which is really affordable. If you’re saving up for the Thyoras Tear, you can purchase few Thick Smoke Bombs in the meantime. However, only use them when you are actually in need of a 100% all-icon blocker, because you do not want to waste 10k NP over nothing. For that reason, bring one with you when you know you’re battling a serious opponent, or against a challenger that you absolutely want to beat. Otherwise, keep it in your SDB to avoid losing 10k NP over and over.

Faerie Tabard (r200) – Rating 9.0

Faerie Tabard

The Faerie Tabard is obtainable from the hidden tower at 7.5M NP, which is very reasonable for a 100% water block and a total of 16 icons. You should certainly go after this weapon, especially if you can not afford the U-Bend of Great Justice, which is very highly priced. If you are battle against an opponent that has the water at his top of his strategies, the Faerie Tabard will surely make you comfortable and raise the doubt in him, giving you a better chance to take the battle.

Bag of Healing Dust (r99) – Rating 9.0

Bag of Healing Dust

The Bag of Healing Dust’s ability to heal 50% of your max HP at half of a normal full healer price can certainly make the difference between a win or a loss. If you mostly play against 1 player opponents and have absolutely no interest in the 2 player challenges, then the Bag of Healing Dust will surely increase your win-rate, giving you a better overall ranking and a greater self-esteem.

Ylanas Blaster (r101) – Rating 9.0

Ylanas Blaster

As a event prize, the Ylanas Blaster, doing a little more than 12.5 icons will surely make a battle more interesting in 1 player mode. As for the 2 player battles, it is not really recommended simply because it can be easily blocked by the Sophies Magic Hat, by Solar Flare Shield, Wanderers Cloak, and mostly by the Scarab Ring. For this reason, it is more a 1 player battle, because your opponents are the computer and don’t have a brain to “establish a strategy”. For 1 million NP, you can surely have fun with the Ylanas Blaster, the time you save up your NP for a better weapon. If you’re not into 2 player Battles, then you should just keep it permanently.

Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting (r101) – Rating 9.0

Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting

If you’re after the unlucky event prizes, the Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting can be perfectly one of them with a total icons of 13. However, it is not as unlucky as you may think. This sword has been known to smash opponents through the last minute and give the opportunity to the “about-to-lose” fighter to win. For 1 million NP, not only you will have a legendary sword, but you will also be able to take down some of the most hatred opponents you will face. Make sure that you don’t come across a Rusty Pitchfork or a Deadly Pugio, though, because your legendary sword will turn into a piece of useless metal then.

Flask of Liquid Fire (r94) – Rating 9.0

Flask of Liquid Fire

Being able to do between 6 and 10 fire icons along with some extra 2 to 4 light damage for only 300 NP, the Flask of Liquid Fire is the must-to-have weapon for new players who have recently joined the game. The Flask of Liquid Fire will dramatically give you a power boost until you get yourself better weapons, and it will also make you win against many of the 1-player challengers until then. Not only that, but it is also a multi-use item so you can consider this item as a “free weapon”, in other words. The only thing you will have to consider, is to boost up your pet’s intelligence to 30 before using the Flask of Liquid Fire, otherwise it will be useless. A wide range of 1 NP books are offered to you, which can boost your pet’s intelligence in almost no time for as low as 100 NP total.

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