Neopets Mootix Drop

Neopets Mootix Drop is the perfect game to start your day with because it’s such an amazingly fun game where you have a Mootix dropping in parachute and all you have to do is to control it until it reaches its target, meaning after landing on it. In Mootix Drop one should be prepared to do the necessary work in order to win all of the rounds in all the difficulties.


First of all, make sure you know about the game modes. There is two modes: the first one is the Mission mode where you actually have to complete multiple levels during the game and achieve what is being asked from you. The second is the Single Drop mission where you will have to collect all rings from the sky when you will be dropping. The minimum number of the rings you will successfully have to pick during a game depends on it’s difficulty. This subject will be brought back later but know that there is three difficulties. The first one is easy, the second one is medium and the last one, hard. The rings you will have to pick depends of it. So the harder the game is, the more challenge you will have and the more you will be in a situation where you will have to prove yourself worthy.


So basically at the beginning it might look an easy game because all you have to do is to press with arrow keys. That’s right, the left, right, up and down arrow keys will be all what you need. The number of points granted for entering a circle (ring) is two and if you enter exactly in the center then these points will be doubled, granting you a total of four. Aiming the center is good for people who try to achieve high scores for trophies and challenges. Here is a picture that will give you a simple idea of the gameplay and what you will have to encounter during the game.


So basically the first list indicates the score you achieved until now (remember, the more you aim the center, the better because it doubles your points), then comes the level you got until the current round only. After that you will see the total number of rings you successfully got into during the round / the amount of total rings that will show up during the round. So how do you know how many rings you will need to enter into? The objectives is the indicator you will have to follow. For example, in the picture above it says 3 rings. In other words, you will have to successfully enter three rings (not necessarily in the center of it) to get the first achievement completed. However there is more than one. Again, in the picture above it says any target. That means you can decide to land on the red and white target or the small ones. The level difficulty the game is currently showing is easy. You have to complete it to access the medium level and then complete that level to access the hard one. In hard mode, the number of rings you can miss in one round will be very slim to none and the target will be the smallest one.

As you already know, the Mootix will be dropping and encountering rings. The question is what happens when there is no more rings? How am I supposed to know where to land in a manner of a fraction of second? Rest your mind, when there is no more rings, the parachute of the Mootix will open. Try to aim the most you can of the center of the target. You guessed right, the center grants you more points. The score from the rings will also be multiplied by the multiplier to get your level score. Be aware that the smaller targets will offer you with higher multipliers than the bigger target. You will notice that when you’re doing missions, you are not actually landing on the floor, you are landing on a petpet’s picture.

Neopets Mootix Drop Cheats

While you are playing, you can do many combos and game codes to do some random funny stuff. For example: if you, the Mootix get a Spyder plus a target you will start to drop extremely fast.

Before you start a level, there will be a screen telling you the petpet you are currently on. At this time, press up and down. Then, at the bottom right corner you will see an icon. You can use the down key to change the current icon available in the said column, right arrow key and left arrow key if you want to change columns. The combinations described below, well, some of them are very fun indeed but note that if you attempt to enter a code it may not always work. The game is old and glitchy so it may not work all the time.

Spyder + Target + Mootix = The Mootix will start going super fast
Babaa + Mootix + Spyder = The Mootix will become very huge
Babaa + Target + Spyder = The Mootix will become way slower, but you will be granted with 5 start points
Mootix + Target + Babaa = the Mootix will become invisible (it is just for appearance)
Mootix + Target + Mootix = The Mootix will become super tiny
Mootix + Target + Babaa = The game will be turned upside-down becoming extremely difficult to follow and will grant you a total of 10 points at the start of the game. It is not really worth it as you will have a hard time completing missions.
Target + Spyder + Target = It will turn your dropping Mootix into a Spyder for a nice looking appearance and you will get a 8 point head start.
Spyder + Target + Target = You will start with 8888 points and with rings worth 1000 points (doubled, meaning 2000 for the center) but when you get into parachute mode, you will never reach the target because you will keep flying and you can expect an endless level. False hopes, eh?

Finally, there is, as always, three types of trophies. Even if the game is somewhat easy, you will have to know that if you are going after the golden trophy, you will need lots of efforts and practice. The reason behind that is that you will have to always try your best in the hardest difficulty and almost always getting in the center of the rings. Be prepared. As always, the beginning of the month is the best if you’re looking for these shiny trophies.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing! GO!

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