Neopets Neverending Boss Battle

Neopets Neverending Boss Battle is a game where you control a small spaceship, trying to destroy Dr. Sloth’s enormous spaceship by shooting it. True to its name, Neverending Boss Battle never ends unless you lose all of your lives. If you can earn a high score, you can receive this handy trophy.






You start the game with three lives, and with each life you start with 100% armour integrity. Each time you get hit by one of your enemy’s attacks, you lose 20%. Once you get down to 0%, you move on to your next life (or lose the game, if you were on your last life).


You can move your ship in several ways:

-To move up, press the Up arrow key or the 8 key on your number pad.

-To move down, press the Down arrow key or the 2 key on your number pad.

-To move left, press the Left arrow key or the 4 key on your number pad.

-To move right, press the Right arrow key or the 6 key on your number pad.

-Press the space bar or the X key to fire.

-Press the Z key or the 7 key on your number pad to strafe left (means you move left, but you stay facing the same direction).

-Press the C key or the 9 key on your number pad to strafe right.


Right, now that you know how to move and attack, we need to look at the more complex stuff.




Every now and then while you’re playing, a power-up will appear and begin to move around the screen. There are six different power-ups, and they only last for a few seconds each – and you can only have one at a time. If you grab a power-up while another one is active, the new one will replace the old one.

Here, I’m going to place them in order from least helpful to most helpful.


This power-up gives you a temporary speed boost. I don’t think it’s very helpful, because you’re already pretty fast, and there are much more helpful power-ups to get.


This power-up allows you to shoot faster while it is active. I don’t like this one because if you’re trying to get a high score, your focus should be to stay alive, and to get points only when you have a good opportunity.


This power-up lets you fire two lasers at a time instead of one. I used to think this was a great one, but like I said earlier, you should be trying to stay alive, not get points quickly.


This power-up teleports you to a random spot on the screen when one of Sloth’s spaceship’s attacks hits you. While it is very helpful – it’s basically immunity to damage – there are two power-ups that I like better.


With this power-up, any of your attacks that don’t hit the spaceship will rebound off the walls of the screen, going back toward your enemy. I really like this one, because you can be facing any which way, and your attacks are likely to hit the spaceship eventually. You can be evading the attacks and still get points.


But this is the best power-up of them all. It gives you a complete shield for a few seconds. While it is active, any attack that hits you will just disappear, and your armour integrity will stay the same. You can use this time to shoot at the enemy and get at least a hundred points. It’s by far the best power-up to get. (It’s also the power-up you start off with when you lose your first and second lives.)


Sloth’s Attacks


Sloth has five different attacks that he will use to try to kill you. Here, they will be listed from least dangerous to most dangerous, based on experience.


The least dangerous is Sloth’s death laser. If it touches you, you lose a life, no matter how much armour you had (if you have a shield, though, you’ll be safe). This might make you think it’s more dangerous than all of the others, but this is the easiest to avoid. Just make sure that the ship is never facing you directly, and the laser won’t pose a threat.


Another very deadly weapon is the turret near the middle of the ship; when it starts to charge, it charges for a few seconds and then fires a laser for a couple more seconds. However, because you’re constantly moving, you won’t be in its range most of the time.


Sloth will sometimes shoot bursts of small lasers. They travel in a straight line from the front of the ship, and two rows of them are always fired at the same time. However, there’s a space in between them that can keep you safe (although you should be trying not to let the ship face you directly, remember?).


Sloth’s most common weapon is his random blue shots. There’s no rhyme or reason to when they shoot or where they’ll go, so you just need to be on the lookout for them all the time.


And the most dangerous weapon you’ll face is the homing missle. They always fire two at a time, and they’ll be aiming for you. You need to outrun them, while still avoiding the other attacks on the screen, until they selfdestruct.




Basically, what you’ll want to do is be flying circles around the ship constantly. Whenever Sloth is slowly turning toward you, you can take the opportunity to shoot at him, but once he’s close to facing you, resume flight. Don’t be greedy with your shooting, always be on the lookout for danger. Whenever you see a shield, be sure to get it (but don’t put yourself in danger to get it); spend the next few seconds racking up points, then get away from Sloth before the shield disappears.


Neopets Neverending Boss Battle Cheats


-Type ‘foreverandeverandever’ while playing to get an extra life… but make sure you don’t lose a life while typing it, it’s pretty long.

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