Neopets Time Tunnel

Neopets Time Tunnel is a cool game that can be found at Kreludor. The resistance of agent Gorix has a sealed large vault with a code-based locking mechanism. Of course, you will not have to be a programmer or an engineer to play this game. You actually never know what can be behind the stone door. Gorix wants to know and that’s why he’s there. Neopets Time Tunnel is one of the “special” games that will award a trophy for a specific certain amount of points (being maximum 100th on the high score table).

Game control

Your main objective, in Time Tunnel, is to find a solution to a combination of twelve randomly-generated codes whereas some are from four colored stones. Codes will only be of combinations of white, black, red and blue, at the beginning of the game, as the game goes further, more colors will be added, meaning the game will get a little harder. The colors orange plus the sixth code, the purple and the tenth. This game is about guess. To submit it, you will have to click on four round stones (that are located in the center of the code dial) in order the select the colors you want. After that, press the yellow button of Unlock. It is located on the right of the screen. Note that if your guess is not valid, it will be returned to the outer edge up with four circles next to it. You may be wondering what the circles are. They are stones with colors indication if it is in the right position or not. In addition, white circles mean that a stone is not in the correct color nor in the proper position, the orange circles mean that the said stone is in the correct colors, but in the wrong position. Lastly, the green circles mean that the stone is perfect, meaning it is in the correct color and correct position. On each code, you have twelve tries. After the twelve tries are over, it will be game over and the game will end.

Game Scores & Points

Every time you will receive a code, it will start with a time bonus of 120 points. These points will go lower and decrease every second. That means you have a total of two minutes to solve each code. For example, if you waste 1 second, you will lose 1 bonus point. Losing 5 seconds means losing 5 points and so on. You will receive a total of 25 points for solving a code that has had all of its bonus points lost. Losing bonus point will not end the game, but you will be awarded poorly with points.  If you beat the game, you will receive 200 points. The maximum possible score for this game is 1,940 and 100 people are able to get the golden trophy, simply by achieving this score during any given month. For that, you will have to solve every code in two tries maximum. It will be preferably to do it in one try, although scores above 1,800 points will also reward you with a golden trophy. Remember that this is a luck game and that you will often need to restart it. In a short summary, you have a bonus of 120 points. Every time a second goes to waste, you lose a bonus point. If you have zero bonus points left, you will be awarded with only 25 points upon solving a code. Finishing the game will grant you a total of 200 points.

Neopets Time Tunnel Strategies & Cheats

One of the best strategy out there is to figure out the colors that are in the correct code, then to go finding about their actual positioning at the same time as you are finding the right colors. A good thing to keep in mind is to forget about your score so that you can finish a combination with the peace of mind. You can restart the game later if you’re going after a trophy. Do not pay attention to the remaining time, instead, focus on solving the codes even if the time is running out. The more you play, the better you will become. Keep in mind the colors you have confirmed and introduce new colors at the same time as confirming the locations of the existing ones. This way, you will save a lot of time.

Don’t forget to scratch your head if you’re having a hard time!


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