Neopets Charity Corner Cheats

Neopets’s Charity Corner and Granny Hopbobbin are back this year, with a new School Tools Charity Drive. Dig through your Safety Deposit Boxes to find old school supplies, books and clothings you no longer need, and are willing to donate to young Neopians this year. Your generosity will be rewarded with various trophies, prizes (many r99 items last year), and much more! You don’t want to miss out on this year’s Charity Event, as I can tell you those that did last year were not pleased.

Neopets Charity Corner

The Neopets Charity Corner 2016 link can be found below:

Neopoint Drive

This year, you have to donate an assortment of school-related items to the younger Neopians in need. You must donate five items, to recieve a prize in exchange. The five items you donate must:

  • Restock in the School Supplies, Clothing, Neovian Attire, Book, Faerie Books, Brightvale Books, Desert Scrolls, Booktastic Books, Neovian Press, or Qasalan Tablets shops.
  • Have a item rarity from r1-99

There are three different ranges of rarities to donate from, and these include:

  • r1-r69
  • r70-r79
  • r80-r89
  • r90-r99

You must submit five items within the same range, to receive a prize within that range, else the lowest range you used, will be the rarity of your prize.

So if you wanted a r99 item, you must donate five items within the r90-r99 range.

Charity Corner 2015

Charity Corner Prizes

For every five items you donate, you will receive one reward within the same rarity range. The item rewards will fall into these categories:

  • Food
  • Baked Goods
  • Candy
  • Clothing
  • Mystical Surroundings
  • Stamps
  • Toys
  • Plushies
  • Grooming

Charity Corner r99 Items

The main focus of the Charity Corner last year, was obtaining r99 items. Some r99s items, such as the r99 stamps like Battle Slices Stamp, Snowbunny Stamp, Sticky Snowflake Stamp, etc. are worth multi-millions! The objective is to act fast, and hoard many of the cheaper r90-r99 items. If you wait, the prices of these items will skyrocket as others will be hoarding them as well. Good luck!

Charity Corner Avatar

This year’s CC, seems to have a Charity Corner Avatar associated to it. The method of obtained this avatar is unknown as of now, but I assume it will be a prize in the end for the top 2000 donators.

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