Neopets Turmaculus

Laying atop the hills of Meridell is the biggest and laziest petpet in Neopia, “Turmy” the Turmaculus, who simply sleeps all the live-long day. If you bring your petpet to the sleeping beast and happen to wake him up, he can grant you fantastic prizes!

“Legends speak of a petpet a who had a gigantic appetite. As he ate, he grew, and as he grew, he ate… until one day this colossal petpet could not move any more. The Turmaculus can be found in the land of Meridell, sleeping nearly 24 hours a day. If you can wake him up, chances are he may be able to help you with an item, or a healing spell… just don’t catch him in a bad mood (we weren’t kidding about his appetite!)”


So, you know you need to use your petpet to wake Turmaculus and get some cool prizes. Sound easy enough, right? Unfortunately it’s not. The thing about “Turmy” is that he is so big and lazy that he only awake for one hour a day.

Luckily, these hours are not completely random and there is an active on-site page that posts the “Turmy times” everyday, which can be found here (this page also explains the many calculations the user uses to predict the times each day). If you are going for the avatar or to receive BD challenger, it is recommended that you check the page in advance!

Other places to find reminders of “Turmy times” or notifications that Turmy is currently awake for the hour are the Avatars/NeoSignatures Chat and the Battledome Chat neoboards.



Waking Turmy is really very simple. First, go to his sleeping spot in Meridell (you can do by clicking here!).

You will asked to select which method you would like to use to wake Turmaculus. These are just for fun and have no effect on whether or not Turmy will awaken. Remember: the hour in which he will awaken is predetermined! Still, it’s fun beat him with a stick when you’ve been trying for months to get the avatar. 😉

The many different ways you can take out your anger on Turmy!

If it is not the hour in which he will wake up, you’ll get this message:

Try as many times as you like, but he won’t wake up.

Now, if it is the hour in which he will wake up, you’re in for a treat or two!


If you do manage to awaken the great Turmaculus, there are a myriad of prizes!

If your petpet is eaten:

  • An avatar as well as Turmaculus as a Battledome Challenger
    NOTE: If he eats your petpet… it’s gone! You won’t get it back!

You might lose your petpet but you do get these avatar for your collection!

Otherwise, your petpet will not be eaten you can receive these prizes:

  • Nothing happens…
  • Your pet becomes stronger
  • Your pet is fully healed
  • Your petpet gains a level
  • Either 100, 250, or 350 Neopoints
  • You receive one of the following items:

Axe Shrub

Beef Jerky

Book of Swords

Guide to Knighthood

Lucky Green Boots

Medieval Shirt

Poets Hat


Sword Bush

The Tournament Handbook

Toy Sword

Turkey Potato Dinner


  • Since you can win neopoints and items from Turmaculus, you should not attempt to wake him on your side account.

Author: Sarah

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