Neopets Hasee Bounce

What is this game!?

I am glad you came across this game because man oh man is it addictive!? Nothing quite makes you want to keep playing then two little Hasees named Woogy and Jimmy, being flung in the air to catch Doughnutfruits all day long. These two little guys just want to eat as many Doughnutfruts as they can but they need your help!

To Play:

This game is really easy to get the hang of but unfortunately it has all the characteristics of a luck based game. You can attempt this many times but you need to have a lucky streak.

Picture this: Two Haees being flung into the air by the sea-saw action. All you need is your mouse and patience.

To start off Press “Start Game” and watch the counter count down from 3. You will see the Orange Hasee on the top of the branch and the Purple Hasee on the right hand side of the sea-saw. Your objective is to click your mouse (or space bar) when there are Doughnutfruits flying across the screen and use your mouse to move (or arrow keys) to direct the way you want them to move.

There are two key things for this game. 1) collect the special Doughnutfruits ( you read when there is going to be a special one fly across)

and not special- yellow ones

2) collect the letter that fly across the screen. Purple matching with the purple Hasee and Orange letters matching with the orange Hasee

The orange Hasee is falling so that the purple Hasee can get his purple letter

Doughnutfruit Values

Each Doughnutfruit is worth different amount of points. This is a list of ones you will come across during your game time. Some are more common than others, well really the higher the points the least common it will be so get those bad boys once they come around.

(Tip if you get two doughnut fruits in one jump then the second on you touch will be worth double that Doughnut fruits score. So if I touch a yellow one which is worth 1 point then touch a blue one that is worth 3 points I would end up getting 7 points. But if I hit the blue one first and then the second one I would only get 5 points – so you can see where the luck comes in. Also if you can get 3 in a row or even 4 the points will increase dramatically).


Picture Name Points
Yellow Doughnutfruit Yellow Doughnutfruit +1
Blue Doughnutfruit Blue Doughnutfruit +3
Green Doughnutfruit Green Doughnutfruit +4
Silver Doughnutfruit Silver Doughnutfruit +5
Golden Doughnutfruit Golden Doughnutfruit +10
Checkered Doughnutfruit Checkered Doughnutfruit +12
Sponge Doughnutfruit Sponge Doughnutfruit +15
Fiery Doughnutfruit Fiery Doughnutfruit +18
Icy Doughnutfruit Icy Doughnutfruit +20
Rainbow Doughnutfruit Rainbow Doughnutfruit +40
Fish Doughnutfruit Fish Doughnutfruit +50
The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy +42
Letter Doughnutfruits Letter Doughnutfruits +2
+2 Secs

(Tip: The word doughnutfruit will refill the timer. The best way to do this is type the word but don’t type the last ‘t’ at the very end when you are about to die, that’s when you type it so that should help you get the result you want to.)

The Dreaded Letters

The reason why I saying ‘dreaded’ is because there have been many occasions where I can be jumping for 20 seconds and I have no seen one letter Doughnutfruit. *stupid luck!*
These are the most important parts of this game. Without them you cannot keep going. To get one of these letters you need to grab it with the same coloured Hasee! That is you cannot get a Purple letter with an orange Hasee, like I mentioned before. The word ‘Hasee’ will be in the middle of your screen. This is vital for you to keep spelling this word out. It allows you to gain extra time per letter you score and every word you complete you gain an extra 20 seconds (told you it was needed!) If you are lucky enough however to spell the word out in a single colour then you are awarded 40 seconds instead. This is harder and some people say it is worth it but it would be up to you.
(Tip: If you start collecting one colour leave it until the last 20 seconds to then go to both colours. That 40seconds could be better than 20seconds extra)

Should I Collect Everything?

The answer to that is NO! These images are things you really need to advoid. Your Hasees if they touch these will not be able to collect anything for a short period of time. This could be so disappointing if you go through that needed letter and you are unable o do it. (Note: only the Hasee that has touch the bad item will be unable to collect Doughnutfruits)

Should I Just Jump?

To answer that one I’m afriad the answer is again no. You need to be watching both directions ( like you do when you cross the road.) When you first start and you click to let the Orange Hasee fall you need to see what the Orange hasee will collect as well as what the purple one will when he jumps up. You can moving both Hasees when they are in the air. To control one Hasee to go left while you want the other one to go right you will need to be fast in order to collect the Fruits you want. It takes roughly 2 seconds for the Hasee to fall from the branch of the tree to hit the sea-saw then another 2 from the sea-saw to the branch.

As you collect more Letters the game speed will go fast- meaning the letetrs and Doughnutfruits going across the screen not the falling and jumping of the Hasees.

I tend to clik, collect and wait to see if any words pop up or letters fly passed. I also like to leave my Hasees for both sides on the outside of the sea-saw. That to me gives me the best possible advantage for the next jump.

Hasee Bounce Cheats:

There are a few things that you can also view while playing this game/ cheats for you to use.

As I mentioned before you can use “doughnutfruit” to reset the timer in the game.
You can also type in ‘pleasegivemeonemillionneopointsthankyouhasees‘ which allows you to… well you check that one out!

So good luck with this game currently there is no avatar for it but you can get a few nifty trophies depending on what score you achieve and when you attempt it.

Gold TrophySilver TrophyBronze Trophy

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