Neopets Neohome

Ah, neohomes. A very cute little place to keep your pets and furniture! But neohomes can be a bit complicated if you’re not sure how to “work them”. First things first, do you have to have one? It is not required that you own one by any standards. They are just a nice little thing to make this whole “neoworld” a bit more “realistic”. If you’re good enough, you can even win a trophy!

Go to Pet Central and click on “NeoHome”.


There are so many things to know about neohomes. But to start off, how do you even create one?

  • Go to Pet Central.
  • Click on “NeoHomes” section (should be a picture near the top of the page).
  • Go to Add/Remove Rooms or Gardens.
  • Now apply for the land you want. This cannot be changed no matter what. Once you apply for that land, it’s stuck with you forever, so pick wisely!
  • Wait until they finish building it. Should take between a couple of hours to a couple of days.
  • Now you can create the rooms you want and put the furniture in (read more into this guide for more information on how to do that).
  • Click View Rooms or Gardens to move the furniture around and view your neohomes!


Picking your land and rooms can be easy. To build the land, you must pick it when you first create your neohome. To pick the room, you must build them after your land has been built. You click on the land and a pop-up will appear. You can then pick the type of room you want and which direction it faces out of. The land you picked cannot be changed, ever. But the room you pick can be (you’d have to remove the room and rebuild a new one).


Neopia Central: 1,000np
Mystery Island: 2,500np
Tyrannia: 3,500np
Spooky Woods: 5,000np
Lost Desert: 7,500np
Meridell: 8,000np
Roo Island: 10,000np
Brightvale: 15,000np
Faerieland: 25,000np


Once you build a couple of rooms (the more you build, the more extensions will show), you will be able to build “extensions” options onto your neohome. There are 6 different options.


There are several places you can buy furniture from! We have found a list of places you can find some from and placed it here for you as a resource.Faerie Furniture
Neopian Furniture
Shop Wizard
Spooky Furniture
Tyrannian Furniture


There are several different types of rooms to pick from: Cardboard, Straw, Twigs, Bamboo, Wood, Chocolate, Stone, Jelly, Brick, White Chocolate, Marble, Silver, Cloud, Gold, and Transparishield.


If you think you have a grand neohome, why not enter it into the NeoHome Spotlight? If you win, you can win a spiffy trophy (as seen below). To win this, you have to have a unique neohome and spent a lot of time on it. Good luck!

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