Neopets Kacheek and Seek

In Kacheek and Seek, you start off with your active neopet asking you for a round of hide and seek. Depending on what area you choose decides how difficult it will be to find your pet. There’s Easy Peasy, Medium, Hard, and Quite Hard.

The more difficult the hiding area is, the more neopoints you can earn, (up to 30np a game) but remember! The longer it takes to find your pet, the less points you’ll earn. The game is fairly easy; there’s between five to fifteen places for your pet to hide on the map that pops up, depending on which level of difficulty you choose. For example, there’s five in Easy Peasy and fifteen in Quite Hard. You can use your mouse to hover and click, however it’s easier (and faster) to surf through the game with tab and enter. This also makes it easier to find the hiding spots.

As you hunt down your active neopet, you’ll see him/her give hints like ‘Getting warmer!’ or ‘No, getting colder…’ to let you know if you’re getting closer or further away.

-avatar image to the left- The only upside to this game is the avatar. Whether you’re looking to increase your avatar count for lending purposes or account improvement, or you look forward to using this on the boards; it’s a must have and on the same level of ‘easy’ as any clickable avatar. The easiest route to getting this avatar would be sticking to ‘Easy Peasy’ as there’s less spots for your pet to hide and you’ll find him/her quickly. Don’t forget; if you spend too much time looking, your pet will become bored (like any kid you can’t find in hide and seek) and won’t hide anymore for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, you can’t change active pets and get another one of your pets to continue playing. It’s almost as if word got around that you’re not too good at the ‘seek’ in Kacheek and Seek…

This game isn’t a good way to make neopoints, so I’m sure once you get the avatar you’ll forget this game even exists!

I know I did.

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