Neopets Pakiko

Pakiko can be a very addictive game and one that has some weird looking trophies to go with it. The aim of this game is to get rid of all the colored bubbles and lines on your screen. You start off with 20 bubbles and you want to hit all the bubbles with as few shots as possible. There is also a Kiko called Archie down the bottom to help you ( or attempt to help you) by moving back and forward along the sea floor. If the ball lands on his shell it will bounce the ball back up to hopefully hit more bubbles.


In this picture the blue bubble has been shot out of the bubble shooter, the green and white bubbles are yet to be hit and the red ones are bubbles that have already been hit. Once the ball disappears all the red bubbles will too leave the area. This will open up newer paths for you to try again. Do not use all your bubbles in one level. Once you use all 20 it is game over. Sometimes you do need to use all 19 especially when the Bubble is in very tricky areas surrounded by obstacles. In the late levels they can be very tricky.
(Note: To  clear a level you need to just hit all the green bubbles. For more points however, try to clear as many white ones as possible, that is where to most points will come from)

How to Play Pakiko

The bubble shooter is at the top of the screen. You will be using your mouse to aim (use the light colored bubble line will help you aim) and click the left hand side of the mouse to shoot a bubble. Hit as many bubbles as possible in a single shot to see them turn red, once the ball disappears the remainder are ones you need to get. The first time you hit Archie in the level you will get another bubble. After that you will get the bubble bouncing off his shell.

When the ball has disappeared another one will appear by a squids tentacle. You only have 20 shots unless you receive free bubbles.

There are some obstacles in your game as well sometimes you can use these for your advantage, especially trying to get some pretty tricky located bubbles.


This image shows many different types of obstacles for you to use and take advantage of.

Pakiko is a very strategic game where you need to place the bubble in areas that you know will make the bubble bounce around. There is no point in aiming for one bubble at a time.  The more bubbles you hit the higher your end score will be.

Once you have cleared the green bubbles you can move onto the next level. It is suggested though that you try to get all the green ones first leaving one then aim for a combo of white. On your 5th turn then aim for the last green one.
(Note: If you need to pause the game press the “End Game”  button and press the “No” to return to your game.)

Pakiko Combos

You can get maximum points if you hit winning combos. Get the bubble bouncing from one end to the other continuously and once it disappears you will see your score increase dramatically. As mentioned before hitting more than one bubble will make your score add up. For example with scoring – if you were to hit 10 bubbles it would go 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 do therefore you would get a score of 55. So the more bubbles you get in a single turn the more points (Note: Read the “Targets to Aim for” to get more points in a level).

Pakiko Collectibles

In this game there are four items that you can try to collect by hitting it with your bubble. They are; Bombs which will turn nearby bubbles red. Multi-bubbles which will increase your bubbles in play by three, Shell Extender which will cause the Kiko’s shell ( which is down the bottom) to extend and Free Bubble which is self explanatory.


This one that Archie is holding is the Free Bubble! Unless he is holding onto the Multi-bubbles do not just aim for him.

Targets to Aim for

Streak Bonus: You can get a White Streak bonus for hitting three or more white bubbles in a row ( you cannot hit a red one at all or it will reset, same with green.) You can also get a green streak bonus which is exactly the same concept. You can get bonuses at the end depending upon how much of the level has been cleared. More level cleared= more bonus points. If you are aiming for the Gold trophy you need to clear the level as much as possible. There are also score multipliers to look out for. When you hit a score multiplier, the amount of red bubbles you hit will go up by that number. These are great to hit in the first two shots of your level if you can reach it! Make sure you level some bubbles for additional scoring. You can get an additional 25 points per blue bubble that is left. So if you are a super star at this game and only use 5 bubbles you could end up with an extra 375 points per level.

Pakiko Cheats

Each level is different form the last. The first few levels you need to try to pop all the green bubbles. Sometimes it is best to get all except for the last green and try to clear the screen. You need to keep in mind though that you do get extra points for more blue bubbles left and also you get points for clearing the screen. Aiming is vital! If you tend to miss the bubbles altogether then you will not get many points. Do not waste your shots in this game. You do have plenty of time considering this game is not a timed one.

Good luck with this game. Remember to get as many bubbles as you can in a row!

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