Neopets Mysterious Negg Cave Guide

The Mysterious Negg Cave is a hidden spot in Shenkuu where you can travel to for a very unique daily. Solve the puzzle and you can be presented with some very neat prizes!

Mysterious Negg Cave


The cave, like the Hidden Tower, isn’t right out in the open! To find it, either use this direct and convenient link or head over to Shenkuu and click the area that I have circled in the image below, in the top right-hand corner:

Neopets Mysterious Negg CaveMake sure the click the top of that shadow and not the side,
or else you’ll find yourself at Remarkable Restoratives.


This puzzle might be a little difficult to grasp at first but you’ll be a pro once you get the hang of it!

▻ Negg Cave Basics

There can only be three of each symbol on the board, and only one symbol of each color. Here are the symbols:

Mysterious Negg Cave

As you can see, there are three wind icons, three fire icons, and three water icons (top to bottom), and then three purple icons, three red icons, and three yellow icons. There can only be one of each symbol-color combination on the board to complete the puzzle.

▻ Negg Cave Board

Before you begin the game, consult the game board. You’ll be given some “clues,” i.e. some icons and/colors and some indication of where they go on the board. Here’s the puzzle we’ll be using for the rest of this guide:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.30.09 PMThe clues are on the left and the game board is on the right. Look, it’s shaped like a negg!

▻ Solving the Negg Cave Puzzle

Most of this game is cause-and-effect, and process of elimination, much like Sudoku. For example, look at the clues we’ve been given above. See the line of red symbols? There is only one possible place for that string to go, so let’s put them in:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.35.11 PM

Now we are left with our last two clues: the firewaterwater string and the airairfire string. What’s important here is the position of these strings. The firewaterwater string clearly needs to fit it in the top, middle, and bottom lines, since it’s a stack of three. Because we already have the red string going through the center of the negg puzzle, there is only one place for each of these strings to fit. Let’s start with the firewaterwater string:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.41.52 PM

As you can see, I took the firewaterwater clue (top-left clue) and put it in the only place on the game board that it would fit. Now, there are three empty spaces left on the board. Luckily, we have a three-symbol clue left: the airairfire string (bottom-center clue). It fits perfectly in the spaces provided:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.44.19 PM

You might notice that based on the clues, the answer to the puzzle lines up the symbols: the first vertical row is all three wind symbols, the middle vertical row is all three fire symbols, and the third vertical row is all three water symbols. Sometimes, when the clues are less clear cut as they were in this puzzle, symmetry or order such as this can be a clue to the puzzle’s answer. The answer is not always based on this sort of order, but it can be, so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

If you try out an answer and lick “Submit,” and it tells you that you’re wrong, I suggest clearing the board and starting over (just click “Clear All”). You can follow all of the clues and still have to try a couple of different combinations, because sometimes the clues will not give the whole answer. Just be patient and try all of the remaining combinations, and you’ll get it!


The prizes that can be won from the Negg Cave are random, including the avatar. Read below to see what you could win:

▻ Item prizes

A Nimmo Music Extravaganza

Aisha Cheeseburger

Aisha Riceball

Ancient Shenkuu Cannon

Angry Emoticon Hearts


Aquatic Arrangement

Artichoke Dumplings

Baby Scorchio Plushie

Bag of Infinite Neggs


Blue Ruki Plushie

Boots of Leaping

Bottle of Shenkuu Ink

Brown Rice Bowl

Camouflage Ruki Marionette

Chilli Stir Fry

Chocolate Kougra Pudding

Cobrall Root

CoffChai Blended Tea

Creamy Stick Biscuit

Cyodrake Scratching Post

Cyodrakes Gaze Keychain

Dark Vine Potion

Exotic Fried Noodles

Exotic Ingredients of Shenkuu

Extreme Shenkuu

Fresh Bamboo Chair

Fruit and Vegetable Hand Roll

Fruity Taffy


Gold Gem Negg

Green Cyodrake Plushie

Grilled Stuffed Tofu

Hair Chopsticks


Iced Soy Chai Latte

Karate for Beginners


Kentari Stamp

Linae Stamp

Lucky Pandaphant Doll

Negg Latte

Negg Noodles

Neggy Custard Pie

Nimmo – Now and Zen

Pandaphant Puppet

Paper Dagger

Parasol of Unfortunate Demise

Purple Hasee Plushie

Pygui Hand Puppet

Pygui Nesting Dolls

Quintilc Throwing Star

Red Poogle Morphing Potion

Relaxing Shenkuu Rock Garden

Shenkuu City Stamp

Soothing Stones

Ultimate Icy Negg

Vanilla Gnorbu Biscuit

White Squid Root

Zen Bed

▻ BattleDome Challenger

Successfully completing the puzzle can award you the Neggbreaker as a BattleDome challenger! This is completely random, so just keep at it and you’ll get the Neggbreaker eventually.

▻ Avatar

Like the BattleDome Challenger, winning the avatar is completely random:

Randomly awarded after successfully completing the puzzle in the Mysterious Negg Cave.


  • This daily began after the Y14 Festival of Neggs.

Author: Sarah

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