Neopets League 54

Neopets League 54 is a Battledome league that will give you the opportunity to train the cheap way, and where many of the best weapons will be bought from the Shop Wizard. Neopets League 54 will not only give you the opportunity to train up the inexpensive way, but will also give you a chance to win with equipment that cost as low as 4 million NP (just like how the winner of the first L54 league has won).


The L54 is the one that will decide whenever a league will be scheduled. There is no absolute fixed dates, and you will have to check its status from time to time, if you are looking to participate in it.


The rules is what can maintain the league the way it is. For that reason, below you will find a list that will explain briefly what you will have to do in order to participate, and what will not be tolerated/allowed. Note that to participate you must have your HP at 54, your Strength Points between 13 and 19, and your defence points between 35 and 54.

Rule #1: You will not be allowed to have weapons that will do more than 10.0 attack icons. 10.0 is the maximum and everything that can do higher icons than 10.0 is banned from the L54 tournaments.

Rule#2: You will not be allowed to have dual-duties that will do more than 13.0 attack icons. 13.0 is the maximum and everything that can do higher icons than 13.0 is banned from the L54 tournaments.

Rule #3: The full blockers, which means the items that will block 100% of a single icon, and with an attack of more than 5.0 icons will not be allowed during the L54 tournament. Some examples of these restricted weapons are: Hanso Charisma Charm, and Skarls Amulet.

Rule #4: You will not be able to use healers that will heal you with more than 60 HP, and more than 50 HP if overhealed. The Leaded Elemental Vial is allowed simply because it will refill your starting HP, meaning 54 on 54. However, the Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic will be banned from the tournament because it will heal 75 HP, and it is more than 60 HP. For that reason, you will have to respect these limits.

Rule #5: Few shields are banned from the tournament and they are those that will attack their opponent. All other shields will be allowed.

Rule #6: All reflectors are allowed unless these reflectors will not match other rules. The Dark Faerie Collar, even if it is a reflector, breaks other rules and therefore it is not allowed.

Rule #7: The only Faerie Abilities that are allowed, can be of level 1, 5 and 10, nothing else.

Rule #8: You will not be able to use HP drainers like the Battle Plunger, the Glowing Cauldron and the Cursed Elixir.

Rule #9: Stealers will not be allowed. Multihealers and Freezers will also not be allowed.

Rule #10: Only few single-use items will be allowed, and they are the Jade Elixir, the Life Giver, the Lucky Robots Foot and the Amulet of Life. All the other single use items are not allowed, meaning they are banned.

Rule #11: Few once-per-battle items will not be allowed like. These weapons are the Caustic Potion and Mud Mixture. All other items that are once-per-battle are allowed.

Rule #12: You will not be able to use boons that were awarded during the Obelisk Battleground during the L54 league, if they affect the gameplay.

Rule #13: You will have to provide a cure for your opponent, by purchasing it yourself for him, if you decide to give him a disease during a battle.

Rule #14: This rule have listed all the weapons that are not allowed and banned from the L54 league. These weapons are: Thyoras Tear, Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, Caustic Potion, Mud Mixture, Scroll of Three Curses, Ghostkershield, Faerie Tabard, Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour, and the Castle Defenders Shield.

Rule #15: This rule have listed all the weapons that are exceptions, thus can be used during the L54 league. These weapons break one or more of the previous rules, but will be allowed to use during the tournaments of L54. These weapons are: Twisted Dark Dagger, Deadly Pugio, Devious Top Hat and Cane, and Fighting Folder.

L54 Required Build

If you’re looking to participate in the L54 tournaments, you must have a pet that has its HP of 54, 13 STR and 35 DEF. For the STR, since a pet with 13 points can do the same damage as a pet with 19 points, if you have points that are no more, no less than these, then you will be fine. Same thing for defense, which will require you to get between 35 and 54 points.

Few Strategies

When battling an opponent, you will have to consider a few aspects that will determine if a battle is good or not. For the first aspect, choose a good set of equipment, because otherwise you will not stand a chance against your enemies. You may be asking what a good set is. Bear in mind that you have no information regarding your opponent (whether he has a good set or not, if he has a strategy and if he is prepared). Some of the most common combos that were recorded being used in the L54 can be took into consideration so that one can purchase equipment to be prepared against these. Try to keep an eye about the most used combos too, so that you will know how to defend yourself, etc.

Another thing to note is that you should focus on the advantage you can get. You will not be able to know the precision of your opponent, and for that reason you will not know what to do at first. However, the idea that you should keep in mind is that it is best to deal the higher amount of icons to your opponent for each single turn. Since both pets will have the exact same stats, that way, you will be in the lead.

Try to get a good healing turn, when it is for you to play and to choose if your pet is going to win, or if he is going to draw. You should decide that when the battle comes near its end. For example, if you think that it is a no-win on your side, and that you will have to make a draw. At that time, never worry about your HP and attack your opponent massively, so that you can try to get him at 0 HP, while you become at 0 HP too. However, if you think that the battle is favorable for you, simply defend yourself and attack your opponent. However, it will be harder to win than to draw but keep in mind that if you’re going for a draw, then your opponent is surely going after a win. If you’re going after a win, then your opponent is surely going after a draw.

During a battle, always pay attention to the weapons and to the abilities he will use against you. If your opponent uses all of his weapons, then boom, you know his complete set and you can start playing in your favor.

Some Answers

The frequently asked questions concerning the L54 will be described below.

During an L54 tournament, what should I have in my set?
It is considered that you have a healer and 7 different items that will do a total of 10 icons, good shields and dual-duties. L54 will require your to have a good defense when you start going offensive, for that reason you should consider having various types of equipment and not just pure attack, or pure defense.

What is the amount of time a L54 battle will take?
It does really depend about who is battling who and the amount of lag that can be found in the battle, if there is any. Usually, if the game lags a lot and the players decide to go offensive, the fight can take up from 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, if it is running smoothly and players are playing regularly, then the battle may take from 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Again, it all depends of the players and of the equipment they’ve brought with them to fight.

What is the number of turns that are usually found in a L54 battle?

The number of turns is based if the battlers are going defensive or offensive. If there is a lot of defense, then the battle can go up to 15-18 turns, which is very high. However, they will usually last for about 10 turns for them to complete.

I’m looking for the best healer. Recommendations?

You should note that it all depends of your strategy. However, the Purple Scorchstone is the best healer for the L54 tournament, because of its ability to overheal. It is a bit pricey, though, so if you don’t have the NP to purchase it, then you should go after other types of healers.

My Budget is limited. How much should I start with?

As low as 500k NP can get you a good start.

NP to get a good BD set?

At least 5 million NP. With that amount, you will also be able to purchase the Purple Scorchstone to have it in your set of equipment.

But there are people that spend 50M + on L54

Of course, there are. However, the L54 doesn’t actually require that you put all these NP and Drazu, the user who has won the first L54 tournament, has done that with a BD set of 4 million NP.

Where can I find my L54 rank?

L54 rankings are not official yet. Keep an eye, though, it may come someday.

Finally, the L54 is a good competitive league that offers you a chance to win against the greatest battlers of all time, simply because the battling pets will have lower stats, meaning that every one can get there, and because the BD equipment is not very expensive to have.

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